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List of Monuments of National Importance in Delhi, India

This is a list of Monuments of National Importance (ASI) as officially recognized by the Archaeological Survey of India in the Indian state Delhi. 174 Monuments of National Importance have been recognized by the ASI in Delhi.

N-DL-1Bastion, where a wall of Jahanpanah meets the wall of Rai Pithora fort.AdchiniDelhi
N-DL-2Ramp and gateway of Rai Pithora's FortAdchiniDelhi
N-DL-3Marble Tomb reputed to be that of Newab Bahadur Jawid KhanAliganjDelhi
N-DL-4Lal Bangla, c. 1780Babarpur (Kaka Nagar)Delhi
N-DL-5Khair-ul-Manzil (also: Khairul-Manazil or Khair-ul-Manajil). Built 1561 A.D.Babarpur Bazipur (Kakanagar), opposite Purana Qila, DelhiDelhi
N-DL-6Kos Minar or Mughal Mile stoneBabarpur Bazipur( Kakanagar)Delhi
N-DL-7The Moti Gate of Sher Shah Suri, DelhiBabarpur Bazipur (Kakanagar), opp. Purana Qila, DelhiDelhi
N-DL-8Begampuri MasjidBegampur, in historic JahanpanahDelhi
N-DL-9Phool Chadar aqueduct near Najafgarh jhil aqueductChaukri MubarakabadDelhi
N-DL-10Lal GumbadChirag Delhi in JahanpanahDelhi
N-DL-11Tomb of Bahlol Lodi. Built 1451 - 1488 A.D.Chirag Delhi, in JahanpanahDelhi
N-DL-12Ajmeri GateBazar Ajmeri GateDelhi
N-DL-13Alipur CemeteryDelhi-Alipur Camping group.Delhi
N-DL-14Ashoka'a pillarFerozabad (Ferozshah Kila (Feroz Shah Kotla or Vikram Nagar Colony)Delhi
N-DL-15Barakhamba CemeteryImperial CityDelhi
N-DL-16Chauburji. Built 1651 - 1388 A.D.Delhi ridge near Hindu Rao HospitalDelhi
N-DL-17Eremo Cementrynear Kishanaganj Railway StationDelhi
N-DL-18Delhi fort or Lal Qila (Red Fort), Naubat Khana, Diwan-i-am, Mumtaz Mahal' Rang Mahal, Baithak,Maseu Burj, diwan-i-Khas' Moti Masjid, sawan Bhadon ,Shah Burj, Hammam with all surrounding including the gardens, paths, terraces and water courses. Built 1638 - 1648 A.D.Red FortDelhi
N-DL-19Delhi GateBahadur Shah Zafar Marg, DaryaganjDelhi
N-DL-20Enclosure containing the grave of Lt. Edwards and others, murdered in 1857.North Delhi ridge near Flag Staff Tower, Civil Lines.Delhi
N-DL-21Enclosure wall with Tomb of Mirza Najaf KhanDelhi
N-DL-22Flagstaff Tower400 yards North of Cheuburji Mosque]Delhi
N-DL-23Jantar MantarConnaught Place, New DelhiDelhi
N-DL-24Kashmiri Gate and portion of the City Wall on either side of the Kashmiri Gate on the side and on the other uptoKashmiri Gate and portion of the City Wall on either side of the Kashmiri Gate on the side and on the other upto and including the water Bastions at the Northern corner of the wall and also including the dith outside the City wall where this is exposed.Delhi
N-DL-25Kotla Ferozabad, or Feroz Shah Kotla (with the remaining walls, bastions and gateways and gardens, the old Mosque, and well and all other ruins buildings it contains.Two furlangs east of jail and three furlangs due south of S.E. Corner of Shahjahanabad, Delhi.Delhi
