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List of Monuments of National Importance in West Bengal, India

This is a list of Monuments of National Importance (ASI) as officially recognized by the Archeological Survey of India in the Indian state West Bengal. 155 Monuments of National Importance have been recognized by the ASI in West Bengal.

SL. No.DescriptionLocationDistrictImage
N-WB-1Chandraketu's FortBerachampa24 Parganas (North)
N-WB-2Ancient mound known as Barah Mihirer Dhipi also known as Khana Mihirer DhibiDeulia & Kaukipara24 Parganas (North)
N-WB-3Clive’s House Dum Dum known as BarakothiDum Dum24 Parganas (North)
N-WB-426 Siva TemplesBarrackpore - Khardaha24 Parganas (North)
N-WB-5Warren Hasting’s HouseBarasat24 Parganas (North)
N-WB-6Jhater Deul TempleJhata24 Parganas (South)
N-WB-7Ancient TempleBahularaBankura
N-WB-8Dalmadal Gun and the platform on which it is mountedBishnupurBankura
N-WB-9Gate of Old FortBishnupurBankura
N-WB-10Jore MandirBishnupurBankura
N-WB-11Jore Bangla TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-12Kalachand TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-13Lalji TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-14Madan Gopal TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-15Madan Mohan TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-16Malleswar TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-17Murali Mohan TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-18Nanda Lal TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-19Patpur TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-20Radha Binod TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-21Radha Gobinda TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-22Radha Madhab TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-23Radha Shyam TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-25Shyam Rai TempleBishnupurBankura
N-WB-26Small sateway of fortBishnupurBankura
N-WB-27Stone chariotBishnupurBankura
N-WB-28Saileswar TempleDiharBankura
N-WB-29Sareswar TempleDiharBankura
N-WB-30Temple of Radha Damodar JewGhatgoriaBankura
N-WB-31Gokul Chand TempleGokulnagarBankura
N-WB-32Temple of RatneswarJagannathpurBankura
N-WB-33Temple of Shyam SunderMadanpurBankura
N-WB-34Temple site now represented only by a mound and a statue of SuryaPareshnathBankura
N-WB-35Temple site of an old Jain Temple now represented only by a Mound with a Jain statuePareshnathBankura
N-WB-36Image of Durga slaying Mahisasura under a treeSarengarhBankura
N-WB-37Temple site now represented only by a moundSarengarhBankura
N-WB-38Temple site now represented only by a Mound with statues of Ganesh and Nandi on itSarengarhBankura
N-WB-39Temple site now represented only by a mound with an Image of Nandi on itSarengarhBankura
N-WB-40Rock Inscription of Chandra VarmanSusunia HillBankura
N-WB-41Temple of Radha Binod commonly known as JoydebJoydeb-KenduliBirbhum
N-WB-42Temple of DharmarajKubilashpurBirbhum
N-WB-43Two moundsBhadeswarBirbhum
N-WB-44Temple of Basuli and the mound together with fourteen other temples near them containing the Linga images of ShivaNanoorBirbhum
N-WB-45Temple and Rasmancha (Damodar Temple)SuriBirbhum
N-WB-46Two ancient temples (joined together)BaidyapurBurdwan
N-WB-47Rudreswar TempleBamunaraBurdwan
N-WB-48Group of four Ancient TemplesBeguniaBurdwan
N-WB-49Tomb of Baharam Sakka, Sher Afghan and Nawab QutabuddinBurdwanBurdwan
N-WB-50Stone TempleGaruiBurdwan
N-WB-51Temple of Ichai GhoshGourangpurBurdwan
N-WB-52Ancient siteNadhiaBurdwan
N-WB-53Jain brick temple known as Sat-DeulDeuliaBurdwan
N-WB-54Group of temples (12 nos. temples):
(i) Bijoy Vaidyanath Temple (ii) Giri Gobardhan Temple (iii) Gopalji Temple, (iv) Jaleswar Temple (v) Krishna Chandraji Temple (vi) Lalji Temple, (vii) Nava-Kailasha Temple (viii) Pancharatna Temple (ix) Pratapeswar Siva Temple in Rajbari compound (x) Rameswar Temple, (xi) Ratneswar Temple (xii) Rupeswar Temple
N-WB-54-aGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Bijoy Vaidyanath TempleKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-54-bGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Giri Gobardhan TempleKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-54-cGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Gopalji TempleKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-54-dGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Jaleswar TempleKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-54-eGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Krishna Chandraji TempleKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-54-fGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Lalji TempleKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-54-gGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Nava-Kailasha TempleKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-54-hGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Pancharatna TempleKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-54-iGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Pratapeswar Siva Temple in Rajbari compoundKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-54-jGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Rameswar TempleKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-54-kGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Ratneswar TempleKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-54-lGroup of temples (12 nos. temples): Rupeswar TempleKalnaBurdwan
N-WB-55Ancient site and remains of Panduk Rajar DhipiPandukBurdwan
N-WB-56Ancient moundBharatpurBurdwan
N-WB-57Cooch Behar PalaceCooch BiharCooch Bihar
N-WB-58Rajpath SiteKhalsa GasanimariKhalsa Gasanimari
N-WB-59Tomb of Alexander-Cosma de KorosDarjeelingDarjeeling
N-WB-60Tomb of General LlyodDarjeelingDarjeeling
N-WB-61Dargah of Shah AtaGanga rampurDinajpur (South)
N-WB-62MoundsBangarh (Ganga rampur)Dinajpur (West)
N-WB-63Haneswari and Vasudev templesBansberiaHooghly
N-WB-64Dutch Cemetery together with all tombs & monuments contained thereinChinsurahHooghly
N-WB-65Dutch Memorial monument of Susan Anna MariaChinsurahHooghly
N-WB-66Group of temples known as Brindaban Chandra's MathGuptiparaHooghly
N-WB-70Mosque & TombsSatgaonHooghly
N-WB-71i) Danish Cemetery, ii) All ancient structures, all tombs stone monument remains and inscriptions within the area enclosed by the said wallsSeramporeHooghly
N-WB-72Shrine and Mosque known as Dargah of Zafar Khan GaziTribeniHooghly
N-WB-73Dupleix Palace (Institute de Chandan Nagar)Chandan NagarHooghly
N-WB-74Sri Mayer GhatHowrahHowrah
N-WB-75Metcalfe HallKolkataKolkata
N-WB-76St. John’s Church (Fabrics of the Church) (final notification not issued)KolkataKolkata
N-WB-77Currency BuildingDalhousie SquareKolkata
N-WB-78Asiatic Society BuildingPark StreetKolkata
N-WB-79Maghen David SynagogueWard No. 45Kolkata
N-WB-80Beth-el-SynagoguePollock StreetKolkata
N-WB-81Adina MosquePandua (Adina)Malda
N-WB-82Baisgazi WallGaurMalda
N-WB-83Baraduary Masjid or the Great Golden MosqueGaurMalda
N-WB-84Bhita of Chand SadagarGaurMalda
N-WB-85Chamkati MasjidGaurMalda
N-WB-86Chika MasjidGaurMalda
N-WB-87Dakhil darwazaGaurMalda
N-WB-88Firoz MinarGaurMalda
N-WB-89Gumti GatewayGaurMalda
N-WB-90Gunmant MosqueGaurMalda
N-WB-91Kotwali DarwajaGaurMalda
N-WB-92Lottan MasjidGaurMalda
N-WB-93Lukachuri GatewayGaurMalda
N-WB-94Qadam Rasul MosqueGaurMalda
N-WB-95Tomb of Fateh KhanGaurMalda
N-WB-96Tantipara MasjidGaurMalda
N-WB-97Two tombs in front of Tantipura MasjidGaurMalda
N-WB-98Two stone pillarsGaurMalda
N-WB-100Eklakhi MausoleumPanduaMalda
N-WB-101Qutub Shahi MasjidPanduaMalda
N-WB-102Dharmaraj TemplePathraMidanapur
N-WB-103Temples of Bandyopadhyay FamilyPathraMidanapur
N-WB-104Sitala TemplesPathraMidanapur
N-WB-105Navratna Temple ComplexPathraMidanapur
N-WB-106Kurambera FortGaganeswarMidnapore
N-WB-107John Pierce TombMidnaporeMidnapore
N-WB-108Tomb of Azimunnisha Begum daughter of Murshid Quli KhanAzimnagarMurshidabad
N-WB-109Residency Cemetery also known as ‘Station Burial ground’Babulbona BeharamporeMurshidabad
N-WB-110Bhavaniswar MandirBaranagarMurshidabad
N-WB-111Char Bangla group of four Siva MandirsBaranagarMurshidabad
N-WB-112Tomb of Mir MardanFaridpurMurshidabad
N-WB-113Dutch CemeteryKalikapurMurshidabad
N-WB-114Old English Cemetery or Old Residency Burial GroundKashim BazarMurshidabad
N-WB-116Tomb of Alivardi Khan & the tomb of Seraj-ud-daullahKhosbagMurshidabad
N-WB-117Mound known as Barkona Deul MoundPanchthupiMurshidabad
N-WB-118Mounds known as the Devil's Mound and Raja Karna's PalaceRangamatiMurshidabad
N-WB-119Tomb of SujauddinRoshnibagMurshidabad
N-WB-120Tomb and Mosque of Murhsid Kuli Khan (also: Katra Masjid)Sabz KatraMurshidabad
N-WB-121Jahan Kosa GunTopkhanaMurshidabad
N-WB-122Hazarduari Palace and Imambara (Murshidabad)Killa NizamatMurshidabad
N-WB-123South Gate, Kella NezamatLalbagMurshidabad
N-WB-124Imambara, Kella NezamatLalbagMurshidabad
N-WB-125White Mosque, Kella Nezamat (also: Sada Masjid)LalbagMurshidabad
N-WB-126Yellow Mosque, Kella NezamatLalbagMurshidabad
N-WB-127Tripolia Gate, Kella NizamatLalbagMurshidabad
N-WB-128Nil Kuthi MoundMouza Chak, ChandparaMursidabad
N-WB-129Mound known as Bahanpukur Mound or FortBamanpukurNadia
N-WB-130Ruins of FortBamanpukurNadia
N-WB-132Tamluk RajbatiPadumbasan, TamlukPurba Medinipur
N-WB-133Old Temple at BandaBandaPurulia
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