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Rajababu ( Telugu: పుణ్యమూర్తుల అప్పలరాజు )


Raja Babu (Telugu: పుణ్యమూర్తుల అప్పలరాజు) (born Punyamurthula Appalaraju) (20th October 1937 – 7th February 1983) was an Indian actor and producer in Telugu cinema. He is one of the most successful comedy actor’s of Tollywood.

Early Life:

Raja babu was born to Ramanamma (mother) and Punyamurthula Umamaheswara Rao (father) on 20th October 1937 in East Godavari Dist, Andhra Pradesh. He was named Appala Raja at birth and Raja Babu is his theatrical name.  He has two brother’s Chitti Babu Punyamurthula and Ananth Punyamurthula, who are noted film comedians and television artists. After completing finishing his Intermediate course, Raja babu took his Teacher Training and used to work as a telugu teacher. Besides his teaching profession, he used to play dramas like Kukka Pilla Dorikindi, Naalugilla Chaavadi and Alluri Sitarama Raju notedly at local theaters.

Film Career:

Garikapati Raja Rao invited Babu after seeing his acting skills in dramas. Rajababu reached Madras in 1960 . Film Director Addala Narayana Rao gave him a chance to act in his film Samajam in 1960. Raja babu acted as hero in Tata Manavadu, Pichodi Pelli, Thirupathi, Evariki Vare Yamuna Teere, Manishi Rodduna Paddadu ,Leela Rani, Prasanna Rani, Gitanjali. He portrayed the lead role of Giri, grandson (Manavadu) in the film Tata Manavadu directed by Dasari Narayana Rao . The cast included S. V. Ranga Rao and Anjali Devi. He produced a few films under Bob and Bob Productions, including Evariki Vaare Yamuna Teere and Manishi Rodduna Paddadu.

Personal Life:


Rajababu Punyamurthula

Rajababu Punyamurthula

Raja Babu married Lakshmi Ammalu in 1965 and they have two children Nagendra Babu and Mahesh Babu.  On 7th February 1983, Rajababu died due to hart attack in Srinagar colony, Hyderabad.

Awards :

1.The year 1970 was another milestone in this veteran’s life, Rajababu was felicitated with the title of ‘Hasya Chakravarti’ and then ‘The Comedian of the Century’

2.Raja babu got Sixteen Film fare awards for Best actor in comedian roles.

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