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Sadashiva Brahmendra

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Sadashiva Brahmendra

Birth & Childhood
Sri Sadashivabrahmendra was bron in Srivathsa gothra in Madurai at Tamilnadu. Sri Somanath Avadani & Srimati Parvati devi were the parents of sadashivabrahmendra. They were soft natured, orthodox & truthful peoples. Somanath Avadani came to Madurai in the year 1650 from Andhra. He was famous as “Moksha inti Somanath Avadani”. He had the habit of doing Kundalini yoga. Before they gave birth to a child, Somanath Avadani had advised his wife to do Rama Japa (repeating the name of Rama in to crores) for purification of mind & also the born child would get the grace of Rama. Accordingly she had performed the japa & her mind had dissolved in Rama & also they had visited few pilgrimages like Rameshwara & etc. when they were in Rameshwara they had the view of Parameshwara blessing them to give birth to a great child who will be the savior of the world. As the bless, she gave birth to an intelligent boy. Due to the child was born as the bless of Shiva & by the grace of Rama, & also they were being the devotee of Lord Krishna they named the child as “ShivaRamaKrishna”. On his love, they were calling him as Pichhukuppan. ShivaRamaKrishna had upanayanam in his small age only. They joined him to vedic school in Madhurai & After roll of few years, Somanath Avadani decided to continue his life in spiritual way hence the responsibility of the family fell on the shoulders of Parvati devi. ShivaRamaKrishna married in small age only & after the marriage also he continued his vedic education under the pandit SreeRama Bhadra Dixit in Tiruvisanallur(The books Janki parinayam,Pantanjali Charitre,Ramastavakarnarasayana were written by SreeRama Bhadra Dixit ). Sridhar venkatesh (He was famous as Iyyaval. He was working under the Mysore king), Mahabhasya Gopalakrishna shastri (He was also known as Bikshandar Gopalakrishna shastri. He wrote mahabhasyas to Patanjali’s vyakarna. Hence he got the name Mahabhasya Gopalakrishna shastri) & Sri Bhodendra (He introduced new concept in Bhajanas. & Now also it is famous as Bhodendra bhajans) were the Vedic classmates of ShivaRamaKrishna.

One day a traditional function was arranged in ShivaRamaKrishna’s house in Madurai, so he went to his house from Tiruvisanallur. That day he had tired & hungry, so he asked his mother to give lunch. But she refused his request & told that he could have the lunch only after the relative’s lunch. So he thought that his family & relatives were the reason him to suffered from hungry. And further, he thought that, in future any big problems may be come in married life & after children’s. This made him to thought philosophically as fallow: – “Desire & attachment to the impermanent things is the main reason to misery, trouble, & destruction & to rebirth. Japa & Thapas (long time meditation) are the good way to get realize from these problems”. Hence without informing anybody he left the house. After few days, while he came to SreeRamabhadra dixit’s house to enquire about Sanyasa, his relatives tried to convince him as to continue in married life. But he dint agree & he requested them. Then SreeRamabhadra dixit took him near famous pontiff Sri Sri Paramashivendra (The books Dharavidya Prakasha,shivageeta Vyakya were written by SreeRama Bhadra Dixit ). By seeing his viveka (knowledge) & viragya (detachment) Sri Paramashivendra became very happy & accepted him as student (shishya) & gave sanyasa (pontiff) & named as Sri Sri SadaShivendra Saraswati.
Sri SadaShivendra Saraswati was a great devotee of Rama & Krishna. Reading, worshiping & giving discourse about Ramayana,Mahabharata,Bhagavata,Vedas Were the daily routine of him. He had good voice & habit of writing spiritual books & sinning devotional poems. He wrote “Navamanimala & Dakshinamurthy Dhyanam” which explains about his guru Paramashivendra’s grace. From his literatures like “Gayati vanamaali, Kelati mama hrudaye, etc”, it comes to know that he had the view of Lord Rama & Krishna. From his extraordinary intellect & Vedic knowledge he won the opposite participators in debate. Paramashivendra saw this & thought these type victory may cause ego. So Paramashivendra told him to maintain silence. SadaShivendra Saraswati happily agreed his Gurus order & maintained silence throughout his life. This silence helped him to attained Samadhi (Samadhi means minds merged in Brahman). One day his friend Iyyaval requested him to sing devotional songs. Iyyaval told it would help to his followers & singing devotional songs would not affect to his silence. Considering his care & request, he started to sing “Bruhi Mukundeti Rasane”. One day Iyyaval served food to a low cast people. Hence some priest dint come to do his father ceremony. They told Iyyaval to bath & come in Ganga river. In that time it was impossible. This incident made Iyyaval as to fell in their house. There was well in Iyyavals house. By the grace of god & SadaShivendra Saraswati that well filled by Ganga water & started to in flow throughout the village & made Iyyaval as wet. SadaShivendra Saraswati saw this incident & became happy & wrote the song “Jaya Thunaga tharange Gange”.
SadaShivendra Saraswati started to meditate (thapas) in forest & in bank of rivers & he left his dress & food. He eats the food, only which he got accidentally. [Sri SadaShivendra Sthava-14] He spent his more time in meditation only. His mind merged in Brahman & realized from the bondage of samsara (birth & death). He reached the stage of Jeevan muktha. He never cared for physical necessity. He used his hand as pillow & sand as bed to sleep. His face was glowing with inner shine (Thejas). One of the Paramashivendra students saw SadaShivendra Saraswati & told Paramashivendra that SadaShivendra Saraswati was living as mad. Paramashivendra heard the nature & qualities of SadaShivendra Saraswati & they became very happy & replied that SadaShivendra Saraswati reached the goal of life & he was an avadhootha. His nature was clearly indicating that he was a Brahman. So he got the name SadaShivaBrahmendra.
One day, while Iyyaval was going to Shiva’s temple in Tiruvisanallur. He saw some body was dancing & singing in sweet voice near a flower pandal. Iyyaval became very happy while Iyyaval came near that person. Because that person was SadaShivaBrahmendra singing the song “I also Brahman, U also Brahman, This is also Brahman, That is also Brahman, All are Brahman All are Brhman” That is
“Sarvam Brahma mayam re re
Sarvam Brahma mayam

