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Srimad Valmiki Ramayana – Glossary

Aanalaa(1) 1. Analaa Is the name of the daughter of Daksha and the wife of Kasyapa. (3.14. 11). Trees and creepers  owe their origin to Anala (3.14. 31).
Aanalaa(2)Is the name of a monsteress who was the daughter of Malyavan and Sundri (7.5. 36-37)She was the wife of Vishvavasu and the mother of Kumbheenasi.(7.61. 17).
AAbheera  Is the name of a forest race of robbers who inhabited the region of lake Drumakulya , situated on the seashore (6.22.32 ),. and made it impure. Their appearance and deeds were dreadful (6.22. 33). Rama destroyed the robbers and purified the waters of the lake..
AAbhishekaReligious rite of pouring or sprinkling sacred waters on the head of one who is installed as King anointing, inaugurating or consecrating, ceremonial  bathing, etc
AAbravanteeIs the name of a city in the south zone where Angada had  sent by Sugreeva in search of Sita.(4.41.10 ).
AAchamana  A purificatory rite done before religious ceremonies ,etc. It involves sipping of water taken into the palms of the hands and poured over the head. It also includes touching various parts of the body.  "First drink water three times accompanied by incantations and then with water wipe your face twice and your eyes, ears , nose , shoulders , breast and head once.This act is called Achamana.(Manusmrti)"
AAcharya  A Spiritual Teacher or Guide especially who invests the student with the sacred thread and imparts the knowledge of Vedas and all practices relating to the religion.
AAdharmaADHARMA    unrighteous action, opposite of Dharma, injustice, irreligious
AAditiIs the mother of Indra, (1.18. 11). Narrating the  history of Siddhashrama, Sage Viswamitra related to Rama that  Sage Kasyapa came to the Ashram  with his wife,  after completing the austerities for thousand years. (1.19. 10-11). Lord Vishnu was born from the womb of Aditi and had gone to King Bali, son of Virochana in the form of Vamana, other wise known as Upendra, (1.29. 19) to obstruct the sacrifice. . She prayed for the well being of Indra while fighting the asuras (2.25. 34). She is the daughter of Daksha Prajapati and married  Kasyapa, grand son of Brahma and son of Marichi (3.14. 11). With the grace of her husband, she could become the mother of 33 Vedic gods. (3.14. 13-14). Her sister Diti was  also married to  Kasyapa (7.11. 15).
AAditya_ganaThe twelve sons born to the sage Kasyapa of his wife Aditi and  are included among  the 33 Vedic gods.(3.14. 14). Of these eldest is Indra and the yougest is Vamana.At the request of Indra, these gods were also ready to fight against Ravana. (7.27. 4-5) and they came out of Amaravati to wage war against Ravana. (7.27. 2). (7.28. 27).
AAditya_hridayaAditya Hridaya aditya hridaya "The Heart of the Sun', a designation of a Vedic Hymn which has the power to destroy all enemies.Sage Agastya taught to Rama in the battle field to enable him to kill Ravana(6.107.0).
AAgastyaA great Rishi and the reputed author of several hymns in the Rig-Veda. He performed wonderful deeds by the merits of his penance. He lived in Dandakaranya along with his brothers (1.1.42). He entertained Rama, Sita and Lakshmana in his hermitage, during their exile. Rama obtained many divine weapons (1.1.43) from him. Agastya killed Sunda, husband of Tataka. After the death of Sunda, Tataka and Maricha attacked Agastya but Agastya made both of them Rakshasas.  He accompanied Rama and his followers on his return journey to Ayodhya from Lanka with Sita after killing Ravana. (1.1.43, 1.25.10-13, 3.11.53-54-61-67-73-76)
AAgneyaThe South-eastern Quarter of which (Fire-God) Agni is the Regent
AAgneyastra  The weapon  presided over by (Fire-God) Agni.
AAgnihotra  The Fire Sacrifice wherein  oblations are offered to Agni.
AAhalyawas a  Princess of the Puru dynasty, wife of the sage Gautama and mother of Satananda. Gautama performed penance for several years in the vicinity of Mithila  with his wife Ahalya. (1.48. 16). Indra, in the disguise of Gautama destroyed her chastity (1.48.17-19). Gautama having come to know of it cursed the wife to turn into a stone.
AAhsokaA minister of King Dasaratha (2.70.2-5),Dasaratha had eight ministers Jayanta, Dhristi,Vijaya,Asiddhartha, Arthasadhaka, Asoka, Mantrapala and Sumantra
AAhsoka_vanaThe  garden of pleasure of  Ravana where Sita was kept in captivity(3.56.32)This garden was full of Kalpavrikshas fulfilling all kinds of desires .
AAilodhanaThe name of a place where Bharata had crossed the river while returning from Kekaya Kingdom.
AAiravatawas the son of Iravati, daughter of Bhadramati who was wife of Kasyapa.Airavata was not human in shape; he was a large elephant. Indra took Airavata as his conveyance. (3.14.0) There is belief that Airavata is one of the eight elephants guarding one of the eight zones of the universe, the eastern zone.
AAjaIs the name of the son of Nabhaga and father of Dasaratha (1.70, 43).
AAkampanA mighty warrior among demons.He had  informed Ravana about the destruction of his three allies Khara, Dusana and Trisira and other monsters in Janasthana. He narrated the physical prowess and bravery of Rama. In the end he advised Ravana to abduct Sita, being the only way left to kill Rama. (3.31. 3.9, 12.14, 21.22) Akampan is well-versed in weaponry and likes wars.(6.55.12) He was ultimately slain by Hanuman
AAkopa  Is the name of a minister of the king Dasaratha. (1.7, 3).
AAkshakumara  He was one of three sons of Ravana born to Mandodari.He was a hero and a fierce warrior..At the instance of Ravana , he fought with Hanuman and was given a big blow by Hanuman .(1-1, 75) and  killed by Hanuman (5.47, 1-36)
AAkshauhini  An army consisting of large number of cavalry,infantry,chariots and elephants
AAlakshitaIs the name of a forest in the west, where Sushen etc was sent by Sugreeva in search of Rama. (4.42. 14)
AAlambusha  Is the name of wife of Ikshwaku and the mother of Vishala. (1.47. 11-12). Bharadwaja  asked  her help to greet the army of Bharata (2.91. 17). Ordered by Bharadwaja she gave performance dance before Bharata (2.91. 47)
AAlarkaIs the name of a king mentioned by Kaikayi who had donated his eyes to a brahmin in order to fulfil his promise (2.12. 43)
AAmaravati  Is the name of the abode of Indra. (3.48. 10)
AAmbarisha  Is the name of a  king of Ayodhya. His performance of the  sacrifice was obstructed because of abducion of sacrificial horse by Indra (1-61.. 5-6,9-10,16-23)
AAmritamThe Nectar of Immortality produced by churning the Ocean of milk
AAmurta_rajasaIs the name of a king ,son of Kusa and Vaidarbhee (1.32, 13). He was righteous, truthful and wise He had constructed  citynamed Dharmanya as per the advice of his father. (1.32, 3-7).
AAnaKasyapa married the daughters of Dakshaprajapti and of these Krodhavasa gave birth to ten girls including one named Matangi.Elephants were born as the sons of Matangi (3.14.0).
AAnalaIs the name of a monster and attendant of Vibheeshana who had gone to Lanka in the guise of a bird along with other Raakshsas to find out the strength of Ravana and the the defence management  (6.37. 7). Son of Malee and Vasuda (7.5. 42-44)
AAnangaIs the name of the son of (Fire-God) Agni and the Chief of monkeys, who was sent by Sugreeva to the south in search of Sita (4.41. 4).
AAnantadevaIs the name of a saint who resided  on the Jatarupasheel mountain. (4.40. 48.50). His had the emblem of Tada used to feather on this mountain which had three peaks. (4.40. 51)
AAnaranyaIs the name of a king of  Ikshwaku dynasty,  the son of Bana and the father of Prathu(1-70. 23). In days of yore had said while cursing Ravana that in the Ikshwaku dynasty alone a super man would take birth and kill Ravana.
AAnasuyaIs the name of the wife of sage Atri (2.117. 7) Atri introducing Anasuya to Rama said that once upon a time where there was no rain for ten years and famine stalked the world. Anasya with her violent penance made trees  bear fruits and the holy river Mandakini flow.  She converted ten days into nights on the request of Devatas. Atri asked his most fortunate, ascetic and religious minded wife to take Sita along with her.Anasuya gave Sita  advised  Sita saying  absolute service to husband is the greatest penance ordained to women. She gave  Sita a very sacred garland and sublime gem. She represents the highest type of chastity and wifely devotion.
AAnatahpuraInner apartments of a palace set apart for women
AAndhakaIs the name of a demon who was killed by Rudra in Shvetaranya(3.30, 27, 6-43, 6).
