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Panangad Swayambhoo Mahaganapathy Temple (പനങ്ങാട് സ്വയംഭൂ മഹാഗണപതി കോവെല്‌) Panangad, Ernakulam

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Panangad Swayambhoo Mahaganapathy Temple

Location : Panangad, Ernakulam

About The Temple :

This temple is situated at Panangad, Ernakulam District I km. South of Madavana Junction (Fisheries College Junction) on the Vyttila – Aroor Bye Pass. Legend has it that this temple has a long checkered history. The vast expanse of land that stretched between present Vaikom and North Paravoor was called ‘Vendhanadu Gramam’ during the reign of Kulasekhara Perumal of Kerala. There were ‘361 Namboothiri mams’ in the area and their conclave was called Vendhanad Yogam.

The five representatives of the Yogam were considered the Leaders. Two Executives conducted the affairs of the Yogam and four Chieftains were responsible for maintaining law and order of the place. There were also three Suzerins who looked after the governance. These officials constituted the governing council of the area and were responsible for the functioning of a Sanskrit Vidhyapeedam situated at Kumbalam. A Namboothiri designated as Pattamayyangu kovil was appointed to lookafter the Vidhyapeedam. It is traditionally believed that this official was swornin the premises of the Mahaganapathy Temple situated at Panangad.

After propitiating Lord Gariesa of the Mahaganapathy Temple the induction was proclaimed by clapping of hands. To teach Vedas and Vedic Rituals one Prabhakara Gurukkal was appointed by Kulasekhara Perumal. His residence was named ‘Bhattamana’ which was adjacent to the Ganapathy Temple. As a token of reverence his foot wear was kept in the mana for quite long. Later it was lost. Prabhakara Gurukkal was a great devotee of Lord Ganesa and started his day after offering prayers in the temple. ‘Vinayaka Chathurthy’ was a great occasion for the devotees. The 361 families participated in the ‘Chathurthy Oottu’ sponsored by the family of a senior Chieftain, the Chakkanat Kaimal of Kumbalam. In the document of the family partition registered in the Malayalam Era 1093, it is clearly stated that adequate provision must be made for the celebration of Vinayaka Chathurthy Oottu. But in the face of declining fortuns of the Chakkanat family the ‘Chathurthy Oottu’ was given up. But today ‘Chathuthy Oottu’ is revived with more fervour and devotion by taking conribution from society at large without difference of caste, creed and religion.

The Swayambhoo idol of the temple is unique by itself, being a combination of ‘Krishna Sila and Rudraksha Sila’. The main Upadevata is Lord Siva. The other Upadevatas are naga Yakshi and Brahma Rakshas. The Maha Ganapathy Temple Mahothsavam coincides with Vinayaka Chathurthy and is slated in the month of Chingam. The Month of Ramayana is very auspicious for the Ganesh temple and devotees queue up in .large numbers to offer Ganapathy Homam in the morning and Bhagavathy seva in the evening. It is believed that this will tide away all inauspicious events in the ensuring
year. ‘Navarathri’ is al~o a special occasion. Many children are initiated to the learning of alphebets on ‘Vijayadasarni’ day. In the month of December ‘Ganesha Sangeetholsavam’ is conducted. It is purely an aradhana to the Lord by way of musical soirees. This lasts for nine days in the evenings and many an aspiring student of music celebrates his arrangettam . Many devotees have experienced the blessings of the Lord. To quote an instance, a Non-Hindu couple bereft of issues prayed fervently to the Lord and was blessed with a child. As a means of expressing their gratitute they offered all the poojas for a day. Ganesh temple of Panangad is a source of inspiration for all the people of Kumbalam Village. Now the devotees are working to improve the aesthetic harmony of the temple by taking up projects like ‘chembola meyal and pithala pothiyal’ of the Sreekovil.The temple is proud to sport a big ‘Nadapandal’ and a tall glittering ‘Kodimaram’ which were constructed recently. Plans are on to build an Auditorium, where marriages could be solemnised. Co-operation from the public by way of donations is earnestly solicited.

Sree Mahaganapathy (Swayambhoo) Temple, Panangad P.o., Kochi – 682 506, Phone: 9447610700

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