N-DL-26Lal Darwaza, the northern gate of the outer walls of the Delhi of Sher Shah Suri.Three furlang due south of Delhi Gate,Delhi
N-DL-27Lothian Road CemeteryKashmiri GateDelhi
N-DL-28Qudsia MosqueQudsia Garden (Qudsia Bagh)Delhi
N-DL-29Mutiny MemorialIn front of Old Telegraph Building, Kashmiri Gate,Delhi
N-DL-30Nicholson (Or Kashmiri Gate) CemeteryKashmiri GateDelhi
N-DL-31Nicholson statue and its platform and the surrounding gardens paths and enclosure wall.Outside Kashmiri GateDelhi
N-DL-32Old Baoli immediately to the west of Hindu Rao's House.On the Delhi ridgeDelhi
N-DL-33The Old Entrance Gateway of the Qudsia Garden.Qudsia DelhiDelhi
N-DL-34The Pirghaib to the north and near Hindu Rao's HouseOn the Delhi ridge, DelhiDelhi
N-DL-35Portion of City wall near which Brig.Gen. John Nicholson was mortally Wounded on 14th Sept., 1857.On the Delhi ridgeDelhi
N-DL-36The Punjabi gate in the Roshanara BaghOpposite Municipal Board school, Subji MandiDelhi
N-DL-37Purana Quila (Inderpat) or Delhi With all its walls Arcades, gateways and Bastions, gardens, the Mosque of Sher Shah (Kila Kohna Masjid - Qila-i-Kuhna mosque). The Sher Mandala and entrances to Subterranean passages.Two miles south of the Delhi Gate of Shahjahanabad, DelhiDelhi
N-DL-38Rajpur (Mutiny cemetery) gateway, rest now built over by residential buildingsOld Rajpur Cantonment, North Distt.Delhi
N-DL-39The remaining gateways of the old 'Magazine' with their adjoining buildings.The Post office, DelhiDelhi
N-DL-40Sher Shah Suri's gate with the adjoining curon walls and Bastions and the remains of the double line of structure to its frontOpposite purana Qila immediately North-east of the Khairul Manazil MosqueDelhi
N-DL-41Site of Siege battery Known as the Sammy House Battery bearing the following Inscriptions Battery , Sammy house, Major Remington Tank, RA Commanding armament 89 pounds. To command ground near Mori Bastion.300 Yards East of Mutiny MemorialDelhi
N-DL-42Site of siege Battery with inscription.East of the Hospital in police LineDelhi
N-DL-43Site of siege Battery with inscription.Compound of Curzon HouseDelhi
N-DL-44Site of siege Battery with inscription.In the garden near south west entrance to Delhi Golf Club GroundDelhi
N-DL-45Sunehri MasjidRed FortDelhi
N-DL-46Tomb of Capt. Mac. Barnatt & others who fall in an attack on Kishanganj.Kishan GanjDelhi
N-DL-47Tomb of Ghiasuddin Khan,TughlaqabadDelhi
N-DL-48Tomb of Roshanara Begum & BaradariRoshnara Bagh, Sabzi MandiDelhi
N-DL-49Tomb of Razia Begum (Razia Sultana) in Mohalla Bulbuli KhanaShahjahanabadDelhi
N-DL-50Tomb of Safdarjung (Mirza Muqim Mansur Ali Khan) with all the enclosure walls, gateways, gardens and the mosque on the eastern side of the garden.Lodhi Road, New DelhiDelhi
N-DL-51Tripolia GatewaysDelhi-Karnal RoadDelhi
N-DL-52Uggar Sain's Baoli (Ugrasen ki Baoli)Near Jantar Mantar (Delhi)Delhi
N-DL-53Tomb of Darya KhanKidwai Nagar EastDelhi
N-DL-54Baoli at Ghiaspur, also known as Nizamuddin BaoliNizamuddin WestDelhi
