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List of Monuments of State Importance in Punjab, India

This is a list of State Protected Monuments as officially reported by the Archaeological Survey of India in the Indian state Punjab. 61 State Protected Monuments have been recognized by the ASI in Punjab.

S-PB-1Sarai KhwaspurAmritsar
S-PB-2Kos Minar, BharowalAmritsar
S-PB-3Gate of Sarai and Mosque, FatehabadAmritsar
S-PB-4Old Tehsil, AjnalaAmritsar
S-PB-5Kos Minar-NorangabadAmritsar
S-PB-6Anglo Sikh War Memorial, SabhraonFerozepur
S-PB-7Anglo Sikh War Memorial, FerozeshanFerozepur
S-PB-8Anglo Sikh War Memorial, MisriwalaFerozepur
S-PB-9Anglo Sikh War Memorial MudkiFerozepur
S-PB-10Aam Khas Bagh, SirhindFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-aAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: PalaceFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-bAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: ChabutraFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-cAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: Sheesh MahalFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-dAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: Naughara (Aramgah-E-Muqaddas)Fatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-eAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: HamamFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-fAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: SardkhanaFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-gAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: Daulat Khana-EkhasFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-hAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: HathikhanaFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-iAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: Sarai Wing (Eastern)Fatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-jAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: Sarai Wing (Western)Fatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-kAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: Main Tank in front of Sheesh MahalFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-lAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: Fountain channels with fountain, flower Beds, falls etc. in front of Hamam, Naugharana and SardkhanaFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-10-mAam Khas Bagh, Sirhind: Wells-3 Nos.Fatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-11Tomb of Ustad,vill Talania, SirhindFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-12Tomb of Shagird, vill TalaniaFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-13Tomb of Amir Ali, vill. Dera Meer MianFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-14Mosque Bhagat Sadna Kasai, SirhindFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-15Jahaji Haveli, Todar Mal, SirhindFatehgarh Sahib
S-PB-16Old Thana Jaito MonumentFaridkot
S-PB-17Jhandewala Temple, DholbahaHoshiarpur
S-PB-18Exacavated Temple, DholbahaHoshiarpur
S-PB-19Mansa Devi Temple, DholbahaHoshiarpur
S-PB-20Ancient Temple, DholbahaHoshiarpur
S-PB-21Octagonal Well, DholbahaHoshiarpur
S-PB-22Samadh Takhowal (Mukerian)Hoshiarpur
S-PB-23Mandir Hari Devi, BhawanipurHoshiarpur
S-PB-24Kos Minar, vill. TootJalandhar
S-PB-25Commissioner's ResidenceJalandhar
S-PB-26Moorish MosqueKapurthala
S-PB-27Handira-Sultanpur LodhiKapurthala
S-PB-28Gol Kothi (Kapurthala)Kapurthala
S-PB-29Mughal Sarai, Doraha (Carvon)Ludhiana
S-PB-30Anglo Sikh War Memorial Aliwal (with approach path way)Ludhiana
S-PB-31Ancestral House of Lala Lajpat Rai Jagraon& Plot in front of houseLudhiana
S-PB-32Kos Minar, Kot PaniachLudhiana
S-PB-33Ancestral House of Shaheed Kartar SighLudhiana
S-PB-34Ancestral House of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, KhatkarkalanNawanshahar
S-PB-35Sheesh Mahal, PatialaPatiala
S-PB-35-aSheesh Mahal, Patiala: Towers 4 No.sPatiala
S-PB-35-bSheesh Mahal,Patiala: Banasar TankPatiala
S-PB-35-cSheesh Mahal,Patiala: Banasar HousePatiala
S-PB-35-dSheesh Mahal,Patiala: Suspension BridgePatiala
S-PB-36Quila Mubarak / Qila MubarakPatiala
S-PB-36-aQuila Mubarak: Darbar HallPatiala
S-PB-36-bQuila Mubarak: Ran BasaPatiala
S-PB-36-cQuila Mubarak: Lassi KhanaPatiala
S-PB-36-dQuila Mubarak: BarracksPatiala
S-PB-36-eQuila Mubarak: Sard KhanaPatiala
S-PB-36-fQuila Mubarak: Jilau KhanaPatiala
S-PB-36-gQuila Mubarak: Gateway with outer wallsPatiala
S-PB-37Quila Baba Ala Singh GaddiPatiala
S-PB-37-aQuila Baba Ala Singh Gaddi: Quila AndroonPatiala
S-PB-37-bQuila Baba Ala Singh Gaddi: Three painted ChambersPatiala
S-PB-37-cQuila Androon: Court Yard No:1-Gate &Painted Enclosure with Rang mahal Painted chamberPatiala
S-PB-37-dQuila Androon: Court Yard No:2-Moti Mahal ComplexPatiala
S-PB-37-eQuila Androon: Court Yard No:3- Charbagh or Bagichi GharPatiala
S-PB-37-fQuila Androon: Court Yard No:4 -Long passage gate to BurjPatiala
S-PB-37-gQuila Androon: Court Yard No:5- Sheesh Mahal Court Yard with 3 painted chambersPatiala
S-PB-37-hQuila Androon: Court Yard No:6- Tosha Khana with painted ChamberPatiala
S-PB-37-iQuila Androon: Court Yard No:7- Neem wala Mahal Chandmahal.Patiala
S-PB-37-jQuila Androon: Court Yard No:8 JailsPatiala
S-PB-37-kQuila Androon: Court Yard No:9Patiala
S-PB-37-lQuila Androon: Court Yard No:10Patiala
S-PB-37-mQuila Androon: Burj Baba Ala SinghPatiala
S-PB-37-nQuila Androon: Painted Chamber-Nine NosPatiala
S-PB-38Samania GatePatiala
S-PB-39Sunami GatePatiala
S-PB-40Sirhindi GatePatiala
S-PB-41Darshani GatePatiala
S-PB-42Baradari Moti BaghPatiala
S-PB-43Painted Chamber of Kali Devi TemplePatiala
S-PB-44Quila Beer, Bahadurgarh (only outer wall & ditch)Patiala
S-PB-45Painted Chamber,Rani Hall, NabhaPatiala
S-PB-45Mound of GhuramPatiala
S-PB-47Kos Minar, RajgarhPatiala
S-PB-48Kos Minar, vill.NausehraPatiala
S-PB-49Samadh Baba Maghi Dass,vill.Chhintanwala, NabhaPatiala
S-PB-50Mound at Chhat, RajpuraPatiala
S-PB-51Mugal Sarai, ShambhuPatiala
S-PB-52Bhikham Shah Da Maqbra, GhuramPatiala
S-PB-53Tomb of Alawal Khan, BehlolpurRopar
S-PB-54Tomb of Hussain Khan (Father) BehlolpurRopar
S-PB-55Tomb of Nawab Bahadur Khan (Son) BehlolpurRopar
S-PB-56Bauli of vill. Majha MohewalRopar
S-PB-57Quila ManauliRopar
S-PB-58Diwan KhanaSangrur
S-PB-59Marble Baradari including TankSangrur
S-PB-60Samadh and Bauli, BagrianSangrur
S-PB-61Ancestral House of Shaheed Udham SinghSunam
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