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Aappudaiyaar Kovil (அப்புடியர் கொவில்)

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Aappudaiyaar Kovil (அப்புடியர் கொவில்)
Primary Deity: Rishabeswara (ரிஷபெஸ்வர, அப்புடியர், , அன்ன லின்கெஸ்வர)
also known as Aappudaiyar, Anna Lingeswara
Consorts: Suganda Kundalambal (ஸுகன்ட குன்டலம்பல்)

Travel base, Address references
Located at: Madurai
Travelbase: Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Legends and Notes
– The name Aappudaiyaar comes from the word Aappu – a wedge that was mistakenly worshipped as a Shivalingam by a Pandya ruler is said to have transformed miraculously into a Shivalingam

– It is also believed to have miraculously caused grains of sand to turn into rice during the time of a debilitating famine, hence the name Anna Lingeswara

Other Information
This temple is considered to be Siva Sthalam

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