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Hrithik Roshan

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Name: Hrithik Roshan
Address: 37, Kavita Building, 11th Road, Juhu, Mumbai 400049
Date of Birth: 10th January, 1974
Debut Film: Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

Hrithik Roshan, just 4 years old as an actor, has already figures in Top 10 people of bollywood. It’s not just good looks, a phenomenal debut Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai which overnight instant him to super stardom or 2003 biggest commercial and critical success Koi Mil Gaya. Hrithik Roshan has a stirring sincerity towards his work that sets him apart. The trade predicts he will be the next superstar after the powerful Khan’s.

He is the son of Rakesh Roshan. He had married to ‘Suzanne Khan’ daughter of Sanjay Khan on 20 December 2000 who was his girl friend from long time.Has been called the Indian Sylvester Stallone, Brad Pitt and Michael Jackson rolled into one person. He wanted to quit the film business altogether after his father Rakesh Roshan was shot at and wounded by hitmen sent by the Bollywood mafia, but changed his mind. He prepared for 2 years himself, extensively for his screen debut, taking acting, singing, dancing, fencing, riding etc. lessons.

He also worked hard on his diction and physical appearance (strenuous workout routines). Fought hard to overcome a stammering problem.
Believes in the good in every person, a character trait often misinterpreted by others as gullibility and/or naïvety. He got 30000 (!) marriage proposals on Valentine’s day 2000.

His hit movies are Kaho Na Pyar Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum, Krishh, Koi Mil Gaya, Dhoom-2, and recent movie Jodhaa Akbar.

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