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List of Monuments of State Importance in West Bengal, India

This is a list of State Protected Monuments as officially reported by the Archeological Survey of India in the Indian state West Bengal. 109 State Protected Monuments have been recognized by the ASI in West Bengal.

SL. No.DescriptionLocationDistrictImage
S-WB-1Temple of Nandkishore ar Halisahar24 Parganas
S-WB-2Surya temple at SonatapalBankura
S-WB-3Basuli temple /Archaeological site at AtbhaichandiBankura
S-WB-4Abandoned temple of Shyamchand at DharapatBankura
S-WB-5Jain temple of DeulbhirraBankura
S-WB-6Temple of Jhagraichandi at Uttarbadh - BoitalBankura
S-WB-7Temple of Lakshmi Janrdan at Uttarbadh - BoitalBankura
S-WB-8Temple of Shyamchand at Dakshinbadh - BoitalBankura
S-WB-9Abandoned temple at Radhakrishna at VikrampurBankura
S-WB-10Temple of Radha - Krishna at MuninagatBankura
S-WB-11Abandoned temple at shyamchand at Elyati (Belatukri)Bankura
S-WB-12Abandoned temle Gour Nitai at TejpalBankura
S-WB-13Abandoned temple of Yadav Rai at YadavnagarBankura
S-WB-14Temple of Hakanda at MaynapurBankura
S-WB-15Temple of Damodar at Kotulpur (Bazarpara)Bankura
S-WB-16Octagonal Siva temple at SupurBirbhum
S-WB-17Temple of Kali at ItandaBirbhum
S-WB-18Navaratna temple at BrahmandidhiBirbhum
S-WB-19Temple of Gouranga at IlambazarBirbhum
S-WB-20Motichur mosque at RjanagarBirbhum
S-WB-21Siva temple at RamnagarBirbhum
S-WB-22Temple of Dewanji and its contiguous shrines at HetampurBirbhum
S-WB-23Temple of Chandra Nath Siva at HetampurBirbhum
S-WB-24Siva temple at PanchraBirbhum
S-WB-25Siva temple at RasaBirbhum
S-WB-26Visnu temple at HatsarandiBirbhum
S-WB-27Siva temple adjacent to Kali templeBirbhum
S-WB-28Siva temple at GhurisaBirbhum
S-WB-29Malleswar Siva temple at MallarpurBirbhum
S-WB-30Kali temple at PatharkunchiBirbhum
S-WB-31Chand Roy temple at UchkaranBirbhum
S-WB-32Four Siva temples at UchkaranBirbhum
S-WB-33Bhandiswara Siva temple at BhandiswarBirbhum
S-WB-34Abandoned Gopal temple at AmdpurBurdwan
S-WB-35Majlish Saheb or Id-Baqrid mosque at Kalna townBurdwan
S-WB-36Panchratna brick temple at BaidyapurBurdwan
S-WB-37Radha Gobunda temple at JagadanandapurBurdwan
S-WB-38Three Siva temple at SribatiBurdwan
S-WB-39Badsahi or Hussain Shai mosque at NutanhatBurdwan
S-WB-40Siva temple at Honpas - KamarpuraBurdwan
S-WB-41Hussain Shah mosque at KulutiaBurdwan
S-WB-42Excavated monument at GoswamikhandaBurdwan
S-WB-43Bijoy - Toran at Burdwan townBurdwan
S-WB-44Temple of Kashinath Siva at AjhapurBurdwan
S-WB-45Temple of Madan Gopal at KulingramBurdwan
S-WB-46South Park street Cemetery in Park streetCalcutta
S-WB-47The tomb of Admiral Charles Watson, the Mausoleum of Job Charnak and The Tomb of Begun Johnson within the compound of St. John's ChurchCalcutta
S-WB-47-aThe tomb of Admiral Charles Watson within the compound of St. John's ChurchCalcutta
S-WB-47-bThe Mausoleum of Job Charnak within the compound of St. John's ChurchCalcutta
S-WB-47-cThe Tomb of Begun Johnson within the compound of St. John's ChurchCalcutta