AAndhra  The name of region in south zone where Angada was sent in search of Sita by Sugriva(4.41.127)
AAnga  It is the name of a country which was ruled by Romapada (1.9. 8).At one time,it  was caught by severe draught (1.9. 9).Kandarpa  abandoned his body at this place , burnt by  with the anger of Mahadeva .Hence it is known as 'Anga'. (1.23. 10-14)
AAngadaIt is the name of a son of Vali (son of Indra) and Tara. He was a member of the groups of monkeys sent by Sugriva to find out Sita . He was as messenger of Rama to  Ravana .In the battle between Rama and Ravana Angada combated with Indrajit and also  led an attack on the army of Ravana.  Rama anointed Angada as heir-apparent to the Kingdom of Kishkindha. The necklace   given by Vali to Sugriva was returned to Angada.
AAngada1 Angada Is the name of son of Lakshman He was made king of Karupath (7.102. 5-7,11-13).
AAngarakaIs the name of a monstress living in the southern sea, who used to pull the living beings by catching the shade of the living beings. (4.41, 26).
AAngatepaIs the name of a city situated in the west , where Sushena was sent by Sugreeva in search of Sita. (4.42, 14}
AAngdeeyaIs the name of the capital of Karupath Pradesh which was ruled by the Angada, son of Lakshmana. This was built by Rama for Angada. (7.102, 8-13).
AAngeerasaHe is a hermit born from the mind of Brahma after Pulastya (3.14, 8). His discendents had cursed Hanuman for having  disturbed their ashram (7.36, 32-34).The king Nimi had invited him to his Sacrifice (7.55, 9).
AAnilIs the name of a monster who was the son of Malee and Vasuda and the prime minister of Vibheeshana (7.5. 42-44)
AAnjali  Folding of hands together and raising them to the head in supplication or salutation. It is a mark of respect or salutation
AAnjanaIs the name of a mountain. Sugriva had ordered Hanuman to invite the dark coloured  monkeys ,of this mountain
AAnjana1Is the name of an elephant that belonged  to the Asuras. (7.31. 36).
AAnjanaaIs the name of a fairy popularly known as Punjikasthala born in the form of monkey due to a curse (4.66. 8-9). She was prominent among all the fairies and most beautiful woman on earth .She became the wife of the monkey king Kesari. One day when she  was strolling  in the form of a human lady on the peak of the mountain,  the wind-god snatched away her clothes and embraced her in disguise and trasferred the pregnancy he had received from Parvati to Anjana.Thus Anjana gave birth to Hanuman in the woods in a valley on the southern side of Mahameru .(
AAnshudhanIs the name of a village, where it was difficult to cross Ganga.Knowing this, Bharata came to a town named Pragvat. (2.71. 9)
AAnshumanGrand son of Sagara , the King of Solar race
AAnulhadais the name of a demon who had abducted Shaahee treacherously and for this crime he was killed by Indra. (4.39. 6.7)
AApara_parvataIs the name of a mountain. Bharata had come o through that while returning from Kekaya. (2.71, 3)
AApritha_sadhakaIs the name of a minister of Bharata who had gone for reception of Sri Rama while returning to Ayodhya from exile . (6-127. 11).
AApsarasAn a is a celestial nymph. The Apsara women were born at the time of  churning of the ocean of milk. There are thousands of Apsaras. Brahma asked all the gods to produce sons in the form of monkeys gallant like themselves from the wombs of Apsaras etc (1-17, 5, 24)
AArchimalyasaIs the name of a mighty group leader of monkeys who was sent by Sugreeva to the west in search of Sita (4.42. 4)
AArchishmanIs the name of a chief of the monkeys who was sent by Sugreeva towards west in search of Sita (4.42. 3}
AArghya  A respectable offering or oblation to a god or a venerable person
AArishtaIs the name of a mountain situated in Lanka (5.56. 26-37).While returning from Lanka. Hanuman climbed over this mountain to cross the sea. (5.56. 38). This mountain was ten yojanas in length and in thirty yojanas in height (5.56. 50)
AArishtanemi  One of the six sons of Vinata and  father of SAumati ,the youngest queen of King Sagara i (1.38. 4).Kasyapa had the synonym of Arishtanemi He became the 16th Brahma after Vivasvan. (3.14. 9) (3.66.4)
AArjunaIs the name of a king who killed Jamadagni, the father of Parashurama (1.75, 23). He was killed by Vishnu (7.6. 35).
AArkaIs the name of the Chief of a group of monkeys, who was protecting the army of Rama on one side while going towards South (6.4. 33)
AArtha  One of the goals pf human life. Dharma(duty) , Artha(prosperity).Kama(legitimate pleasure)and Moksha(liberation), the four goals of human life.
AArthasadhaka  One of the eight ministers in the court of King Dasaratha.
AArunaIs the name of brother of Garuda (3.14, 32). He was the father of Jatayu and Sampati (3.14, 33) Born to Vinata by Kasyapa
AArundhatiIs the name of thewife of sage Vasishtha who was chaste and virtuous.. Agastya compared Sita  with Arundhati (3.13. 7)
AAryamaKausalya had invoked at the time of Rama going toforest (2.25. 8)
AAsamanjaIs the name of the son of king Sagara (1-38. 16 ; 1. 70. 38).He was a cruel and  always tormenting people. He used to capture the children of the town and throw them into Saryu river and enjoy the sight of the children drowning and dying .  Due to his wicked nature, his father Sagara sent him out of the town (1.38. 21-22). Siddhartha had mentioned his wicked nature in detail (2.36. 19-30)
AAscetic  A person who practices various forms of extreme self-restraint or self-denial and often with rigid  moral  standards and who usually renounces worldly interests.for spiritual or intellectual pursuits..
AAshaniprabhaIs the name of a chief of monsters  who had fought with Dwividha (6.43. 12). He had been killed by Dwividha (6.43. 32-34)
AAshmaIs the name of a city situated in the lower world and where the Kalakeyas  used to reside. It had been conquered by Ravana. (7.23. 17-19)
AAshokaIs the name of an envoy who had been sent by Vasishtha to bring Bharata after the death of Dasaratha (2.68. 5 ) He also went to receive Rama while coming back from exile in the forest (6.127. 11)
AAshrama  Hermitage of Rishis.Inmates of an Ashrama will have to pass through Brahmacharya, Grihasthya, Vanaprastha and Sannyasa Asramas.
AAshtavakraHe had got his righteous father Kahola liberated (6.119. 17).
AAshva  Is the name of a sage, in whose ashram the sages of the Janasthana had taken shelter when they werebeing tortured by the rakshasas (2.116. 20)
AAshvagreevaIs the name of the son of Kashyap and Danu (3.14. 16).
AAshvapatiIs the name of the maternal uncle of Bharata. He  loved and took care of Bharata like his own son when Bharata was in Kekaya Kingdom (2.1. 2)
AAshvin(Twin) At the instance of Brahma ,the twins sons of Ashvini produced two monkey group leaders named Mainda and Dwivida (1.17. 14). Ashvini Devatas were the sons of Kashyapa and Aditi and they wereregarded among the 33 Vedic gods (3.14. 14-15
AAsita  Is the name of the son of Bharata.. Haihaya, Talajangha and Shashobindu etc. were his enemies (1.70,27-28).Defeated by the enemies,he with two wives started residing in Himalayas where he died (1.70. 29-30). His queens were pregnant at the time of his death, one of them Kalindee gave birth to Sagara with the mercy of Sage Chyavana (1.70. 30-37).
AAstraA missile , a weapon. It is presided over by a god and a mantra has to be recited while discharging or withdrawing the missile.After killing demoness Tataka, Viswamitra reveals to Rama the secret of using a great many varieties of divine weapons..Rama received all these weapons  standing facing east.(1.27.0)
AAsuraThose born to Kasyapas of his wife Danu are called Danavas and those born of his wife Diti are called Daityas.They belong to demoniac dynasty.
AAsvamedhaA  horse sacrifice. This is performed to get absolved of all sins .Fixing a victory card on the head of the horse, it is allowed to roam about freely. If anybody stops the horse and ties it , the King should go and defeat him in battle and bring back the horse. If one does 100 such sacrifices, he will be declared  Indra.
AAtharva_vedaAtharva veda Atharva Veda The Fourth Veda containing many forms of imprecations for the destruction of enemies,a great number of prayers for safety ,for averting mishaps,evils,and also a number of hymns addressed to the gods with prayers to be used as religious and solemn rites
AAtibalaOne of the two mantras (prayers) taught by Viswanitra to Rama which had the power of to rid the knower of the fatigue ,thirst or hunger
AAtikayaOne of the sons of Ravana and nephew of Kumbhakarna..His body was very huge He had come to the battle field along with Ravana. and was killed by Lakshmana.He obtained Pasupatastra from Siva.He is well learned in all scienes arts, Sruti,Smrti,etc
AAtiratha  The name of a Chariot-warrior meaning 'He alone vanquishes innumerable warriors
AAtriMaharshi was one of the Ma nasas-putras of Brahma.and one of the Saptrshis.(Seven Rishis).During exile , Rama came to his Ashram along with Lakshmana and Sita .He himself made arrangements to receive them and asked his wife Anasuya to look after Sita.(2.117.9-13) He along with other sages from south, was present to greet Rama. on his return to Ayodhya (6.123.49). The King Nimi had invited him once during the Yajna session(7.1.3)
AAusterity  The  quality of being austere.It means self-restraint or self-denial,extreme reserve,and often rigid  moral standards.
