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List of Monuments of State Importance in Kerala, India

This is a list of State Protected Monuments as officially reported by the Archeological Survey of India in the Indian state Kerala. 102 State Protected Monuments have been recognized by the ASI in Kerala.

SL. No.DescriptionLocationDistrictImage
S-KL-1Rock cut caveAlapuzha
S-KL-2Buddha image "Karumadikuttan"Alapuzha
S-KL-3Buddha imageAlapuzha
S-KL-4Buddha imageAlapuzha
S-KL-5Narasimha temple-ChatankulangaraAlapuzha
S-KL-6Krishnapuram PalaceAlapuzha
S-KL-7Karikkodu Annamalanathara templeErnakulam
S-KL-8Stone inscriptionErnakulam
S-KL-9Old Kacherry building (Union Christian College, Aluva)Ernakulam
S-KL-10The palace which was used for performing ceremony of 'Ariyittu Vazcha' by the Maharaja of erstwhile Cochin kingdomErnakulam
S-KL-11Ooramana templeErnakulam
S-KL-12Thirunayathodu Siva Narayan TempleErnakulam
S-KL-13Pallipuram fortErnakulam
S-KL-14Manjapra templeErnakulam
S-KL-15Kallil rock cut templeErnakulam
S-KL-16Kottayil KovilakamErnakulam
S-KL-17Vaipikotta SeminaryErnakulam
S-KL-18Stone inscriptionsErnakulam
S-KL-20Ruins of ancient granite templeIdukki
S-KL-21Ezhimala Fort at EttikulamKannur
S-KL-22Padmanapuram palaceKanyakumaeri (Tamilnadu)
S-KL-24Peelicode caveKasargod
S-KL-25Chandragir fortKasargod
S-KL-26Kottukkal Rock cut templeKollam
S-KL-27Punallur suspension bridgeKollam
S-KL-29Chanthamath templeKollam
S-KL-30Buddha ImageKollam
S-KL-31Pundarikapuram TempleKottayam
S-KL-32Monuments indicating the 1st arrival of Vasco-de-Gama at KappadKozhikode
S-KL-33Tipu Sultan for paramukku, KottasthalamKozhikode
S-KL-34Kottukkal Kunhalimarakkars HouseKozhikode
S-KL-35Sri Venkiteswara temple (Siva temple, Kottakkal)Malappuram
S-KL-37Madavoorpara Rock cut caveThiruvananthapuram
S-KL-38Thirunarayanapuram Vishnu templeThiruvananthapuram
S-KL-39Thrivikaramangalam templeThiruvananthapuram
S-KL-40Neeramangara templeThiruvananthapuram
S-KL-41Trivandrum fortThiruvananthapuram
S-KL-42Vizinjam Bhagavati templeThiruvananthapuram
S-KL-43Vishnu temple AruvikkaneThiruvananthapuram
S-KL-44Old PalaceThiruvananthapuram
S-KL-46The fort walls around Sree Padmanabha swamy temple. The fort gates and the sites in which they standThiruvananthapuram
S-KL-47Ayyippilla Asan and Ayyinipilla Assan Smaraka mandapamThiruvananthapuram
S-KL-48Birth Place of Sri Vidhyadhi Raja Chattambi SwamikalThiruvananthapuram
S-KL-49Porkalam- DolmensThrissur
S-KL-50Kizthali templeThrissur
S-KL-51Sakthan Thampuran PalaceThrissur
S-KL-52Two imagesThrissur
S-KL-53Monuments in palace Toppu (Vadakkechira Palace compound)Thrissur
S-KL-54Monolithic monumentThrissur
S-KL-55Western gatewayThrissur
S-KL-56Eastern gatewayThrissur
S-KL-57Tippu's flag staffThrissur
S-KL-58A dolmen in AnapanthanThrissur
S-KL-59A dolmen in Puthupara in KothumuzhiThrissur
S-KL-60A dolmen south of Travancore line near PuthuparaThrissur
S-KL-61One muniyara with side rooms near MylaeappurThrissur
S-KL-62Idol of Ganapathi at ElicodeThrissur
S-KL-63Ruined temple dedicated to Vishny in Bhantamalai in Trikkur beatThrissur
S-KL-64An idol of Siva in BhantamalaThrissur
S-KL-65A circular well in BhantamalaThrissur
S-KL-66Munipara -6 muniyarasThrissur
S-KL-67Chendrayi -3 muniyarasThrissur
S-KL-68Kunamkuzhigara - 2 muniyarasThrissur
S-KL-69Adiappilly-1 muniyaraThrissur
S-KL-70Valathu thandu -2 muniyarasThrissur
S-KL-71Irappanapara -3 muniyarasThrissur
S-KL-72One rock cut caveThrissur
S-KL-73One Muniyara at VailathanparaThrissur
S-KL-74Dilapidated Siva temple in the Athanad hillThrissur
S-KL-75Two Muniyaras at ThandikaduThrissur
S-KL-76One muniyara near adukkalapuraThrissur
S-KL-77Two muniyara near VerthilaparaThrissur
S-KL-78One muniyara near VaniamparaThrissur
S-KL-79One muniyara near KaipikadThrissur
S-KL-80Fifteen muniyaras near PerumthambarThrissur
S-KL-81Nine muniyaras near ThalikuzhiThrissur
S-KL-82Site of Bana's fort and Siva temple, PannarcheriThrissur
S-KL-83One muniyara in KundanthoduThrissur
S-KL-84One muniyara in KundanthoduThrissur
S-KL-85One Siva Temple in Elanad villageThrissur
S-KL-86One Siva temple in the reserve in Chelakara beatThrissur
S-KL-87Three muniyaras in the reserve in Pallamparatha in Vazhani beatThrissur
S-KL-88Four muniyara in the ridge of top in Mukkunipara reserve in Kallampara bestThrissur
S-KL-89Four muniyaras in Cheppara in Kallampara beatThrissur
S-KL-90Dilapidated Sastha Temple in IyyapakkunnuThrissur
S-KL-91Vatteluthu inscriptionsThrissur
S-KL-92Temple SiteThrissur
S-KL-94Pre-historic caveThrissur
S-KL-95Megalithic monumentThrissur
S-KL-96Port hole cistThrissur
S-KL-97Mahadeva templeThrissur
S-KL-98Irunilacode templeThrissur
S-KL-99Old fortificationThrissur
S-KL-100Megalithic monuments near the T.B hospital siteThrissur
S-KL-101Tomb of Veera Pazhassi RajaWynad
S-KL-102Cave at EdakkalWynad
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