S-WB-48Siddhanath Siva temple at DhauluabariCooch Behar
S-WB-49The temple of Kamteswari at GosnimariCooch Behar
S-WB-50The temple of baneswar Siva at BaneswarCooch Behar
S-WB-51Henry martin's Pagoda at SeramporeHooghly
S-WB-52Raj Rajeswar temple at DwarahattaHooghly
S-WB-53Chandi temple at DeulparaHooghly
S-WB-54Siva temple at BakharpurHooghly
S-WB-55Temple of Gour Chandra and Krishnachandra at ChatraHooghly
S-WB-56Jorbangla temple at ParulHooghly
S-WB-57Raghunandan temple at ParulHooghly
S-WB-58Jorbangla temple of Durga with Navaratna tower at Bally dewangunjHooghly
S-WB-59Mosque at Village bajuaHooghly
S-WB-60Radha Govinda temle at SatpurHooghly
S-WB-61Siva temple at HarirampurHooghly
S-WB-62Raj Rajeswar temple at KotalpurHooghly
S-WB-63Temple of Sri Sri Nandadulal Jew at GurapHooghly
S-WB-64The mast of a Portuguese ship at bandalHooghly
S-WB-65Kanakeswar Shiva temple, Byra KanpurHooghly
S-WB-66Temple of Dadhimadhab of the Roy family at AmraguriHowrah
S-WB-67Temple of Gopal Jew at MellockHowrah
S-WB-68Jatileswar Siva temple at PurabadhaJalpaiguri
S-WB-69Historical fort and prison on mountain cliff at BuxaJalpaiguri
S-WB-70Jami mosque in Old Malda municipalityMalda
S-WB-71Ruins of the fortified city of PanduaMalda
S-WB-72Ruins of Pathan palace at AdianMalda
S-WB-73Ancient ruins at Ratnagarh at WariMalda
S-WB-74Ancient ruin site at GagjibanpurMalda
S-WB-75Temple of Dakshinakali at MalanchaMidnapore
S-WB-76Jagannath temple at Dihi - BahiriMidnapore
S-WB-77Jorbangla temple at ChandrakonaMidnapore
S-WB-78Santinath Siva temple at ChandrakonaMidnapore
S-WB-79Temple of Raghunath at RadhanagarMidnapore
S-WB-80Temple of Radhagovinda and Radharaman Jew at GobindnagarMidnapore
S-WB-81Maharudra Siddhanath Jew temple at ReaparaMidnapore
S-WB-82Abandoned temple at Ramchandra purMidnapore
S-WB-83Abandoned temple at Raghunath at RandhnagarMidnapore
S-WB-84Templeof Gopinath at Khard RadhakantapurMidnapore
S-WB-85Jorsiva temple at RajangarMidnapore
S-WB-86Temple of Gopinath at DaspurMidnapore
S-WB-87Temple of Dandeswar at KarnagarhMidnapore
S-WB-88Temple of Mahamaya at KarnagarhMidnapore
S-WB-89Tomb of Nawab Sharfaraz Khan at NaginabaghMurshidabad
S-WB-90Temple of Gangeswar Siva at BaranagarMurshidabad
S-WB-91Siva temple at YugwaraMurshidabad
S-WB-92Ravratna temple at SibarambatiMurshidabad
S-WB-93Ratneshwar Siva temple at BilbariMurshidabad
S-WB-94The house, temples and ruins associated with memory of Jagat Sett's house at MahimapurMurshidabad
S-WB-95Temple of Raghabeswar Siva at DignagarNadia
S-WB-96Temple of Shyamchand at Santipur townNadia
S-WB-97Durga temple at ParaPurulia
S-WB-98Mound at HaraktorePurulia
S-WB-99Radha Gibinda temple at CheliyamaPurulia
S-WB-100Siva temple at KrosjuriPurulia
S-WB-101Jain temple in and around PakbirraPurulia
S-WB-102Basudeb temple in ruins at ArshaPurulia
S-WB-103Jain and other images in stone at SuisaPurulia
S-WB-104Rashmandir at BegunkodarPurulia
S-WB-105Temple of Bhairab at BindoleUttar Dinajpur
S-WB-106Ruins of Fort Ekdala at BahirhattaUttar Dinajpur
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