AAvant  is the name of a city situated in the south, where Angada was sent by Sugreeva in search of Sita.(4.41. 10).
AAvanteeIs the name of a city situated in the west, where Sushen etc had been sent by Sugreeva in search of Sita (4.42. 14).
AAvataraDescent of a deity upon earth.Incarnation
AAvidyaSpiritual ignorance
AAvindhyaThe aged giant and noble leader and a favourate minister of Ravana. (5.37. 12).He was brave , learned and of good qualities . Ravana had rejected his advice for release of Sita (5.37. 13).
AAyodhyaA city in North India.This capital city of the Kosala Kingdom was ruled by the kings of the Soar dynasty
AAyomukhaIs the name of a mountain situated in the South, where Angada was sent by Sugreeva in search of Sita.. It is rich in iron ore
AAyomukhiOne of the Rakshasas who accosted Lakshmana and was punished for it..She was averse to look at owing  dreaded mouth  and pot-belly  etc.(3.69.11-13).Rama and Lakshmana saw her near the hermitage  of Matanga (3.69. 13). Lakshmana cut off her nose and ears (3.69. 13-18).
AAyuSon of Pururavas and Urvashi and the father of Nahusha. He acquired great power by penance (7.56, 27)
BBabhruIs the name of the chief of Gandharvas who was residing in the sandal forest in the Rishabha mountain (4.4.47 )
BBahliIs the name of a territory which was ruled by the king Ila (7.87.3).
BBahlikaIs the name of a territory which was famous for its horses (1.6.22). The messengers of Vasishtha, while going to Kekaya passed through this territory . Sugriva asked Sushena to go to this territory in search of Sita (4.42.6).
BBahudamshtraIs the name of the chief of the monsters whose house was visited by Hanuman (5.6.19).
BBahuputraIs the name of a Prajapati after Sanshrayas (3.14.7).
BBalaOne of the two incantations taught ot Rama
BBala1Is the name of a demon who was killed by Indra with his thunder bolt (3.30.28).
BBaliOne of the famous Asuras. He was the son of Virochana grand son of Prahlada. who became the king of the three worlds by defeating all the gods including Indra ( Vishnu took the incarnation of Vamana and defeated his authority and restored the kingdom of heaven to Indra
BBana -Is the name of the son of Vikukshi and the father of Anaranya (1.70.23).
BBhadrais the name of one of Diggajas( elephants) supporting the earth in the Northern quarter
BBhadra1Is the name of an amuser who used to be with Rama for his entertainment (7.43.2). On being asked by Rama he told that the citizens were discussing mainly the destruction of Ravana and the victory of Rama in particular (
BBhadramadaIs the name of the daughter Krodhavasa and Kasyapa (3.14.21). She was the mother of Airavata (3.14.24).
BBhagaName of one of the twelve Adityas. Kausalya had invoked him to protect Rama during the period of his exile (2.25.8)
BBhagiratha One of the kings of the solar race. He was the son of King Dilipa and descendant of Sagara. He performed rigorous penance and brought down Ganga from heavens to the earth ( to liberate the souls of his ancestors who were reduced to ashes.
BBharadwajaA sage whom Rama visited first after leaving Ayodhya.He entertained Rama , Lakshmana and Sita and later Bharata in the forest .Many Vedic Hymns are attributed to him
BBharagavaSage Sukra's other name is Bhargava and his descendants are called Bhargavas.
BBharataIs the name of the son of Dhruvasandhi and father of Asita (1.70.26).
BBharata1Is the name of a territory in North where Salabala was sent by Sugriva in search of Sita. (2.43.11).
BBharata2The second son of Dasaratha and and son of Kaikeyi
BBharundaIs the name of a forest . Bharata which returning from Kekaya passed through this forest (2.71.5).
BBhasakarnaIs the name of the commander of Ravana. He was the son of Ketumati and Sumali ( He was killed by Hanuman.
BBhasiIs the name of a daughter of Tamra and Kasyapa (3.14.17). She gave birth to birds named Bhasa (3.14.18).
BBhayaFear.,the sister of Kala and consort of Praheti . Shehad a son named Vidyutakesa (
BBheemais the name of the chief of monsters whose house was visited by Hanuman (5.6.23).
BBhogavatiis the name of a town in nether world which was the capital of the king Vasuki .Sugriva had specially sent Angada to enter this city and search for Sita (4.41.38).
BBhrigu1. Is the name of a peak of Himalayas (1.38.5).
BBhrigu1 Name of a sage regarded as the ancestor of the family of the Bhrigus. He granted a boon to the king Sagara that one of his wives would give birth to one son and the other wife to sixty thousand sons (
BBhrigutungaIs the name of a mountain where Ambarisha visited the saint Ruchika sitting with his wife and sons (1.61.11).
BBhutasEvil spirits
BBinduIs the name of a lake . Siva had released Ganga drop by drop from his matted locks of hair forming this Lake Seven branches have flown from it(
BBrahmaOne of the Trinity, the creator
BBrahmadattaIs the name of the son of the sage Chuli and Gandharvi Somada (1.33.18). He resided in the city of Kampilya (1.33.19). He married one hundred daughters of Kushanabha ( and cured their deformity by mere touch of his hand.
BBrahmahatyaThe sin of killing a Brahmin
BBrahmamalaIs the name of a territory where vinata was asked by Sugriva to go in search of Sita (4.40.22)
BBrahmanaA man belonging to the first of of the four castes of the Hindus
BBrahmarshiA Brahminical sage
BBrahma_astraBrahma astraBrahma astra The weapon presided over by Brahma
BBrahma_shatruIs the name of the chief of the monsters whose house was set on fire by Hanuman (5.54.15).
BBrihadrathaIs the name of the son of Devarata and the father of Mahavira (
BBrihaspatiThe preceptor of gods.and the son of Angirasa grandson of Brahma.
BBudhaIs the name of the son of Soma and father of Pururavas. The planet Mercury
CChaitrrathaThe king of Gandharvas
CChaityaA hall in Lanka which Hanuman destroyed -sacrificial-pile/monument
CChakraName of the leader of the monsters whose house was visited by Hanuman (5.6.24). - A sharp circular disc which stands for Sudarsana Chakra in the hands of Vishnu
CChakravanaA mountain that was situated in the Western Sea. Vishvakarma forged the Sudarsana Chakra on this mountain. It was here Vishnu killed Panchajanya and Hayagreeva demons. Sugriva had sent Susena and others monkeys there in search of Sita (4.42.25-27).
CChakra_vakaRuddy goose
CChamaraA fan made of Yak's tails, an insignia of royalty
CChandaName of the leader of the monkey group who had joined the monkey army of Rama (6.29.30).
CChandalaA general name for the lowest and most despised of the mixed castes King Trishaku became a Chandala. His body and clothes became black. His organs became dry. The hair in the head became short. The whole of his body was besmeared with the ash (1.58.11)
CChandanaThe monkeys residing here participated in the army of Rama under the command of Sanrovur (6.26.23).
CChandodaryName of a cruel looking monstress guarding Sita who told Sita that if she did not accept Ravana, she would eat her (5.24.39-40).
CChandraIt has come into being from Ksheera Sagara (Ocean of Milk). It was called the Sheeta Rashmi Nishakara (7.23.22). It is situated at a hight of 80,000 yojanas above the milkyway (7.23 D.16). It burnt Ravana with its cold fire. (7.23 D.18)
CChandrahasaA glittering Scimitar, Ravana's sword which was received by him from Siva
CChandrakantaName of a city, which was situated in the territory of Malla (7.102.6). It was ruled by Lakshman's son
CChandraketuSon of Lakshmana, who was valiant (7.102.2). He became the king of Malla territory (7.102.9).
CChandra_charitasA country explored by monkeys in search of Sita (4.26.6)
CCharanaThe Panegyrists of the Gods.At the instance of Brahma, the Charanas gave birth to monkey progeny to support Rama (1.17.9).
CCharyagopuraThe mountain where Kumbhakarna slept
CChataka_birdA bird which lives only on rain drops
CChatraketuThe second son born to Lakshmana of his wife Urmila.
CChhayagrahName of a monstress.
CChitrakuta(2.54.28-29). The seat of Valmiki's hermitage
CChitrarathaCourtier of Rama. Rama had told Lakshmana, while going to the forest, to give him precious gems and clothes etc. (2.32.17).
CChitraratha1Bharata passed through this forest while returning from Kekaya (2.71.4).
CChitraratha2Kubera's orchard which was situated in the territory of North Kuru(2.91.19).
CCholaA country in the south where Angada was sent by Sugriva in search of Sita(4.41,12).
CChuliAn ascetic with great lustre While practising austerities a gandharvi Somada used to serve him (1.33.12) Pleased with her services(1.33.13-14)  he granted her a son by the power of his thought named Brahmadatta (1.33.18)
CChyavanaA celebrated sage of the Bhargava dynasty He used to practice austerities from his young age in Himavat mountain.
