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Malliyoor Mahaganapathy Temple (മള്ളിയൂര്‍ മഹാഗണപതി കൊവേല്‍) Malliyoor, Kottayam

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Malliyoor Mahaganapathy Temple

Location : Malliyoor, Kottayam

About The Temple :

Malliyoor Mahaganapathy Temple northwest of Ettumanoor and South east of Kaduthuruthy, south of Muttuchira junction. good camping site for sabarimala pilgrims.

The Malliyoor Maha Ganapathi temple is situated in Kuruppanthara in Manjoor Panchayat of Kottayam District. It is a very ancient temple. Before the rule of the ‘Perumals’ . this temple existed, this fact is recorded in the temple documents. Those who perform the pooja of this temple belong to the Manayathatillam. Only a member of Malliyoor mom can become the ‘Melshanti’ . The present ‘Melshanti’ is Parameswaran Namboodiri. Mahaganapathi is the deity of this temple. There are also ‘Upadevatas’ like shastha, Bhagawathi, ‘Sarpa’ vu~uuuuuu., .
. Devatas’ Anthi Mahakalan and
~ Yakshi. In this temple where the
v presence of Vishnu is felt, Tues~ days, Thursdays, Fridays and SunV days are important and auspicious
days. Brahmasree Malliyoor Shankaran Namboodiri who has completed more than 2,500 “Bhagawatha Saptaham” and is known as “Bhagawatha Hamsam” is the chief attraction of the temple – Diwakaran Namboodiri is the

Important Offerings: 1. The ‘Palpayasam’ offering is for the welfare of the children and for those who do not have children and this offering is made to Vishnu Bhagawan 2. Garland made of bananas – This offering is made for getting good marriage proposals, it is performed of Tuesdays and Fridays 3. For the prosperity of the i family ‘Abhishekam’ of thousand pots 4. ‘Mukkutti’ Pushpanjaliis I performed for the achievement of one’s desires. 5. ‘Thadi Nivedyam’ is for the curing of diseases.

Malliyoor Mahaganapathy Temple, Manjoor P.O. Kuruppanthara, Kottayam Dist. Ph : 04829 243455

Ph. 04829 243455

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