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Ghanpur Temple (ఘన్పూర్ దేవాలయము) Kota Gullu

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Ghanpur Temples

Location : Ghanpur, Warangal district

Locally Known As : Kota Gullu

Built In : 13th Century AD

Main Temple : Lord Shiva Temple

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The Exquisite Temple Complex
The Ghanpur group of temples are located in Ghanpur mandal headquarters, around 62-km away from Warangal. Ghanpur, the important grain producing centre of Warangal district boasts of an impressive temple architecture consisting of about 20 temples in various designs and sizes. Locally known as “Kota Gullu”, the temple complex is a veritable museum of the Kakatiya temple architecture built during the 13th century AD.

The temples are constructed within a double walled stone enclosure. Among the group of temples, the main temple dedicated to Lord shiva is the most attractive. The main attraction is of the ‘Sabhamandapa’ porches. Two ‘Madanikas’ or ‘Salabhanjikas’ are on northern side portico. Apart from these, mythical figure brackets such as Gaja-Kesari, Half human-Lion form riding on elephant, Horse-head Lion back on elephant are also arranged under the eves in eastern and southern side porticos.

To the north from main temple, there is another temple dedicated to Shiva, which is exact replica of the main temple. To the south of the main temple, there is a pillared ‘mandap’ whose central ceiling is decorated with different kinds ‘Patma’ motives. More over nineteen subsidiary shrines consisting of ‘Garbhgriha’ and ‘Antarala’ are placed around the temple.

There is no information about the builder of these great temples, but on stylistic grounds and comparing architectural features it can be presumed that these temples were most probably constructed during the time of Ganpathidev Maharaj in early 13th Century AD. These magnificent group of temples are located amidst tall and lofty Palmyra trees and this luxuriant vegetation serves as a beautiful backdrop making visit to these temples a visual feast and a memorable one.

The temples are in little dilapidated condition now.


The place is well connected by buses from Warangal and Hanumakonda. Private taxis can also be arranged.

Accommodation is available in hotels and small guesthouses at Warangal and Hanumakonda.

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