DDadhimukhaLeader of a  group of monkeys. Lakshmana had seen his beautiful  palace  (4.33.11). He was maternal uncle of Sugriva and protector of Madhuvan forest (5.61.9). When the monkeys started eating the fruits and roots of Madhuvan,he prevented them but beaten by them.(5.61.20-24). He was the son of moon (6.30.23). Indrajit  wounded him in the Rama-Ravana war (6.73.59).
DDadhimukha1Name of a chief of the group of monkeys, who had come to Sugriva at his invitation with his ten thousand millions of army of monkeys. (4.39.24-36-37). He was  encouraging the army to march fast while going towards  south (6.4.37). Rama extended respect and  hospitality to him (7.39.22).
DDaityasGiants ,Titans,or demons
DDakshaName of a prajapati and one of Brahma's sons . Jaya and Suprabha were his daughters (1.21.15) A prajapati after Pulaha (3.14.9). He had sixty daughters (3.14.10).His daughter Uma was consort of Siva
DDakshayaniA female demon,also known as Surasa
DDakshinatyaAll the kings from South were invited by King Dasaratha for the horse sacrifice (1.13.28)Dasaratha had promised to Kaikeyee to procure various articles with a view to pacify her.(2.10.28)
DDamayantiis the name of the daughter of Bheema , the King of VIdarbha and righteous wife of Nala ..
DDanavaA demon, rakshasa ,enemies of the  gods
DDanaviA woman who is a rakshasi
DDandaName of a monster who was the son of Sumali and Ketumati (7.5.38-40). It also means Staff or Rod
DDanda1The youngest  son of Ikshvaku Danda. As a famous archer , he prticipated in the battle of  Devas and  Asuras  and killed several thousand asuras. His Kingdom wa between the mountains of Vindhya and Himalaya.  Once Danda raped Ara,the daughter of Sukra while doing penance in a forest in the country of Danda (7.80.13-17). On hearing about the evil deed, Sukracharya cursed him by shower of fire. (7.81.1-15). Due to that curse, his country was destroyed within seven days (7.81.17-18) From then onwards the  country is known as Dandakaranya..
DDandakaA vast forest lying between the Rivers Godavari and Narmada . During exile of Rama, he constructed  his cottage in this forest (1.1.40). In Danaka  Rama killed Viradha and met sages like Agastya etc (1.1.41). ). Rama killed Khara and Dushana along with his 14000 army of monsters (1.1.46-48) It is in this forest. Ravana abducted Sita (1.1.53) .Once upon a time Maricha used to roam about in this forest devouring the sages (3.38.2) . The ashram of Vishwamitra was situated in this forest (3.38.12-13). Sugriva had sent Angada to this forest in search of Sita (4.41.12).This is also called the Jansthana (7.81.19).
DDandiA god,This god is worshipped as messenger of Surya He had taken the messsage to Surya sent by Ravana through Prahasta and brought his reply (7.23 B.8-14).
DDantavakatraName of a courtier of Rama who used to entertain him (7.43.2).
DDanuA daughter of Daksha who was married to Kashyap, (3.14.10-11). She became the mother of Aswvagriva with the compassion of her husband (3.14.11-16). Kabandha was his son (3.71.7).
DDaradaIs the name of a territory in the North where Shatabal had been sent by Sugriva in search of Sita (4.43.12).
DDarmapalaOne of Rama's ministers
DDasarathaA famous Kingof the Ikshvaku dynasty.He was the son fo Aja and the father of Srirama. .He is capable of plying his chariot in the eight quarters as well as on the earth and the heavens.
DDasarnaA city in south where Sugriva had sent Angada in search of Sita
DDeerghayuA priest in the court of Dasaratha
DDevaganaAre  multitude of gods invoked at the time of  horse sacrifice ceremony  performed by king offering right  oblations to them.The gods had also participated in the ritual  to beget children
DDevalokaThe Celestial Region or Abode of the Gods
DDevameedhSon of Kirtirata and father of Vibudha(1.71.10)
DDevantaka$ Son of Ravana .Encouraged by the words of Trisira, he started the war along withother six mighty demons..He fought with Angada bitterly and was ultimately killed by Hanuman.
DDevarataAncestor of king Janaka who was entrusted with the bow of Siva as trustee
DDevasThe gods or shining ones
DDevasakhaName of a mountain range in the north which was the habitat of the birds.Sugriva asked Satabala to search for Sita in the dense forests and caves on this mountain
DDevastraAn astra presided oover by a god
DDevavarniniDaughter of Bharadhwaja who was married to Sage Visrava and  gave birth to Kubera (7.3.3-4)
DDevavatiDaughter of a Gandaharva named Gramani. She was Divine in appearance ,graceful and youthful and was  famous in all the three worlds.Married to Sukesa, she gave birth to three monster-sons named Malyavan, Sumalee and Malee(7.5.2-6)
DDevayaniDaughter of Sukracharya and wife of Yayati Her beauty was incomparale on this earth. (7.58.18-21)
DDhanvantariA Sage emerged from the Ocean of milk at the time of churning with a staff in one hand and Kamadalu on the other hand
DDhanyamaliniMother of Atikaya and wife of Ravana.. She offered herself to satisfy the lust of Ravana when he was rejected by Sita but Ravana did not accept her proposal((5.22.39-43)
DDharma- Virtue, morality, religious merit , righteousness or duty, the traditionally ordained course of conduct.One of the four Ends of life which are Dharma,Artha ,Kama and Moksha or Duty , Prosperity , Legitmate Pleasure and Release -.Rama had visited this place in the ashram of Sage Agastya(3.12.20)
DDharmabhritaName of a sage, He narrated the history of Panchapasara lake(Lake of Five Nymphs) in Dandakaranya (3.11,8-19)
DDharmapalaOne of the Counsellors of Dasaratha
DDharmaranyaA sity founded by Amrutarajasa, the son of Kusha (1.32.6)
DDharmavardhanaA village wahere Bharata had reached after crossing the river Kutikoshtika (2.71.10)
DDhaumyaName of a sage from west who had come to Ayodhya to greet Rama on his return from exile
DDhratirashtreeDaughter of Kasyapa born to Tabhra(3.14.17-18)She was the mother of Hamsas and Kalahamsas((3.14.19)
DDhrishtiOne of the ministers of Dasaratha
DDhritiName of a Spiritual preceptor of  Bharata who had accompanied him while going to Chitrakuta to meet Rama(2.93.25)
DDhrumragiriA mountain situated near Mount Meru .Sugriva had asked Hanuman to invite monkeys living there to join the aarmy to fight against Ravana.
DDhrumrakshaOne of the first great fighters in the army of Ravana With his bow and arrows. ,he forced the monkey army to flee and killed them mercilessly. .He was killed on the first day by Hanuman.
DDhrushtaketuName of righteous son of Sudharti and father of Hariyashwa(1.71.8)
DDhruvasandhiOne of the sons of Susandhi and father of Bharata (1.70.26)
DDhumaketuA meteor, a comet ,a falling star -Name of a demon
DDhumraLord of the bears who had come with twenty thousand million bear army at the invitation of Sugriva and an ally of Rama(4.39.20)
DDhumrashvaSon of Suchandra and father of Sannjaya (1.47.14)
DDhundhumaraGlorious son of Trishanku and father of Yavanasva.(1.70.24)
DDhwajagrivaName of a monster in Lanka whose house was set on fire by Hanuman.(5.534.13)
DDilipaSon of Anshuman. Bhagiratha was his son.He performed many sacrifices and ruled for thirty thousand years.His efforts to liberate the souls of his ancestors were futile
DDisagajaThe four elephants suppporting the earth in four directions.Virupaksha in the south,Mahapadma in the south,Sumanta in the west and Bhadra in the north.(1. 40.12-23)It is believed that when they shake their heads out fatigue ,earthquakes occur. Anshuman worshipped these elephants.
DDitiMother of Daityas and chief among them were twins by name  Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipa. She was the daughter of Daksha and wife of Kasyapa (3.14.15)Her sons were destroyed by sons of Aditi in the battle for possession of nectar.She is the mother of Maruts.
DDivakaraA title of the Sun
DDradhanetraA truthful and righteous son of Viswamitra He refused the order of Viswamitra for protecting the Sunahsepha at the cost of his life due to which Viswamitra cursed him.(1.62.8-18)
DDronaA mountain situated in the Ksheeroda sea where divine medicinal herbs are grown.(6.50.31)
DDruma_kulyaA lake belonging to the Lord of the waters. Abhiras and other forest tribes lived there and polluted it.Rama destroyed them with his Brahmastra and purified Drumakulya whose waters were sweet and pure again.
