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N.S. Chidambaram (என்.எஸ். சிதம்பரம்)

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N.S. Chidambaram

A Tamil composer. Other popular songs include koovi azhaittaal, angayarkkanni Anjali, Inthidum kaniye, Manigalum olittana, Muralidara, Navagraha Nallanjali, Kandu Nee Solla, yaaraadinaar, and Muruga Nee Varavendum. He also composed varnams such as Amma jnanam alikkum surya (a daru varnam). His mile long kriti Needan thunai Neelambari is a Ragamalika with eight ragas. He composed both traditional Carnatic songs and many songs used in films.

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2 Responses to N.S. Chidambaram (என்.எஸ். சிதம்பரம்)

  1. Lakshman December 16, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

    Dear Friend: I am interested in S.Chidambarm’s songs. Do you happen to have any books by him? Thanks for a response.

  2. v.gayathiri August 31, 2016 at 6:59 am #

    sir good evening. sir can u send me the notation of daru varnam of sri.chidambaramji. i want to try in veena. it will be much helpful for me. Am also interested in his songs. if i get any books i will send sure.

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