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Rani Mukherjee

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Name: Rani Mukherjee
Address: B/405, Shakti Apartments,Kalyan Complex, Yari Road, Versova,Mumbai 400 061
Date of Birth: 21 March ’78

The most beautiful of the newcomers of the Bollywood and the one who’s having a rapid growth towards her career and maturity both as a glamour queen and a performing actress

Being a cousin of the most successful actress Kajol, it’s obvious that Rani too has got it through her genetic influences to enact the roles she’s given.
Rani was proud to be associated with actor-director Kamal Haasan and was thrilled to have his film ‘Hey Ram’ in her lap. But the film did not propel her career to the extent she had expected. The relationship of Rani with Govinda had become quiet a hot topic of discussion amongst colleagues and the press.
Sathiya was a big hit for her with Vivek Oberio. Yuva starring Abhishek bachchan also went off well. Hum Tum with Saif was a hit movie.

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