Kim vachaneyam Kima avachaneyam
Kim rachneyam kim arachneyam

Kim paTaneyam kim apaTaniyam
Kim bhajaneyam kim abhajaneyam

Kim boddhavyam kim aboddhavyam
Kim bhoktavyam kim abhoktavyam

Sarvathra sada hamsa dhyanam
Kartavyam bho muktinidanam

Sarvam Brahma mayam re re
Sarvam Brahma mayam “

Miracles & Historical Evidence of Sri SadaShivaBrahmendra
At Shivarathri, (when he was in sanyasa ashrama) while he was worshiping Lord Shiva (Linga), he attained Samadhi (mind dissolved in god). Then the flowers used to be showered from the heavens, when the Archana Mantras (Names of Shiva) were spelt by him. [Sri SadaShivendra Sthava-19]

One day, while SadaShivaBrahmendra was doing meditation (thapas) on the bank of river Kaveri near the village Kodumudi. Due to heavy rain fall, Kaveri increased & started to flow in village as flood. It covered SadaShivaBrahmendra. But he was in Samadhi, he had merged the visible universe in the Brahman & he was in the state of pure consciousness.
After roll few months, the water evaporated only leaving the sand. While a worker was digging the sand, he saw that his spade marked with blood & he felt somebody was inside the sand. So he removed the sand carefully & saw SadaShiva Brahmendra was doing meditation (thapas). Then SadaShiva Brahmendra got up from meditation & went with smiling face.

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  1. arunkumar March 3, 2015 at 7:38 am #

    Matallo cheppa leni athmanandam kaligindi

  2. R Nanjappa July 14, 2017 at 7:18 am #

    It is nice to have the biography of the Saint-Sage Sri Sadashiva Brahmendral. But the version given here requires many corrections.

    This song “Bruhi Mukendeti ” has a wonderful history. During his student days, Ramakrishna was in the habit of commenting on everything spoken by others, even elders, and arguing , using his knowledge of logic. One day his Guru chided him: Won’t you ever keep quiet ? That day he decided to observe mauna and took up deep sadhana . He emerged as a Brahmajnani and Paramahamsa., almost always remaining in a state of exalted consciousness, hardly aware of even his body. Years later,one day he happened to meet Ayyaval who had been co-student with his Guru. Ayyaval was also a deep Bhakta. But Brahmendara did not break his silence. Ayyaval then chided him: Won’t you open your mouth even to talk of God? It was then that Sadashiva Brahmendral broke his silence with this wonderful kriti ” Bruhi Mukundeti.”

    Thank you for providing so may versions and the lyrics inDevanagari . However, I feel no one has done real justice to this gem of a kriti so far. Even in concerts they treat it like a ‘tukda’.

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