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Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple (శ్రీ ఆంజనేయ స్వామి దేవాలయం) Beechpally, Itikyal

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Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Beechpally (V), Itikyal (M)

1) Importance of the Destinations

Sri AnjaneyaSwamy Temple

Beechupalli Hanuman temple is located in Itikyala Mandal of Alampur Taluq in Mahabub Nagar District at the Confluence of Tungabhadra River with Krishna River. This temple is very famous and situated about one kilometer from Kondapet village on the banks of the KrishnaRiver. Beechupalli is also located about 10 Miles from Itikyala, Puduru and Gadwal Railway stations and in the olden days pilgrims used to come to this place on Bullock carts from the above places. This temple is very close to the bridge across the KrishnaRiver in between Hyderabad and Bangalore on National Highway 7. We don’t have any historical evidence about the existence of name of Beechupalli in the old inscriptions, but we can find the names of Beechamma, Beechanna and Beechupallayya in the names of the local people in all communities.

Beechupalli Hanuman is the family deity for the people of Kurnool, Raichur, Mahabub Nagar and also for the people of far of places. There is a ruined hill fort of medieval time period is located at about one Kilometer in the middle of the KrishnaRiver which is known as Nizam Konda or Hill. It is believed that it was built by Gadwal Kings and it’s an impregnable fort. This temple was patronized by Gadwal Kings till its fall after independence which is under ruins now and their family members are still conducting chariot festival of the temple every year.

As per the available inscriptions in the areas of Krishna and Thungabhadra, this place has great historical importance during the time of Mouryas, Satavahanas, Ikshvakus, Chalukyas of Badami, Rastrakutas, Kalyani Chalukyas, Kakatiyas, Vijayanagar Kings and Sultans and witnessed blood shed wars in the history among different dynasties. An inscription in the premises of the temple is attracting the scholars and historians to reconstruct the history and this inscription was mentioned in 1914 A.D by Sri Manapalli Ramakrishna Kavi at the time of announcing about “Kumara Sambhava” of Nanne Choda.

The idol of Hanuman might have been installed by Sri Vyasa Raya who was guru of Sri Krishna Devaraya lived in between 1457 – 1539 A.D. This temple was built with spacious Mandapam in the sanctum sanctorum by Gadwal Kings around 200 years ago and it is facing south and Hanuman idol is facing East.

History of the place:

Beechupalli Hanuman temple is famous for miracles of the god and people perform tonsuring of head for the children and adults and perform marriages etc in the temple premises. Pilgrims pray the god for fulfillment of their wishes and they offer many things to god after fulfillment of their wishes. As per the belief of the pilgrims, this god cures the diseases if they make pradakshinas or circumambulatory. Earlier, local Valmiki Tribes Community (hunters) people used to work as priests in the temple as per a story but after the advent of Gadwal Kings, they appointed Madwa Brahmins as priests by giving donations to them. Madhwa Brahmins and Valmiki tribes (local) are working as priests till today.

There is a Kamili tree in the premises of the temple, which is located on the top of a termite hill. It is always with buds, flowers and fruits and having platform around it. This plat form believed to be a graveyard of somebody, which is not known. This graveyard is very important as per the local story and at the time of Chariot Festival pilgrims pull the chariot up to this termite hill and Kamili tree.

Pilgrims come to this temple not only from Gadwal, Wanaparthi, Mahabubnagar areas but also from Kurnool, Ulindakonda, Adoni, Raichur, Hubli, Dharwad, which are in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Beechupalli hanuman is the family deity to the most of the people in this area. Pilgrims believe that this god give complete health if they worship for at least 15 days after they have their holy dip in the Krishna River.

2) National Importance

The destination has very good national importance. The flow of tourists is very high from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, UP and other State. The tourists, who visit Tirupati flow from Hyderabad have pass on through this national highway as this destination is located beside NH-7 and visit this temple frequently.Hare Rama Hare Krishna Group from America also visits this temple.

3) Location and Reach


The pilgrims, who visit Tirupati from Hyderabad through NH-7 can visit the temple as the temple is located beside the NH-7. The distance from destination to Kurnool is located at 46 km. The distance from Mahabubnagar to this destination via Bhoothpur, Kothakota is about 80 km. Pebber is 10 km, which is beside NH-7; Kothakota is 30 km and Hyderabad is about 160 km.


The Railway Station is at Gadwal, which is about 18 km and the nearest Railway Station is at Ittikal, which is about 10 km away.

The nearest Airport located at Shamshabad (Hyderabad), which is about 150 km from the destination.

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