N-DL-55Tomb of Mirza Muzaffer, Chota Batasha No. 153, GhiaspurNizammuddinDelhi
N-DL-56Tomb of Amir Khusro, GhiaspurNizamuddin WestDelhi
N-DL-57Tomb of Mirza Muzaffer, Bara Batasha (Bara Batashewala) No. 151 GhiaspurNizammuddinDelhi
N-DL-58Tomb of Nizamuddin Auliya, Ghiaspur No. 197Nizamuddin WestDelhi
N-DL-59Unknown tomb Ghiaspur 153,NizammuddinDelhi
N-DL-601. The tomb of Ferozshah ii (Firuz Shah Tughlaq), 2. Domed Building to the west of No.1, 3. Dalan between 1&2, 4. Domed Building & its court to the south of No. 3, 5. Dalans and all ruined Buildings to the north of no. 1 and existing upto No.10, 6. Five Chhatris to the case of No. 1& No.5, 7. Old Gate to the north of No.6, 8. Three Chhatris to the north-west of No.7, 9. Ruined courtyard and its Dalans with the Domed building to the north-west to the No.8, 10. Old wall running east from No.4 xi. 2.23 Acres of land surrounding the above monuments and bouded on the North by house of Chhange and Mehra Chand sons of Hansram and house of Uderam, son of Kusha South Ghairmunkan Resta East By village site belonging to village community house of Nots Zadar sons of Jai Singh Chhamar and field Nos. 338 & 331 belonging to Naider and others West By field no. 185 belonging to Udaram, son of Kusal Jat and field No. 186 belonging to Jagins and Sajawal Rajput, No. 195 Ghairmunkin Johar, common of Jats and Musalmans and filed no. 196, Ghairmunkin Pall.Hauz KhasDelhi
N-DL-61Bag-i-Alam Gumbad with a MosqueHumayunpurDelhi
N-DL-62Kali GumtiHumayunpur (Hauz Khas)Delhi
N-DL-63Tefewala GumbadHumayunpur Deer Park (Hauz Khas)Delhi
N-DL-64Arab SaraiPatti, Ghiapur in Hauz InderpatDelhi
N-DL-65The Gate way of Arab Sarai facing North towards Purana QilaNear Arab Sarai VillageDelhi
N-DL-66The Gate way of Arab Sarai facing East towards the tomb of HumayunNear Arab Sarai VillageDelhi
N-DL-67Remainig Gateways of Arab Sarai and of Abadi-Bagh-BuhalimaNear Arab Sarai VillageDelhi
N-DL-68Lakhar wal Gumbad (Tomb)Inderpat Estate (Sunder Nursery), Near Delhi Public SchoolDelhi
N-DL-69Sunderwala BurjInderpat Estate (Sundernagar Nursery)Delhi
N-DL-70Sunderwala MahalInderpat Estate (Sundernagar Nursery)Delhi
N-DL-71Bijay Mandal, neighbouring domes, buildings and dalan to north of BegumpurIn village Kalusarai (Sarvapriya Vihar), part of historic JahanpanahDelhi
N-DL-72Old Lodhi Bridge (Athpula aka Khairpur ka Pul) with approaches. Built 1556 - 1605 A.D.Near tomb of Sikander Lodi, KhairpurDelhi
N-DL-73Mosque with the dalans and courtyard and the Bara Gumbad (the domed entrance to the mosque)KhairpurDelhi
N-DL-74The tomb of Mohammed Shah known as Mubarak Khan- Ka-GumbazKhairpurDelhi
N-DL-75Tomb of Sikander Lodi with its enclosure wall and bastions, gates & compound. Built 1494 A.D.KhairpurDelhi
N-DL-76Unknown tomb with blue tiles decoration known as Shisha GumbadKhairpurDelhi
N-DL-77Bandi or Poti ka Gumbad III-280Kharera village between Hauz Khas and Qutab roadDelhi
