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Balaji Bhawansa Walvekar

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Balaji Bhawansa Walvekar

A congressman by choice, a merchant by profession and a philanthropist by nature, Mr.Walvekar has raised form poverty to power.

He was born at Poona, December 12th, 1897. He had little schooling in his younger days. Poverty was a bar to his educational progress. He began his business career as a carpet maker; by his commercial brilliance he over-shadowed many. His success was immediate and lasting.

In 1932 he elected to the membership of the Poona City Municipality. Very soon he acquired immense popularity. In 1934 he was elected its President was marked by many notable events. The Municipality passed the Asphalt Road Scheme. Then it presented a welcome address to Gandhiji. A bomb was thrown at him and he had a providential escape.

In the year 1932 Mr.Walvekar organized a conference with a view to bring about the uplift of the Somavanshiva Sahasrarjun Kshatriya community, to which he belongs. He is the recipient of several addresses appreciating his social service from the members of his community in Poona, Hubli, Bangalore, Sholapur, Gadag, Bagalkot etc. He is an enthusiastic worker and a leader of the weaving classes in Maharashtra.

A strenuous advocate of slum clearance Mr.Walvekar made a positive contribution to the arousing problem. In 1935 he successfully organized an industrial exhibition. He was the President of the Poona “A” Ward Congress Committee.

In 1937, he was elected to the Assembly topping the polls, from the Poona District General Rural Eastern Division Constituency. He has the gift of sympathy and has given rich donations.

Source: Haripura Congress Souvenir, 1938

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