DDundubhi-A terrible asura. ,son of Maya and brother of Mayavi . He  was like a  buffalo in appearance and huge  like Mount Kailash He had the strength of thousand elephants, proud and haughty over his prowess.Vali killed him and threw  to a distance of one Yojana . Sugriva mentioned about this to Rama (4-11.7-48). His skeleton was flung a hundred yojanas away by Rama with a twist of his toe.  -A kettle drum
DDurdharshaMighty commander of Ravana who attacked Hanuman at the instance of Ravana(5.44.2-17) .He stood in the court of Ravana fully equipped to kill Rama(6.9.2) --A name of Ravana meaning 'Dreadful, unapproachable, unassailable'
DDurdhraLeader of Rakshasas.Hanuman saw him by the side of the throne of Ravana(5.49.11)
DDurjayaAn asura. Commander of Khara who had gone to fight with Rama (3.23.32)
DDurmukhaChief of monkeys who had fought the war with two crores of monkeys as per the orders of Sugriva.He trampled the monster named Samunnata (6.58.21)
DDurmukha1One of the Rakshasas who had taken a vow to take revenge against Hanuman by annihilating the race of monkeys(6.8.6-8) He was ready with weapons in his hands in the assembly of Ravana to kill Rama (6.9.3) He was the son of Malyavan and Sundari
DDurmukheeName of monstress assigned to  protect  Sita while at Ashoka garden of Ravana. .She persuaded Sita to become the wife of Ravana (5.23.18-22)
DDurvasaA sage who ,at the request of Dasaratha, predicted that the life of Rama will be full of calamities.
DDushanaA Rakhasa ,brother of Surpanakha,was killed by Rama in Janasthana.He was the commander of the army of Khara(3.22.8-11)
DDushyantaA powerful king who had accepted his defeat before Ravana
DDvijihvaAn asura whose hose was visited by Hanuman (5.6.25)
DDwividaA monkey warrior Son of Ashwins(1.17.14) and brother of Mainda He participated in the coronation of Sugriva(4.26.34)He was sent by Sugriva to south in search of Sita He had obtained immortality with a boon obtained from Brahma.and by defeating gods he drank the nectar, withthe permission of Brahma(6.28.6-7)He fought at the east gate of Lanka under the command of Neela..He killed Asani Prabha.
EEkajataIs the name of a monstress appointed to guard Sita . She was angry with  Sita for not acceding  to the request of Ravana (5.23.5-9).
EEkasalName of a village where by Bharata had crossed the river Sthanumathi while returning from kekaya (2.71.16).
GGadgadaThe father of Jambavan
GGadhiA king of Lunar dynasty  .He was born to Kusanabha after performing a Putrakamesti sacrifice (1.34.5) He was and the father of Vishvamitra (1.34.6). Satyavathi was the name of his daughter (1.34.7) .
GGajaA powerful leader in Sugriva's army who  took part in the coronation ceremony of Sugriva (4.26.35). Lakshmana saw his beautiful palace on his way  to Kishkindha(4.39.26).Sugriva  sent him to the South in search of Sita(4.41.3). He entered the cave named Rikshabila along with Hanuman in search of water(4.50.5-8) . He was responsible for a portion of the monkey army of Rama (6.4.34) He fought at the Soth gate under the command of Angada (6.41.39-40).
GGalavaA sage from the east who was present to greet Rama on his return from exile.(7.1.2.)He establised peace between Ravana and Mandhata(7.23.o)
GGandhamadana-A valiant General of monkey army .. He participated in the coronation ceremony of Sugriva with crores of monkeys (4.39.29)Sugriva sent him to South in search of Sita (4.41.4) He also entered the cave of Rikshabila  in search of water (4.50.1-8) . He defended the left wing of the monkey army. Indrajit killed him (6.73.43). -A mountain to the east of Meru renowned for its intoxicating fragrance .
GGandharaName of the territory of gandharvas conquered by Bharata for the sake of his sons (7.101.10-11).
GGandhara1Gandhara A region where cities of Bharat 's sons were established
GGandharvasCelestial musicians
GGandharviName of the second daughter of Surabhi, the daughter of Krodhavasa (3.14.27). She became the mother of Ashvas (3.14.28).
GGangaThe elder daughter of Himavan . Himavan, with the intention of doing good to the world, handed over his daughter Ganga to gods as gift. She is known as Mandakini in heavens. A famous river of Northern India. A city named Shringaberapura was situated on its bank (1.1,29). The river Tamasa was not very far from it (1.2.3) At the meeting point of Ganga and Sarayu there were many ashramas . Vishwamitra along with Rama and Lakshmana had crossed this river by boat (1.24.4)
GGarmyaA sage  who waited  to greet Rama when he returned to Ayodhya from exile(7.1.2). He was the son of Angirasa and the priest of Yudhajit , the king of Kekaya.
GGarudaKing of the Birds , Vehicle of Vishnu and the destroyer of serpents.---Aruna and Garuda were the two sons of  Vinata wife of Kasyapa.. King Sagara of the solar dynasty was married to Sumati , the elder sister of Garuda The monkeys  visited the house of Garuda (4.40.39) During the  war Lakshmana , Sugriva and all the mokeys swooned, hit by the Nagastra of Indrajit. By mere thought of Rama  Garuda who at once came down to earth and bit the Nagapasa
GGata-A king who yielded to Ravana without fighting -A monkey warrior
GGautamaOne of the the great sages.His wife was Ahalya and his son was Sadananda , the preceptor of Janaka
GGavakshaOne of the chiefs of the monkey community called Golangoolas
GGavayaOne of the chiefs of monkeys who had participated in the coronation of Sugriva (4.26.34) Sugriva sent him to South  in search of Sita (4.41.3) . He also entered the cave of Rikshabila in search of water along with Hanuman . He was appointed as nayaka in the army of Rama (6.4.16)(6.26.46-47) He fought war on the Southern gate under the command of Angada (6.41.39-40). He brought water from western sea on the occasion of the coronation ceremony Rama (6.128.56)
GGayaais the name of a country whose king was Gaya  . It is he who said that a son liberates the father from the hell named Put and hence he is called Putra. He, who protects his manes from all sides, is the son. One should aspire for many sons with excellent qualities It is possible that even one out of these begotten sons may go on piligrimmage to Gaya (2.107.11-13).
GGayatriA sacred verse from Rig veda which is personified as a Goddess and considered to be Brahma's consort and Mother of four Vedas.This sacred verse is repeated by every Brahmin at his Sandhya
GGhanachiefs of monsters ,  Hanuman visted his house(5.6.23)
GGhoraName of one of the monsters whose house was put on fire by Hanuman (5.54.13).
GGhrtachiAn exceptionally beautiful apsara woman who revelled in disturbing the peace of the sages and becoming mother of children by them.Kusanabha ,son of Kusa , fell in love with Ghrtachi and a hundred daughters were born to him of her .(1.32.10)
GGirivrajaName of a city established by Vasu also known as Vasumati , the son of Kusha . This city was surrounded by five mountains. The river Soma passed through the middle of this city which is also known as Sumagadhi (1.32.6-8) .
GGirivraja1The messengers of Vasishtha sent to Kekaya had passed through this city also (2.68.21-22).
GGodavariA river on whose bank was situated a place known as Panchavati and where Rama stayed along with Sita. Sugriva had sent Angada to this place in search of Sita (4.41.9).  Rama had flown over this place on the Pushpaka Vimana  while returning to Ayodhya (6.123.46)
GGokarnaName of the place where Bhagiratha had performed penance (1.42.13). Kesari had gone to Gokarna from the mountain of Malyavan (5.35.80). Ravana had also performed penance at this place . (7.9.46)
GGolabhaName of a Gandharva who fought with Vali for fifteen years and later killed by Valin (4.22.27-28).
GGolangulaA black monkey that has a tail like that of a cow .It is also called Gopuccha
GGomukhaSon of Matali who was the charioteer of Jayanta. Indrajit had showered on him the arrows embellished with gold (7.28.10).
GGopaThe chief of gandharvas who had entertained Bharata with music etc. at the ashrama of Bharadwaja (2.91.45).
GGoprataraName of a bank of river Sarayu. Those who had come with Rama,  had taken a dip in the river at the time of going to the supreme abode and all are said to  gone to heaven (7.110.23-24).
GGrahaAn inauspicious planet such as Mars,Saturn,Rahu or Ketu
GGramaniChief of Gandharvas, who used to reside in the sandal wood forest of Rishabha mountain. He was effulgent like Sun, Moon and fire and was righteous (4.41.43-44).
GGuardians_of_the_quartersGuardians of the quartersGuardians of the quarters Of the East--Indra; of the South-east--Agni;of the South--Yama;of the South-west --Nirita; of the West-Varuna;of the North-west--Marut;of the North--Kubera;of the North-west Siva;Above --Brahma; below-Ananta
GGuhaKing  of Nishadas (an aboriginal tribe ) whom Rama had met in Shringaberapura on the bank of river Ganga.. He along with his kith and kin and ministers came on foot to greet Rama . He hugged Rama and offered him different kinds of food (2.50.35-39). Guha ordered his servants to provide food and water for the horses of Rama (2.50.47). He guarded Rama keeping himself awake through out night    Guha  took Rama, Lakshmana and Sita to the other side of river.
