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Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple (മന്നരസ്ല നാഗരാജ കൊവേല്‍) Mannarasala

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Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple

Location : Mannarasala

About The Temple :

Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple 1 1/2 km north of Haripad Subramanya Temple, Aayilyam in Kanni and Thulam Oct – Nov, are the main festivals and lakhs of devotees gather there.

The main offering ” Noorum Palum” ( a combination of Turmeric powder, rice powder and mixed with cows milk) is the naivedya for the serpant god. Uruli is the vessel made up of bell metal and it is dedicated in front of the Sreekovil upside down is considered very auspicious, especially the childless couples, who believe they will be blessed with children

It is one of the famous snake adoring temples in Kerala, and is situated in Mannarasala near Haripad, at Alappuzha district.

The presiding deities are Vasuki and Nagayakshi (As per Mayashilpa, it is said that Vasuki stands first among nagams. Vasuki is white as a pearl (2) Thakshagan is red (3) Karkodagan is black (4) Pad man is red as a lotus (5) Mahapadman is white (6) Sangapalan is yellow (7) Kulika is red, and all ofthem have two tongues).

The idols faces east, and has a height of five feet including the table. Pooja is performed once in a day, and in special days the mother of the Mannarashala Illam performs the poojas and in ordinary days other members of the family performs it. Sub-deities are Sastha, Bhadrakali, Sivan, Ganapathi and Durga. The festival is celebrated on the Ayiliam star day of the Malayalam months of Kanni, Thulam and Kumbham. Those who have been bitten by snakes and inflicted by poison, when they consume the sacred food of this temple consisting of milk and plantain they will vomit the poison that is present in their body. That is the speciality of this temple.

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