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Kasi Visweshwara Swamy Temple (కాశీవిశ్వేశ్వర స్వామి దేవాలయం) Bugga Agraharam

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Kasi Visweshwara Swamy Temple,

Location : Bugga Agraharam

About The Temple:

Kasi Visweshwara Swamy Temple

The temple is located on the banks of Kusasthali river at Bugga Agraharam, near Nagari, 56kms SE from Tirupati . It is currently maintained by TTD. The main deity is Sri Kāsi Visweswara Swami, with his consorts Sri Annapurṇa and Sri Kamakṣhi Devi.
Temple History

Once Gowthama maharshi desired to convert this temple place of labode place of Shri Kaalabhairava Swamy as Dhakshina kailasam by uncarnating Lord Visweshwara Swamy Lingam From kasi and also to bring Goddess Ganga maatha to flow through this kushasthali River in order to attain get salvatron to one who dissolves the Ash of a demised person. The sage conducted a yaga (yagna) to please the Lord Shiva and Ganga maatha and achieved the Boons. He incarnated a Shiva Longa (which Lord Shiva Granted the sage) and brought Gangama through five channels.

It is said that there was a small pit behind the Shiva Linga (Kasi Vishweeshwara Swamy) Idol. The origin of the water in the pit and the water passing through the channels is not known to anybody even today. There are small shrined constructed and dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Lord Kaalabhairava.Navagrahas, and Naaga Kanyas(Sculptured twisted snakes etc) also kept in the temple.

Even today the 9th day or 11th day ceremony after ones dernise are being conducted here near by the temple. Beside the temple lies the kanchi Kamakoti Peetam building Shram. The Adhisankara Acharya visited this temple and constructed this ashram in the year 1932. This kasi vishweshwara Swamy Temple was further constructed by the Samsthanadhipathis.
Sevas & Festivals
Kalyaṇotsavam seva once in an year on Panguni Uttaram day. The main utsavams are: Pradoṣha puja (twice a month), Kala Bhairava Aṣhṭami (monthly), Kartika-Induvasara puja, Maha Siva-ratri.

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