GGuhyakasYakshas, a kind of half gods, who were prominent members of Kubera. On the banks of a lake situated on mount Kailasa.  Kubera used to sport with these people (4.43.23). When Kumbhakarna was killed by Rama , they were very much pleased (6.67.175). These people witnessed the  fight between Lakshmana and Atikaya (6.72.66)
HHahaaHahaa is the name of Gandharva whom sage Bhardwaja had invited to welcome Bharata (2.91.16)
HHaihayaName of a country. Its king was having enemity with Asita (
HHanumanA minister of Sugriva and a great devotee of Rama. He was the son ov Wind-god and Anjana , a nymph.He is represented as a monkey of extraordinary strength and prowess.The name actually means 'He of the fractured Jaw'
HHarais the name of a monkey warrior . (
HHara_Is the name of a devil who was son of Maali, He became minister of Vibhishana (7.5.44)
HHardikyais the name of a demon who was killed by Vishnu (7.6.35)
HHareeis the name of the daughter of Krodhavasa who gave birth to lion and Golangagulas (
HHarijataA female Titan who explained the valour of Ravana to Sita and persuaded her to become his wife (
HHaryashwaSon of Rajarshi Dhrishtaketu (1.71.8) and his son was maru (1.71.9).
HHastimukhis the name of a demon . While searching for Sita, Hanuman entered his palace (5.6.25). and set it on fire (5.54.13)
HHastinapurName of a town near where the envoys of Vasistha crossed the River Ganga while going to Kaikeya (2.68.31).
HHastiproshthakName of a village .Bharata had passed through place while returning from Kaikeya (2.71.15).
HHavisAn oblation or burnt offering .
HHavishyandaSon of Vishwamitra (1.57.3)
HHayagreevais the name of a section of demons who were killed by Vishnu (4.42.26).
HHemaA nymph, the consort of Maya. Indra killed Maya and gave away Rikshabila to Hema.She appointed her friend Swayamprabha to protect that palace (
HHemachandraName of the son of Vishala (1.47.12).
HHemagiriName of a great mountain with hundred peaks .. Sugriva had sent Sushena etc., vanaras to this region in search of Sita (4.42.14).
HHemamaliName of a Rakshasa who had come with Khara to fight against Rama (2.23.33 ) and ultimately killed by Rama (
HHemantaName of a sage whom Laxmana had described in detail (
HHimavananThe abode of Snows, the Himalayas. The pile of mountains which guard the north.He is the father of Ganga and Parvati, the wife of Mahadeva.
HHiranyagarbhaThe name of Brahma as having sprung from the Golden Egg , a manifestation of the Supreme Soul.
HHiranyakashipuis the name of an asura who was killed by Vishnu (
HHiranyanabhaThe mountain Mainaka
HHiranyaretasA name of the Sun. 'Having golden seed', a name of Agni.
HHomaIt is an act of making an oblation to the gods by pouring butter into the fire to the accompaniment of prayers and invocations.
HHoohooA Gandhrava whom the great sage Bharadwaja invited for welcoming Bharata (2.91.16).
HHradiniName of a river which Bharata had crossed while returning from Kaikeya (2.71.2).
HHradini_Name of Demon
HHraswakarnaName of a demon . Hanumana entered his palace in search of Sita (5.6.24). and set it on fire (5.54.12)
HHraswaromaThe father of Janaka
HHutashanaSugriva sent two sons of Hutashana, Ulkamukha and Ananga to South in search of Sita. (4.41.4).
IIikshuIs the name of a  sea  with  many islands inhabited by monsters who used to devour the living beings by catching hold of their shadow. Sugriva asked Vinata to search for Sita in these islands. (4.40. 34-36).
IIkshumatiIt flows near Kurkshetra  This river was crossed by the messengers of Vasista while going to Kekaya country. The original habitat of the Ikshwakus was situated on the bank of this river (2.68. 17)The waters of this river are very sweet. Kusadhwaja , brother of King of Mithila used to live in the Ikshumati river valley.(!.7.2.).
IIkshvakuIs the name of the founder of Ikshwaku dynasty  (1.1.8). Dasaratha was the unrivalled warrior of this dynasty. (1.6. 2). The first Prajapati Manu had a son named Ikshvaku who was the first king of Ayodhya (1.7. 21). Kukshi was the name of the son of Ikshvaku (1.70. 22). After crossing of the river Syandika while in exile in the forest, Rama visited this land which was full of wealth and grains .This was given to Ikshvaku by King Manu in days of yore. (2.49.13).
IIlaIs a Prajapati , son of Kardama, righteous king of the country of Valhika . He was worshipped by the Gods, Devils,Naga,Gandharvas and the most thoughtful Yakshasas.
IIlwalis the name of a monster in Dandakaranya who with the help of his brother Vatapi used to kill thousands of innocent Brahmins (3.11.55-56) He was subdued by Sage Agastya.
IIndraThe lord of Devas.He is known by many names such as Mahendra,Maghavan,Purandara,Sakra, Satakratu, Vajrapani
IIndrajanuChief of the monkeys, who had come with eleven crores of monkeys to Sugriva at his invitation (4.39. 31-32) Sri Rama greeted him (7.39. 22)
IIndrajitMeghanatha  ,the favourite son of Ravana,  conquered Indra in the war with the Devas and brought Indra bound to the presence of his father. At the instance of Brahma, Indra was released. From there he  came to be known as Indrajit because he defeated Indra . Though he is born to Mandodari, Uttara Ramayana refers to him as the son of Siva..
IIndralokaIndra's abode or heaven
IIndrashatruIs the name of a king of monsters who had come to the assembly of Ravana equipped with weapons a(6.9.2.)
IIndrashiraIs  the name of a country which was famous for the Airavata kind of elephants(2.70.20)
IIndrayaniA monkey leader
IIndra_s_bowIndra's bowIndra's bow Rainbow
IIravatiThe mother of elephants.
IIshikaAn arrow with supernatural powers
IIshuA mantra that  propells  power
IItihasalegend or Tradition, History or Traditional account of a former event
JJabaliA spiritual preceptor in the court of King Dasaratha (1.7.5). After the death of Dasaratha, he told Vasishtha to appoint another king soon (2.67.5).
JJahnuA sage whose sacrificial place was washed away by waters of Ganga. Being annoyed , he drank the entire waters of Ganga. On the request of gods he released Ganga from his ear. The gods made Ganga as his daughter ,Jahnavi(1.43.35-38).
JJamadagniA hermit of majestic power.He was the son of Richeeka and and Satyavati and the father of Parasurama. He had received the divine Vaishnava bow from his father. Kartaveerya Arjuna killed him while he was in a state of meditation (1.75.22-23).
JJambavanKing of Bears, an ally of Rama.He did signal service to Rama in Rama-Ravana war.
JJambhaName ofone of the monkey chiefs who inspired the monkey army to march ahead quickly (6.4.3
JJambudwipaOne of the Sapta dweepas(seven continents)There are eight large long mountain ranges which divide the island. This continent was dug by the sons of Sagara. It was situated in the North of Saumanasa mountain (4.40.59).
JJambumaliOne of the chiefs of monsters and son of Prahasta.--the minister of Ravana He was killed by Hanuman during the fight following the destruction of the Ashokavana (5.44.1-8)
JJambuprasthaA place where Bharata had halted while returning from Kekaya (2.71.11).
JJanakawas the father of Sita and King of Videha.He was remarkable for his great knowledge ,good work and holiness.The sage Yajnavalkya was his preceptor.
JJanasthanaRama lived in this forest with Sita and Lakshmana for a long time during the period of his forest life.It was here that Rama killed Khara, Dushana, Trisira and 14000 other rakshasas who used to live here.Surpanakha tried to attract Rama and Lakshmana and her nose was cut off here in this forest. The ascetics had fled away from this place due to fear of these monsters (2.116.11-25). This place is known as Janasthana due to the settlement of the ascetics otherwise known as Dandakaranya (7.8.19-20).
JJapaThe silent repetition of a prayer or sacred formula
JJataHair matted and twisted together
JJatapuraName of a beautiful city in the West . Sugriva had sent Susena to this city in search of Sita (4.42.13).
JJatarupashilaA mountain situated in the North of Jaloda sea which was 13yojana in length Sugriva had sent Vinata here in search of Sita (4.40.48-50).
JJatayuA Vulture residing in the forest of Panchavati . He was the son of Aruna and Shyeni and brother of Sampathi(3.14.32-33),  a friend of Dasaratha . Jatayu clashed with Ravana when he was carrying Sita after abducting her. In a fierce fight with Ravana, the wings of Jatayu's were off and was almost lying dead on the ground. Sita saw Jatayu and requested him to inform Rama and Lakshmana about her abduction(3.49.36-40) After givng an account of the incident ,Jatayu died..Rama cremated the body of Jatayu..
JJateeOne of the great serpents.  A naga whom Ravana had taken under his authority by defeating him(6.7.9)
JJavaFather of the monster named Viradha (3.3.5).
JJayaDaughter of Daksha who gave birth to one hundred shining weapons (1.21.15). After getting the boon, she gave birth 50 invisible and formless sons for the destruction of the monsters (1.21.16).
JJayantaOne of the eight ministers of Dasharatha (1.7.3)
JJayanta1Jayanta Name of an envoy who was sent by Vasishtha to fetch Bharata to Ayodhya after the death of Dasaratha (2.68.5).
JJayanta2Jayanta Son of Indra and Sachee who fought with Meghanada as a commander of the army of gods. (7.28.6-21).
JJitendriyaOne whohas conquered the senses
JJrumbhanastraOne of the rare astras known to Ravana
JJyotirmukhaSon of Sun god and one of the chiefs of monkey groups who had joined the army of Rama(6.30.33). He attacked Ravana with a huge rock (6.59.42-43)but he was wounded by Indrajit(6.73.59).
