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Dasu Sreeramulu

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Dasu Sreeramulu
Dasu Sreeramulu 8-4-1846 was born in Kurada, , Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh , Dasu Sreeramulu was born to Kannayya.

A versatile poet and writer of more than thirty three books on different subjects, Dasu Sreeramulu was born in Andhrapradesh. Even as a teenager, he wrote ‘Satrajiti Vilasamu,’ a yakshagenam, and also performed ‘Avadhanams’ in both Telugu and Samskrit.

Though a lawyer by profession, he evinced great interest in literature, music, and dance. Eminent Kuchipudi artists of his time, Vempati Kodanda Ramaiah and Tadepalli Vissayya, used to take scholarly advice from Sreeramulu. By 1887, he composed many keertanas, padams, and javalis, particularly on Venugopalaswamy of Totla Valluru. Devadasis like Chandlavada Pitchai, Rajaratnam, and Pinapala Bhavani were helped by him with suitable sahityam and compositions. He also founded a famous music school at Eluru. He is the author of ‘Abhinaya Darpanam,’ a good treatise on music and dance.

Sreeramulu’s speeches in literary conferences used to be spiced with musical rendering of poems and songs. His magnum opus is ‘Sri Devi Bhagawatham,’ a popular ‘parayana grantham’ in temples even today. This memoir is only one aspect of his multi-faceted personality.

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