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Sampathsu Mahthaam Chiththam (సంపత్సు మహ్తాం చిత్తం)

Composer: Bhartruhari a King of Ujjain, Bhartruhari was the elder step brother of his more renowned sibling, Vikramaditya. His life presents to us a living account of a person’s transformation from a pleasure-loving emperor who had everything at his disposal to a sage who gave us the immortal Shataka trilogy. Bhartruhari was fiercely enamoured of his newly-wedded wife Pingala, a fact which caused Vikramaditya considerable anguish for the elder brother neglected his kingly duties preferring to spend his life in her arms. Pingala on her part conspired and had Vikramaditya thrown out of Ujjain. More...

Poem Abstract:

The behaviour of a virtuous man at the time of prosperity and poverty…… | సంపదలు కలిగిన వేళలలోను; ఆపదలు ఎదురైన సందర్భాలలోను సజ్జనుల మనస్సు రీతులను కవి ఈ ప్రకారం వక్కాణిస్త





Awaiting for Contribution

Awaiting for Contribution

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సంపత్సు మహ్తాం చిత్తం భవేదుత్పలకోమలమ్ |
ఆపత్సు చ మహాశైలశిలాసఙ్ఘాతకర్కశమ్ ||
సంపద కలిగితే, మహాత్ముల చిత్తవృత్తి కలువకుంటే కోమలంగా ఉంటుంది. ఆపదలు ఎదురైతే ఒక కొండమీద నిశ్చలంగా నిలబడే రాతి గుండులా చెక్కుచెదరక నిలుస్తుంది. సంపదలొచ్చినా – ఆపదలొచ్చినా గర్వంతో విర్రవీగడమో, స్థిరంతప్పిచరించడమో జరిగి ఉత్తములైన వారి చిత్తము కలవరపాటుకు గురికాదని భావం.

Sampathsu Mahthaam Chiththam Bhavedhuthpalakomalam |
Aapathsu Cha Mahaashailashilaasagghaathakarkasham ||
The heart of a good man is as soft of a lotus petal when he attains prosperity. At times of adversity and poverty, it is as hard as a rock on a mountain. Their heart is balanced and neither carries pride nor fear in any situation.

sampathsu mahthaam chiththam bhavedhuthpalakomalam |
aapathsu cha mahaashailashilaasagghaathakarkasham ||

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