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Dasarathi Sethakam (Telugu: దాశరథీ శతకము)

Pending completion. Work in Progress

Dasarathi Sethakam (Telugu: దాశరథీ శతకము) is a Telugu Bhakti Sethakam, a popular form of Telugu poetry. It was written by Kancherla Gopanna (Telugu: కంచెర్ల గోపన్న) (c 1620 – 1680 CE), popularly known as Bhadradri Ramadasu or Bhadrachala Ramadasu(Telugu: భద్రాచల రామదాసు) who was a 17th-century Indian devotee of Lord Rama.

Dasarathi means son of Dasaratha (Lord Rama son of Dasaratha). Sethakam means 100. It consists of 104 poems depicting Lord Rama and each poem ends with a signatory note as dASarathee karuNApayOnidhee! (O son of Dasaratha, the ocean of mercy)


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