N-DL-78Biran-Ka-Gumbad-282Kharera village between Hauz Khas and Qutab roadDelhi
N-DL-79Biwi or Dadi-ka-Gumbad-281Kharera village between Hauz Khas and Qutab roadDelhi
N-DL-80Chor Minar No. 289 Vol IIIKharehra (Hauz Khas Enclave)Delhi
N-DL-81Choti GuntiKharehra village Green Park, DelhiDelhi
N-DL-82Idgah of Kharehra No. 287, Vol IIIKharehra village, Hauz Khas EnclaveDelhi
N-DL-83Nili Mosque (Neeli Masjid)Kharehra village, Hauz Khas EnclaveDelhi
N-DL-84Sakri Gumti-284Kharehra villageDelhi
N-DL-85Khirki Masjid (Khirkee Masjid)Village KhirkeeDelhi
N-DL-86Satpula-III –216Village KhirkeeDelhi
N-DL-87Tomb of Usuf-Quttal (Yusuf Qattaal's Tomb)At Khirkee village in field no.81 min, Property of Shamlat deh.Delhi
N-DL-88Jahaz MahalMehrauliDelhi
N-DL-89Hauz-i-Shamsi (Shamsid Tallab) together with platform entrance gates.MehrauliDelhi
N-DL-90Moti MasjidMehrauliDelhi
N-DL-91Old Palace (Zafar Mahal) of Bahadur Shah II alias Lal Mahal in MehrauliMehrauliDelhi
N-DL-92Bara Khamba -285Kherera village tombs between Hauz Khas, Qutab roadDelhi
N-DL-93The Qutab Archaeological area (Qutb complex) as now fenced in, including the Mosque, Iron Pillar, Minar of Qutab-din, unfinished Minar, all colonnads, screen arches, tomb of Altmash, college, buildings of Aluddin, Tomb of Imam Zamin and all carved stoens in the above area with gardens, paths and water channels, and all gateways including the Alai-Darwaza , also all graves in the above area. Built 1193 - 1245 A.D.MehrauliDelhi
N-DL-94Tomb of Adham Khan (Rest House), built 1561 A.D.MehrauliDelhi
N-DL-95Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb of Maulana Jamali Kamali (Jamali Kamboh). Built ~1526 - 1535 A.D.Mehrauli Archaeological ParkDelhi
N-DL-96Wall mosqueMehrauliDelhi
N-DL-97Walls of Lal Kot and Rai Pithora's fort from Sohan Gate to Adam Khan's tomb including the ditch where there is an outer wallMehrauli Kh. No. 1783, 1765, 1766, 1767, 1770, 1772, 1773, 1798 & 1764Delhi
N-DL-98Walls of Lal Kot and Rai Pithora's fort at the point where they meet togetherNear Jamali Kamali's Mosque Mehrauli Kh. No. 1754, Loddho Sarai Kh.No. 86,87Delhi
N-DL-99Wall of Rai Pithora's fort including gateways and bastionsMehrauliDelhi
N-DL-100Gates and walls of Mubarakpur, Kotla in village Mubarakpurvillage Mubarakpur, KotlaDelhi
N-DL-101Moti-ki-Masjid (Moth Ki Masjid)Behind South Extension Part II.Delhi
N-DL-102Inchla Wali Guntivillage Mubarakpur, KotlaDelhi
N-DL-103Kala Gumbadvillage Mubarakpur, KotlaDelhi
N-DL-104Tombs of Bade-Khan, and Mubarakpur Kotla, Kotlavillage Mubarakpur, KotlaDelhi
N-DL-105Tombs of Chote Khan, MubarakpurKotlaDelhi
N-DL-106Tomb of Mubarak Shah in Mubarakpur, Kotla. Built 1434 A.D.village Mubarakpur, KotlaDelhi
N-DL-107Mosque attached to Mubarak shah Tombvillage Mubarakpur, KotlaDelhi
N-DL-108Tomb of Bhura Khanvillage Mubarakpur, KotlaDelhi
N-DL-109Tin Burji Walla GumbadMohammed pur village II, 304Delhi
N-DL-110Unnamed tombMohammed pur village , 305Delhi
