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List of Monuments of National Importance in Uttarakhand, India

This is a list of Monuments of National Importance (ASI) as officially recognized by the Archeological Survey of India in the Indian state Uttarakhand. 44 Monuments of National Importance have been recognized by the ASI in Uttarakhand.

SL. No.DescriptionLocationDistrictImage
N-UT-1Badrinath templeBadrinathChamoli
N-UT-2Bandeo TempleDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-3Gujardeo TempleDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-4Kacheri group of templesDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-5Kutumbari TempleDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-6Maniyan group of templesDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-7Mritunjaya group of templesDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-8Ratan Deo ShrinesDwarahatAlmora
N-UT-9Surya TempleKatarmalAlmora
N-UT-10Dandeshwar TempleJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-12Jageshwar TempleJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-13Kuber TempleJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-14Mritunjaya TempleJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-15Nanda Devi or Nau DurgaJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-16Nava-grah shrineJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-17Pyramidal shrineJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-18Shrine dedicated to SuryaJageshwarAlmora
N-UT-20Grave of a European SoldierUprariAlmora
N-UT-21Temples of Baijnath: Group of ancient temples, consisting of main shrine of Siva and 17 subsidiary shrinesBaijnathBageshwar
N-UT-22Three temples of the Indo-Aryan shikara type known as Lakshmi Narayan, Rakshas Deval and Satya NarayanTalli HatBageshwar
N-UT-23Remains of sixteen templesAdibadri,Chamoli
N-UT-24Fort with walls and ruins of dwelling house inside it and with flights of stepsChandpurChamoli
N-UT-25Trident of iron with a shaft with one ancient and three modern inscriptionsGopeshwarChamoli
N-UT-26Two TemplesPandukeshwarChamoli
N-UT-27Rudranath templeGopeshwarChamoli
N-UT-28Rock Inscription in Survey Plot No. 89Village MandalChamoli
N-UT-29Group of Baleshwar TemplesChampawatChampawat
N-UT-30Kotwali ChabutraChampawatChampawat
N-UT-31Naula or covered spring attached to the Baleshwar TemplesChampawatChampawat
N-UT-32Temple sacred to MahasuHanol or OnolDehradun
N-UT-33Ancient siteJagatramDehradun
N-UT-34The inscribed rock edicts of AsokaKalsiDehradun
N-UT-35Kalinga MonumentsKaranpurDehradun
N-UT-36Temple and images in its vicinityLakha MandalDehradun
N-UT-37Old CemeteryRourkeeHaridwar
N-UT-38Old CemeteryShaikhpuri & GaneshpurHaridwar
N-UT-39Remains of ancient buildings locallly identified with VairatapattanaDhikuliNainital
N-UT-40Old temple sacred to SitaSitabaniNainital
N-UT-41Patal Bhubaneswar CavesPatal BhubaneswarPithoragarh
N-UT-42Remains of a few old temples and an inscribed masonry wellGangoli HatPithoragarh
N-UT-43Excavated Site at Dronasagar (only preliminary notification issued)Mauza Ujjain KashipurUdhamsingh Nagar
N-UT-44Excavated site and RemainsPurolaUttarkashi
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