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Nana Patekar

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Name: Nana Patekar
Address: 304 Sheetal, Apna Ghar Society, Samarth Nagar, Andheri, Mumbai 400 058
Date of Birth:

1 January, 1951
Debut Film: Aaj Ki Awaaz

An actor with a difference. Versatility is second nature to this talented multi-faceted actor. Making his debut with Aaj Ki Awaaz he went on to Ankush which catapulted him to fame.

‘Ankush’ (1985): N Chandra’s directorial debut was Nana Patekar’s first major Hindi film. A product of Marathi theatre and an actor with a fiery personality, Nana was perfectly cast in the role of a disgruntled, unemployed youth who, along with his gang of friends, takes the law in his hands at will, till a new tenant in the neighbourhood (Nisha Singh) reforms them.
Parinda’ (1989): So chilling was Nana’s portrayal of Anna, the unscrupulous underworld don, his mother apparently begged him to stop playing such vicious characters.
Prahar’ (1991): A film that had ‘Nana’ written all over it. The star-cum-writer-cum-director actually underwent Commando training to prepare for the part of Major Chouhan who browbeats young cadets through a rigorous training regimen to make them tough officers. But when he’s forced to fight a different enemy in the big city, he finds himself constantly at loggerheads with the system. Nana’s vision brought forth the moral corruption of urban India, the failure of the law-enforcing bodies and the utter helplessness of common folk who are unable to fight a rotten system.

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