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Tiruvottriyur Tyagayyar (1845–1917) was a Carnatic music composer. He was the son of the composer Veena Kuppayyar. He composed mainly in the Telugu language.

Cheliya Pai Daya (చెలియ పై దయ)


Composer: (Tiruvottriyur Tyagayyar திருவொற்றியூர் தியாகைய்யர்) , The son and disciple of Tiruvottiyur Veenai Kuppaiyyar, he was an accomplished musician and composer. His home is located on Armenian Street in George Town. His disciples include Coimbatore Thayi. More…

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Jagadeeswari (ஜகதீஷ்வரி)


Composer: (திருவாரூர் ராமச்வாமி பில்லை) , A disciple of Raamaswami Dikshitar, it is said that some compositions attributed to Dikshitar are really his, such as the tODi varNam “rUpamu jUci.” Other songs by him include ekkaalattilum unnai in poorvi kalyaaNi and jagadishwari in mOhanam. The composer used beautiful swaraaksharas and also included saahitya for citta swaram. […]

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