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Gamga Parunepudu Gadalani Gatitoda (గంగ పారునెపుడు గదలని గతితోడ)


Composer: Sri Kumaragiri Vema Reddy popularly known as Vemana (Telugu: వేమన), Yogi Vemana was a telugu poet. C.P. Brown, known for his research on Vemana, estimated Vemana’s birth to the year 1652. Vemana was the third and youngest son of Gaddam Vema, then king of Kondaveedu which is now in Andhra Pradesh, India.More...

Poem Abstract:

This poem tells about the behaviour of great men. | సర్వం తెలిసినవారి ప్రవర్తన గురించి చెపుతున్నారు.





Awaiting for Contribution

Awaiting for Contribution

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Gamga paarunepuaodu gadhalani gathithoda
murikivaagu paaru mrothathoda
pedhdhapinnathanamu permiyilaaguraa,
vishvadhaabhiraama vinuravema.

Great Men are like the river Ganges, which flows serenely and calmly (except when in floods. The lowly people are like the dirty canals, full of noisy flies and mosquitoes. They are loud and raspy of their own behaviour.

gaMga paarunepuAOdu gadhalani gathithOda
murikivaagu paaru mrOthathOda
pedhdhapinnathanamu pErmiyIlaaguraa,
vishvadhaabhiraama vinuravEma.

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