N-DL-111Baoli. Built 1451 - 1526 A.D.Munirka II. 318.Delhi
N-DL-112Munda GumbadHauz KhasDelhi
N-DL-113Unnamed Mosque from 15th century A.D.Munirka 314.Delhi
N-DL-114Unnamed TombMunirka 313.Delhi
N-DL-115Unnamed TombMunirka 315.Delhi
N-DL-116Unnamed TombMunirka 316.Delhi
N-DL-117Unnamed TombMunirka 317.Delhi
N-DL-118i. Unnamed Mosque, ii. Unnamed TombMunirka 321 & Munirka 322Delhi
N-DL-119Wajir pur- ki-GumbadMunirka 312.Delhi
N-DL-120The Afsah-walla-ki-Masjid (Assarwala mosque) situated outside the west gate of Humayun's tomb with its dalans and paved court bounded on the east by Humayun's tomb on the west by Abadi Arab Sarai on the north by road and Khasra No. 252 and on the south by Abadi Arab SaraiNizammudinDelhi
N-DL-121Bara Khamba (Barakhamba) outside north entrance to shrineNizammudinDelhi
N-DL-122Bara Pulah bridge near Nizammudin. Built 1621-1622 A.D.South of NizammudinDelhi
N-DL-123Chausath Khamba and tomb of Mirza Nizammudin Aziz-ka-Kokaltash (son of Ataga Khan)NizammudinDelhi
N-DL-124Grave of Jahanara BegumNizammudinDelhi
N-DL-125Grave of Mohammed ShahNizammudinDelhi
N-DL-126Grave of Mirza JahangirNizammudinDelhi
N-DL-127Humayun's tomb, its platforms, garden, enclosure walls and gateways Khasra No. 258 bounded on the east by Khasra No.180&181&244 of Miri Singh and on west by Kh. No. 268&253 on the north by Khasra No. 266, on the south by Kh No. 245 of Miri Singh & Kh. No. 248 & 249 of Sayyed MohummadNizammudinDelhi
N-DL-128Nila Gumbad outside the south corner of the enclosure of Humayun's tomb (Kh. No. 243) bounded on the east by Kh. No. 182, on the west by Humayun's tomb, on the north by Kh. No. 181 & on the south by Kh. No. 244 of Miri SinghNizammudinDelhi
N-DL-129Nili Chhatri or Subz Burz.Nizammudin EastDelhi
N-DL-130Tomb of Afsar-wala immediately near to the south of Afsar-wala-ki-MasjidNizammudinDelhi
N-DL-131Tomb of Ataga KhanNizamuddin WestDelhi
N-DL-132The tomb of Isa Khan Niyazi with its surrounding enclosure walls and turrest garden gateways and mosque (Kh. No. 281 ) bounded on the east by Arab Sarai Kh. No.236 on the west by Kh. No. 283 graveyard of Piare Lal and K.No. 283 of Bddon on the north by Kh. No. 236 of Pandit Brij Vallabh and on the south by Arab Sarai Kh. No. 238.NizammudinDelhi
N-DL-133Tomb of Khan-i-KhanaNizammudinDelhi
N-DL-134Tomb with three domes near Rly.StationNizammudinDelhi
N-DL-135Sikargah Kushak-II -327 , built by Feroze Shah Tughlaq between 1321 - 1414 A.D.Old Kushak VillageDelhi
N-DL-136Gateways of Badli-Ki-SaraiVillage PipalthalaDelhi
N-DL-137Tomb of Sheikh Kaburuddin also known as Rakabwala Gumbad (Lal Gumbad) in field no.84 min. situated at Sarai Shah 31 property of Thoks Shahpur and AdhchiniMalaviya NagarDelhi
N-DL-138Ruined line of walls, bastions & gateways of Siri Fort, Kh. No. 88, 265 &447 at village Shahpur JatShahpur JatDelhi
N-DL-139Thana wala Shahpur Jat: Internal buildings of Siri Mehammadi wali-Kh. No. 14 Shahpur Jat Bul-Bul-Ki-Kh. No. 256 Shahpur Jat Makhdum ki Kh. No. 255 Shahpur Jat Baradari Shahpur Jat, Motiyan wala dome Shahpur Jat.Shahpur JatDelhi