KKabandhaAn Asura of  dreadful  appearance and deformed with headless trunk..He attacked Rama and Lakshmana when they were wandering in Dandakaranya,  after the  abduction of Sita. Rama had killed him by cuting his hands and cremated him (3.71.1-34). .Kabandha while proceeding towards heaven requested Rama to visit the ashram of the righteous Sabari (1.1.55-56) and to go to Sugriva for knowing more about Sita.(3.73.1-46).(4.4.15-16).
KKadruDaughter of of Kasayapa born of his wife Krodhavasa , daughter of Daksha (3.14.22). She was the mother of one thousand many-headed Nagas(serpents) including Sesha and Vasuki (3.14.28). She was the sister of Surasa (3.14.31).
KKaholaThe father of Sage Ashtavakra who cursed his son while he was in the womb,causing him to be born with eight humps (6.119.16).
KKaikasiShe was the daughter of Sumali by his wife Ketumati.One day Sumali took Kaikasi and left her in the house of Vaisravas .After a while , pleased with her services he took her as his wife.Ravana,Kumbhakarna and Vibhisana were her sons.
KKaikeyiDaughter of Ashvapati, King of Kekaya.The favourite consort of King Dasaratha,.Mother of Bharata
KKailasaOn the south of Mount Mahameru there are the two mountains of Kailasa and Karavira.The abodes of Siva and Kubera are on the Mount Kailasa. Manasarovar is situated(1.24.8).on this mountain.
KKaitabhaIs the name of a demon who was killed by Vishnu with an invisible arrow(7.63.23-69,27). The Earth along with mountains arose from the fat and bones of Kaitabha and Madhu(7.104.6).
KKakusthaThe name of the son of Somadatta in the royal dynasty of Vishala city (1.47.16) His sons name was Sumati. (1.47.17).A title used for the descendants of  King Kakutstha belonging to the dynasty of   Ikshwaku
KKakutsthaA king of Ikshvaku race. Indra assuming the form of a Bull carried.King Puranjayais in the war with demons.Puranjaya seated on its hump vanquished the demons. He was the son of Bhageeratha and the father of Raghu (1.70.39)
KKalaThe eldest daughter of Vibheeshana who informed Sita that Ravana had turned down the proposal of Vibheeshana to return Sita back to Rama (7.37.9-11).
KKala1is the name of the mountain range in the north whose peaks were very high Sugriva asked Satabala to search for Sita on this mountain and in its caves (4.43.14-15). (4.43.16).
KKala2The God of death. He, in the disguise of an ascetic came to Lakshmana and told that he wanted to see Rama (7.103.1-2).(7.103.5) (7.103.7) He also asked Rama to declare that anybody who might see or listen to them would be killed by him (7.103.11-13). He told Rama that at the time of evolution of Hiranyagarbha, he was his son.He delivered a message from Brahma that his (Rama's) life span had come to an end and hence he should return to heaven (7.104.1-15)(7.104.16).
KKalaka$ An Asura born to Kasyapa and Kalaka (3.14.16).
KKalakaaOne of the daughters of Daksha and wife of Sage Kasyapa (3.14.10-11). With the compassion of her husband, she gave birth to two sons named Naraka and Kalakeya (3.14.16).
KKalakamukhaA Rakshasa.He was the brother of Prahasta., Ravana's minister.He was commander of the army of Khara, who had gone to fight against Rama (3.23.32) in the forest of Kalakamukha.(3.26.0).
KKalakeya_ganaKalakeya ganaKalakeya gana A class of demons residing in the city of Ashma. They were defeated and humiliated by Ravana (7.23.17-19).
KKalamaheeA river surrounded by mountains and forests where Sugriva had sent Vinata in search of Sita(4.40.20).
KKalanemiA demon. During Rama-Ravana war when Lakshmana swooned ,Hanuman started to go to  Drona mountain for medicine. Ravana deputed Kalanemi to obstruct the path of Hanuman.  Kalanemi  appeared before Hanuman disguised as a sage but got killed by Hanuman.(6.67.0)
KKalikamukhaThe chief of monsters who was the son of Sumalini and Ketumati (7.5.38-39).
KKalindee1 One of the wives of Asita. She accompanied her husband to Himavat mountain.. At the time of Asita's death ,she was pregnant. To abort her pregnancy ,  her co-wife administered poison but with the kindness of sage Chyavana she gave birth to Sagara (1.70.29-36).
KKalindee12. Kalindee is the name of a river where Sugriva had sent Vinata in search of Sita (4.40.21).The presiding deity of the river is Kalindidevi .Kalindi , the daughter of the sun ,has her source in Kalindi mountain.Kalindi alias Yamuna joins Ganga at Prayaga
KKalingaA city situated near the forest of sal trees where Bharata rested while returning from Kekaya (2.71.16).
KKalinga1Sugriva asked Angada to search for Sita in this country. (4.41.11).
KKaliyaA comedian who was with Rama for his recreation (4.43.2).
KKalmashapadaA famous king of the Ikshwaku dynasty.He wandered about in the forest as Rakshasa for twelve years as a result of curse.. Mitrasaha became Purushadaka (cannibal, on the curse of Vasistha ). He grasped water with a view to retaliate the curse back on Vasistaha but prevented by his wife, the water fell on his feet and became Kalmashapada ( feet polluted with water)
KKamaA mountain range situated near Kailasa. It is without trees and impassable even by ghosts, gods and the monsters. Sugriva asked Shatabala to search for Sita in the caves of this mountain (4.43.28-29).
KKamadhenuAlso called Surabhi -Nandini .It is wish-fulfilling cow belonging to Vasistha.Surabhi was the daughter of Krodhavasa , Daksha's daughter by Kasyapa (3.14.20,21)Two daughters ,Rohini and Gandharvi were born to Surabhi.and from ROhini were born all the cows in the world we see today
KKambhojganaKambhojas were produced along with theYavanas by the Kamadhenu to wage a war against the ashram of Vasistha
KKambojaA country famous for horses (1.6.22). Sugriva asked Shatabala to search for Sita here also (4.43.12).
KKampanaThe chief of the monsters who was asked by Ravana to go with Kumbha and Nikumbha to the battle field (6.75.46). He was killed by Angada (6.76.1-3)
KKampilyaIs the name of a city ruled by king Brahmadatta .
KKanakhalaIs the name of a place where a poor brahmin found his lost cows (7.53.11).
KKanchanaName of a mountain where the chief of monkeys Kesari lived (6.27.37)(
KKandarpaAnother name for Kamadeva..He was born from the mind of Brahma. Kama deva  was reduced to ashes by Shiva and since then he is known as Ananga (1.23.12-14). Seeing apasarasa Menaka, Vishwamitra was got charmed by Kandarpa. (1.63.6).(3.56.10).
KKanduThe name of a sage who used to kill cows with the orders of his father (2.21.31).
KKandu12. Kandu A great Sage of ancient Bharata.The monkeys which had gone in southern direction in search of Sita came across a forest where sage Kandu lived..This sage was very intolerant . In that forest his ten year -old son died. Grief-stricken , he cursed that forest and made it a deset without water , shelterless , inaccessible and without any animals or birds. (4.48.11-14).He was one of the sages who came from south to visit Rama after his return to Ayodhya from exile
KKanvaattained fame as father who brought up Sakuntala. A sage from the east,he had come to Ayodhya to greet Rama after his return from exile (7.1.2).Kanva family was very prominent among the Rishi families of ancient India.
KKapataIs the name of the chief of demons l (5.6.24).
KKapeevateeName of a river which was crossed by Bharata while returning from Kekaya. country (2.71.15). 3.26.26-28) .
KKapilaVasudeva was the son of Kardama prajapati , son of Brahma , born tof his wife Devahuti and was the incarnation of Vishnu .On his mother's request , he imparted her the knowledge of Bhakti Yoga for salvation. A great sage and celebrated exponent of Sankhya system of philosophy .Brahma had informed  about the destruction of the sons of Sagara well before the event.(1.40.3). The sixty thousand sons of Sagara were reduced to ashes in the fire of Kapila's anger(1.40.24-30). Garuda had mentioned the destruction of the sons of Sagara by Kapila to Bhagiratha (1.41.18). .
KKaraveeraksaA mighty commander of Khara who attacked Rama with his army (3.23.23) ( A monster whose palace was set on fire by Hanuman (5.6.26)(5.54.14).
KKardamaA Prajapati.(3.14.7)He was the father of the King Ela
KKartaveeryaIn the opinion of Rama, Lakshmana was far better than Kartaveerya because he (Lakshmana) could throw 500 arrows at a time (6.49.21).
KKartikeyaAt the instance of Devatas, the energy of Siva was discharged on the earth .It filled the forests and mountains.The ashes that came out of them formed into a white hill and it became a forest.From that forest procreated by Agni, the most brilliant Kartikeya came into being (1.36.18-19). At the instance of Indra and Maruts the nymphs gave milk from their breasts to the newly born Kartikeya.The infant Kartikeya sucked milk from the breast of the six nymphs by his six mouths.
