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List of Monuments of National Importance in Chhattisgarh, India

This is a list of Monuments of National Importance (ASI) as officially recognized by the Archaeological Survey of India in the Indian state Chhattisgarh. 47 Monuments of National Importance have been recognized by the ASI in Chhattisgarh.

N-CT-1Ancient sculpture in Danteswari TempleBarsoorBastar
N-CT-2Chandraditya TempleBarsoorBastar
N-CT-3Ganesh statueBarsoorBastar
N-CT-4Mama Bhanja TempleBarsoorBastar
N-CT-5Mahadev TempleBarsoorBastar
N-CT-6Bhiram Dev TempleBhairamgarhBastar
N-CT-7Danteswari TempleDantewadaBastar
N-CT-8Kama Memorial or Urasgattta PostDhilmilBastar
N-CT-9Brick moundsGarhdhanoraBastar
N-CT-10Megalithic site containing urskalsGameswadaBastar
N-CT-11Narayan TempleNarayanpalBastar
N-CT-12Karli Mahadev TempleSamloorBastar
N-CT-13Large Vaishnava TempleJanjgirBilaspur
N-CT-14Small Vishnu TempleJanjgirBilaspur
N-CT-15Brick Temple of SavariKharodBilaspur
N-CT-16Small Brick Temple (Andaldeo temple)KharodBilaspur
N-CT-17Malhar FortMalharBilaspur
N-CT-18Mahadev TemplePaliBilaspur
N-CT-19Pateleswar Mahadev temple including all ancient remains of other temples closebyMalharBilaspur
N-CT-20Kanti DeulRatanpurBilaspur
N-CT-21Whole site around Ratanpur /Ratanpur FortRatanpurBilaspur
N-CT-22Pali inscription on slab of JasperSamarsolBilaspur
N-CT-23Half ruined temple of Kesava Narayan built of bricksSheorinarayanaBilaspur
N-CT-24Sheorinarayana Temple together with ruined temples in the same compoundSheorinarayanaBilaspur
N-CT-25Remains of Siva templeArbharBilaspur
N-CT-26Remains of a very ancient (Mahadev) templeTumanBilaspur
N-CT-27Chitturgarh FortLephaBilaspur
N-CT-28Kotagrh FortNear BargaonBilaspur
N-CT-29Kasigarh FortBawanbadiBilaspur
N-CT-30Ajmergarh FortAmnalaBilaspur
N-CT-32Temple (Ruined)GatoraBilaspur
N-CT-33Kotmi FortKotmiBilaspur
N-CT-34Ruined Siva TempleDeobalodaDurg
N-CT-35Sita Devi TempleDeorbijaDurg
N-CT-36Sati PillarsDeorbijaDurg
N-CT-37Bhand DeulArangRaipur
N-CT-38Mahadev Temple including math of Bairagi and MandapaNarayanpurRaipur
N-CT-39Temple belonging to Mahantlal Das of Sheorinarayan dedicated to SuryaNarayanpurRaipur
N-CT-40Group of temples known as Rajiv LochanRajimRaipur
N-CT-41Sita known as Sita BareeRajimRaipur
N-CT-42Temple of RanchandraRajimRaipur
N-CT-43Laxman temple and old sitesSirpurRaipur
N-CT-44The area around Sirpur village and the mound to the east of the villageSirpurRaipur
N-CT-45Old Siva templeGandaiRajnandgaon
N-CT-46Sita bengra cavesRamagarh hill UdaipurSarguja
N-CT-47Jogimara CavesRamagarh hill UdaipurSarguja
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