N-DL-140Nai-ka-kot.Tughlaqabad KotlaDelhi
N-DL-141Tomb of Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq. walls and bastions, gates and cause way including the tomb of Dad Khan.M.B. Road, Tughlaqabad.Delhi
N-DL-142Tomb of Mohammed Tughlaqabadshah (also: Muhammad Tighlaq Shah)Badarpur ZailDelhi
N-DL-143Walls of old city of Tughlaqabad.Badarpur ZailDelhi
N-DL-144Walls, gateways bastions and internal buildings of both inner and outer citadels of Tughlaqabad fortTughlaqabad.Delhi
N-DL-145Walls, gate and bastions of Adilabad (Mohammadbad) and causeway leading there to from Tughlaqabad.Tughlaqabad.Delhi
N-DL-146Wazirabad Tomb, (Tomb of Shah Alam I)WazirabadDelhi
N-DL-147Wazirabad mosqueWazirabadDelhi
N-DL-148Wazirabad BridgeWazirabadDelhi
N-DL-149Mound known as Jaga Bai comprise in part of surve plot no. 167Jamia nagarDelhi
N-DL-150Ashoka rock EdictKailash Hill, East of Kailash colonyDelhi
N-DL-151Mandi MosqueLadho Sarai, near MehrauliDelhi
N-DL-152Rajon-ki-Bain (Rajon Ki Baoli) with Mosque and ChhatriLadho SaraiDelhi
N-DL-153Badun GateLadho Sarai, MehrauliDelhi
N-DL-154Gateways of Lal kotLadho SaraiDelhi
N-DL-155Gateway of Rai Pithoria's fortLadho SaraiDelhi
N-DL-156Walls of Rai Pithora's fort and Jahan Panah at the point where they meet togetherHauz Rani abd Lado SaraiDelhi
N-DL-157Tomb of Sultan GhariNalikpur KohiDelhi
N-DL-158Baoli known as diving wall locally known as (Candak-ki-baoli or Gandhak-ki-baoli)Behind Mehrauli Archaeological Park, MehrauliDelhi
N-DL-159Enclosure containing the tomb of Shah Alam Bahadur Shah, Shah Alam II and Akbar Shah IIMehrauli / WazirabadDelhi
N-DL-160Hauz-i-Shamsi with central red stone pavilion situated at Mehrauli in field No. 157-81, 1586-97, 1614 &1624Adjacent to Jahaz Mahal, MehrauliDelhi
N-DL-161Iron Pillar HinduMehrauliDelhi
N-DL-162Ancient MosquePalamDelhi
N-DL-163Sheesh Mahal. Built 1653 A.D.Village HyderpurDelhi
N-DL-164Ashokan PillarOn the Delhi ridge near Hindu Rao HospitalDelhi
N-DL-165Sarai ShahjiMalaviya NagarDelhi
N-DL-166Azim Khan TombLado Sarai, across Mehrauli Archaeological ParkDelhi
N-DL-167Mazar of Sheikh Mohammad Ibrahim ZauqChindBagh, Kadam Sharif, Paharganj, DelhiDelhi
N-DL-168Fortification Wall Asad Burj, Water gate, Delhi Gate, Lahori Gate, Jahangiri Gate, Chhatta Bazar, BaoliRed Fort, DelhiDelhi
N-DL-169Fortification walls, Gates, Bastions and Ancient Buildings of Salimgarh FortDelhi
N-DL-170Portion of the City Wall of ShahjahanabadDaryaganjDelhi
N-DL-171Sat Narain BhawanDelhi Sadhora Khurd, Dina Nath Marg, Roshanara Road, New Delhi.Delhi
N-DL-172Balban Khan's Tomb & Jamali Kamali mosqueLado Sarai, Mehrauli, DelhiDelhi
N-DL-173Unknown Tomb in the vicinity of Jawaharlal Nehru StadiumPragati Vihar, New DelhiDelhi
N-DL-174Mazar (tomb) of Mirza GhalibNizamuddin WestDelhi
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