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N. S. Ramachandran (ந். ஸ். றமசன்ட்ரன்)

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N.S. Raamacandran – He is a renowned veena artists who hails from a village called Nemam in Tanjavur district and traced his lineage through his father Nemam Nataraja Bhagavatar, honored by Krishnaraja Wodeyar, and his grandfather Sri Nemam Subramanya Iyer, who was a renowned disciple of Tyagaraja. In addition to his talents as a musician and composer, he was a scholar. At 31, he wrote the book “Ragas of Carnatic music.” He not only performed several concerts on the radio but also served as the Station Director of All India Radio (AIR) in both India and Ceylon, and then became the Chief Producer of Carnatic music in the Directorate General of All India Radio, New Delhi. He directed musical dramas that became widely popular. Later, he was appointed as the Dean of the faculty of music in Delhi University. Affectionately called ganalola (lover of music), he composed over 200 songs in Tamil, Telugu, and Sanskrit. They are now available in a volume called Sangeeta Pushpanjali. His awards include Kalaimamani in 1971. He married Rukmani Ammal, who sang for his veena performances. His children R. Natarajan and Lakshmi Balasubramaniam, along with their descendants, continue his tradition of scholarship and music.

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