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Alpudenni Vidyalabyasimchina Gani (అల్పుడెన్ని విద్యలభ్యసించిన గాని)

Composer: Sri Kumaragiri Vema Reddy popularly known as Vemana (Telugu: వేమన), Yogi Vemana was a telugu poet. C.P. Brown, known for his research on Vemana, estimated Vemana’s birth to the year 1652. Vemana was the third and youngest son of Gaddam Vema, then king of Kondaveedu which is now in Andhra Pradesh, India.More...

Poem Abstract:

Greatness comes from within not by imitation | అల్పుడు గొప్పవాడు కాలేడని ఈ పద్యము యొక్క భావము





Awaiting for Contribution

Awaiting for Contribution

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Alpudenni vidhyalabhyasimchina gaani
ghanuaodugaadu hina januaodegaani
parimalamula moya gaardhabhamu gajamaune
vishvadhaabhiraama vinuravema.

Just as a donkey carrying loads of perfumes cannot become an elephant, thus a mean mind cannot become great by learning great qualities (Learning without wisdom is vain)

alpudenni vidhyalabhyasiMchina gaani
ghanuAOdugaadu hINa januAOdegaani
parimaLamula mOya gaardhabhamu gajamaune
vishvadhaabhiraama vinuravEma.

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