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Paapanaasa Mudaliaar

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Paapavinaasa Mudaliyaar – He lived during the first half of the 18th century, though few other details of his life are known. However, from his kritis, we find that he lived most of his life in Kumbakonam and Tiruvarur, and that he had a deep knowledge of both music and dance. He used the manipravalam style as well. According to Subbarama Dikshitar, author of Sangeeta Sampradaya Pradarsini, Papavinasa Mudaliar was patronised by the king Tulaja II. Most of his kritis are in intricate talas, and he was very fond of praising Gods in the guise of “Nindastuti”. Among his compositions is the opera, “Kumbhesar Kuravanji” in praise of the Lord in Kumbakonam.

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