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Atchutadasar (ஆட்குடடாஸர்)

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(Also Achyuta Daasar) (1850-1902) The 19th century produced a large number of Carnatic composers like Gopalakrishna Bharati, Ramasvami Shivan, Anai Ayya and Kavi Kunjara Bharati. Achyuta Dasar was also a contemporary of these stalwarts. He composed mostly in Tamil and Sanskrit. He got started in music at a later age. He trained as a teacher and taught at Polur, in North Arcot District. He was part of the bhajan group at the local temple and began composing songs on Shri Rama. Besides this he has written Prahlada Charitram, Sakku Bai Chartiram and Dhruva Charitram – all musical works. The name Achyuta Dasa was given to him by Svami Nijananda after he was initiated into Advaita philosophy and became a sanyasin (ascetic). Songs such as Arivagi ninral teriyum, Sarvam brahmamayam tan and Tannaittam ariya venum highly philosophical in nature.

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