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List of Monuments of State Importance in Goa, India

This is a list of State Protected Monuments as officially reported by the Archaeological Survey of India in the Indian state Goa. 51 State Protected Monuments have been recognized by the ASI in Goa.

S-GA-1Site where the ancient image of Buddha was discovered at ColvaleBardez
S-GA-2Fortress of ColvaleBardez
S-GA-3Reis Magos FortBardez
S-GA-4Church of Reis MagosBardez
S-GA-5Chapora FortBardez
S-GA-6The Fortress of KhorjuveBardez
S-GA-7Cabo da Rama FortCanacona
S-GA-8Caves at NaroaDicholi
S-GA-9Temples of SaptakoteshwarDicholi
S-GA-10Site of GujirDicholi
S-GA-11Fort of SanquelimDicholi
S-GA-13The Cave of Sidhanath at Tar SurlaDicholi
S-GA-14The Mosque and Tank at Tar SurlaDicholi
S-GA-15The Fort of MarmagoaMarmagoa
S-GA-16The Site of Kaivailya Math at ConsuaMarmagoa
S-GA-17Frontispices of SancoaleMormugao
S-GA-18Shri SaptakoteshwarPonda
S-GA-19Shri Mahadev TemplePonda
S-GA-20Ruins of Jain BastiPonda
S-GA-21Fort of AlornaPernem
S-GA-22Fort of TerekholPernem
S-GA-23Caves at KhandeparPonda
S-GA-24Cave at IshwarbhatPonda
S-GA-25Cave at MangueshiPonda
S-GA-26Shri Nagesh TemplePonda
S-GA-27Shri Kamakshi TemplePonda
S-GA-28Shri Chandranath ParodaQuepem
S-GA-29Site of Rock Carvings of KazurQuepem
S-GA-30Site of Ruins of Manguesh TempleSalcete
S-GA-31Site of Ruins of Shantadurga templeSalcete
S-GA-32Site - Ruins of Ramnath TempleSalcete
S-GA-33Ruins including Tank of the Temple of MahalsaSalcete
S-GA-34Gate of Rachol FortressSalcete
S-GA-35Caves of AquemSalcete
S-GA-36Caves at RivonaSanguem
S-GA-37Site of Rock Carving at PansaimalSanguem
S-GA-38The Cave at ShigoaSanguem
S-GA-39The site of Narayandev at VichundreSanguem
S-GA-40Ruins of BrahmapuriTiswadi
S-GA-41Chapel of St. XavierTiswadi
S-GA-42Chapel of Our Lady of MonteTiswadi
S-GA-43Convent of St. Monica and ChapelTiswadi
S-GA-44Ruins of College of St. PopuloTiswadi
S-GA-45Church of St. PeterTiswadi
S-GA-46Casa da PolvoraTiswadi
S-GA-47Fort NaroaTiswadi
S-GA-48Site of the Temple of SaptakoteshwarTiswadi
S-GA-49Chapel of St. JeronimusTiswadi
S-GA-50British Cemetery at Dona PaulaTiswadi
S-GA-51The Site of Fortress at St. EstevamTiswadi
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