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Bramhasri Dr. Krovi Pardha Saradhi

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Dr.Krovi Pardha Saradhi

Bramhasri Dr. Krovi Pardha Saradhi Garu is one of the mentors and his greatest works on Sri Vidya are enchanting and divine. His writings on Sri Vidya are so much simplied, that any common man can grasp the divine knowledge of sri vidya in a very short span of time. His lectures on Sri Vidya and several other Upanishads and scriptures of vedic Hindu religion lets us understand that Hinduism is a Sanatana Dharma and not a religion alone. This is a system which if understood properly and followed, will lead us to highest spiritual abode unimaginable. Enjoy the nectar and let all be blessed! Stay tuned to this website to get more and more content for our spiritual growth.

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2 Responses to Bramhasri Dr. Krovi Pardha Saradhi

  1. Dr. B.U. Singh February 21, 2012 at 11:17 pm #

    Dear Sir:
    I am hectically trying to buy the complete set of your books on Sri Vidya but in vain. I am an ardent worshipper of Shri Chakra. Please help providing the sources wherefrom I can procure these books and oblige. Wishing to hear from you soon. Thanks.
    Dr. B.U. Singh

  2. Siva kumar August 25, 2014 at 5:59 am #

    Hello ,

    Please provide the details or contact information to buy CD’s of Sapta Sati Bhasham of Dr.Krovi Pardha Saradhi, where will i get these CD, please provide the required information.

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