KKarushaAfter killing Vritrasura ,Indra was possessed by impurity and hunger (Karusha ) He was absolved of these sins when he was given a religious bath.The waters flowed to the earth and the land which has been drenched by this water are called Malada and Karusha Indra blessed this land that it would always remain fertile and prosperous. .Tataka and her son Mareecha had destroyed it and later it became their home.No body dared to go through it (1.24.17-32). .
KKashyapaA priest in the court of Dasaratha (1.7.5) He came to Ayodhya on the invitation of Dasaratha for performing the horse sacrifice (1.8.6). After the death of Dasaratha , he  suggested to Vasishtha to immediately arrange for the appointment of a new king (2.67.3-8) At the time of coronation of Rama, he assisted Vasishtha (6.128.61). Rama invited him and provided him with the best seat in his assembly (7.74.4-5).
KKashyapa1Chief among Prajapatis. . He pleased Vishnu by performing austerities for thousand years (1.29.10-11). He asked a boon for begetting Vishnu as his son from  the womb of his wife Aditi for redressal of the sufferings of gods. (1.29.15-17). . He offered Diti a boon that if she remains chaste for one thousand years, she will get such a son who could defeat Indra (1.46.4-7). He received the earth as charity from Parasurama (1.75.8-25) Parasurama disclosed that when he had donated the earth to Kashyapa , he was asked by him not to remain in his kingdom (1.76.13). He was the last prajapati (3.14.9) He married the eight daughters of Daksha (3.14.11-12). He gave a boon to his wives that they would beget eminent sons like him (3.14.12-13).
KKashyapa2Is the name of a comedian who was with Rama for his amusement (7.43.2).
KKasiDasaratha had invited the king of Kasi for the horse sacrifice (1-13.23). To pacify the anger of Kekayee, Dasaratha had asked him to bring the things produced in this area (2-10.37.38) Sugriva had sent Vinata here to search for Sita (4.40.22)
KKatyayanaIs the name of a priest of Dasaratha (1.7.5). On being invited for the ceremony of horse sacrifice he  came to Ayodhya (1.8.6). After the death of Dasaratha, he also advised Vasishtha to appoint a new king immediately (2.67.3-8). He assisted Vasishtha in the coronation of Rama (6.128.61).
KKausalyaA queen of King Dasaratha and mother of Sri Rama. Dasaratha had three wives Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra.Kausalya gave birth to Sri Rama, Kaikeyi to Bharata and Sumitra to Lakshmana and Satrughna (1.16.0)
KKaushambeeName of a city which was established by Kusha(1.32.5).
KKausheyaName of a sage in the West who had come to Ayodhya to greet Rama on his return from exile(7.1.4).
KKaushik$ Name of a sage in the East, who had come to greet Rama at the time of his return to Ayodhya(7.1.2).
KKaushik1Name of a country in the South, where Angada was sent by Sugriva in search of Sita(4.41.11).
KKaushikeSatyavati, sister of Vishwamitra, took birth in the form of a river after the death of her husband Richeeka(1.34.7-8). This holy river flowed taking its origin in the Himalayas(1.34.9).Vishwamitra had performed penance for one thousand years on the banks of this river Sugriva had sent Vinata there in search of Sita(4.40.20).
KKaustubhaA gem which emerged at the time of churning of milk of ocean.(1.45.39).
KKavachaganaA class of demons who were residing in Manimayi puri . Ravana attacked this city and the battle lasted for one year and in the end, at the instance of Brahma they entered into a treaty with him(7.23.6-14).
KKavashaName of a sage from the west who had come to Ayodhya to great Rama on his return from exile (7.1.4).
KKaveriIs the name of a river in south where Angada was sent in search of Sita (
KKeertirataSon of Mahendhraka and the father of Maharoma (1.71.11).
KKeertirathaA righteous king.,son of Prateendhaka and the father of Devameerh (1.71.9-10).
KKekayaIs the name of a country which was ruled by Aswapati and  father-in-law of Dasaratha (2.9.22).
KKeralaIs the name of a country in the South where Angada was sent by Sugriva in search of Sita(4.41.12).
KKesariFather of Hanuman who had sent thousands of monkeys at the request of Sugriva(4.39.18). He married a fairy named Anjana(4.66.8-9).Hanuman was his son (4.66-28). He killed a monster named Shambasadana on the sea shore while going from Malayavan mountain to Gokarna mountain (5.35.81-82). He was guarding the Southern side of the army of Rama along with his followers(6.4.34).He was the  son of Gadgada ,born from Brahaspati(6.30.22).
KKeshini1. Daughter of king of Vidarbha and the eldest wife of Sagara .She was very righteous and truthful(1.38,3). She, along with her husband and co-wives performed penance for hundred years on the Himavat mountain(1.38.5-6). She gave birth to a son named Asamanja with the blessings of Sage Bhrigu(1.38.16).
KKesiniA river on whose bank Lakshmana and Sumanta had spent one night(7.51.29).
KKharais the name of a monster in Janasthana who was killed by Rama(1.1.47). He was the brother of Surpanakha (3.17.22).Surpanakha, while giving the news of Rama's arrival in Janasthana, explained the reason of her deformity
KKimpurushasThey are  half-human ,half-animal beings ,sometimes identified as Kinnaras.
KKinkarasTitans sent out by Ravana to capture Hanuman after he had destroyed the Ashoka grove
KKinnarasA class of celestials with horse  heads .All of them  hold Veenas in their hands, and attend on the God Kubera. Brahma ordered gods to produce monkey sons from Kinnaras (1.17.6). .
KKirataThey were born from the hair roots of Kamadhenu. They a destroyed the entire army of Vishwamitra along with others (
KKishkindhaRiksharaja,was the king of this ancient kingdom .After his death, Vali became the king and Sugriva lived in the services of his brother.  Lakshmana saw the city of Kishkindha wich  was in the shape of a beautiful cave. After death of Vali, Sugriva ruled the kingdom.
KKosalaA wealthy and prosperous country on the banks of river Sarayu.Ayodhya was the capital of this kingdom. This City was built by Manu, the father of Ikshwaku It was comparable to any modern city Rama devided it into two regions. Kusha was the ruler of Kosala and Lava was ruler of the Uttar Kosal(7.107.17).
KKoshakarIs the  name of the place where silk was  produced . Vinata was sent here  by Sugriva in search of Sita(4.40.23).
KKratuA great sage.A prajapati after Marichi(3.14.8) one of the Seven Immortal sages.
KKraunchaA forest which was situated at a distance of six miles towards south of the Janasthana (3.69.4-5)
KKrauncha1A mountain situated in Kailasa. Sugriva sent Satabala and the other monkeys here in search of Sita(4.43.25-27). Kartikeya made a hole in the mountain with a blow. The birds used to cross this mountain through this hole(6.12.33).
KKrauncheeDaughter of Tamra and Kashyapa who gave birth to owls(3.14.18) .
KKrisashvaVarious weapons are the righteous sons of Prajapati Krishashva who had entrusted them to Vishvamitra The gods requested Sage Vishvamitra to entrust these weapons of prajapati Krishashva to Rama(1.26.29).
KKrishnaveniName of a river in South where Angada was sent by Sugriva in search of Sita(4.41.9).
KKrodhanaName of the chief of monkeys who always challenged Ravana for war and who had sixty lakhs of monkey army with him(6.26.42-43).
KKrodhavasaDaughter of Daksha, married to Kashyapa(3.14.10-12).
KKuberaGod of Wealth.Visravas , son of Pulastya Prajapati, married Ilibila ,daughter of Bharadwaja.Kubera was the son ofVisravas and (1-20.18). Kausalya had urged him to protect Rama (2-25.23). He was the brother of Ravana (3.35.7;48) On being defeated by Ravana, he had gone to Kailasa (3.48.4-5). The creator of the world (Vishwakarma) had constructed a beautiful palace for him (4.43.21). He admonished Ravana for misbehaving with Sita (
KKubjaA hunchback
KKukshison of Ikshvaku and the father of Vikukshi (1.70.22).
KKukshi1is the name of a country in the west which was full of Punnaga, Vakula trees, etc., Sugriva had sent Susena there in search of Sita (4.42.7)
KKulaName of a comedian who was with Rama for his amusement (7.43.2 )
KKulingais the name of a city which was situated between Sharadana and Ikshumati (2.68.16)
KKulinga1A river flowing speedily between the mountains and was crossed by Bharata while returning from Kekaya (2.71.60)
KKumbhaand Nikumbha were sons of Kumbhakarna.Both of them were very powerful . Kumbha defeated the army of monkeys Rama-Ravana war on various occasions.His house was set on fire by Hanuman (5.54.15). He looked like black clouds with bulged out chest  He had the emblem of the serpant e Vasuki on his flag. He marched along with Ravana (6.59.20). This brilliant ,brave and best archer fought with Dwivida , Mainda and Angada and wounded all of them (6.76.36-56). He obstructed Jambavan with the shower of arrows (6.76.60-62). He was brave like his father (6.76.73). (6.76.78) He had a duel fight with Sugriva In that fight his bow was broken and was thrown into the sea and ultimately he was killed by Sugriva (6.76.63-93).
KKumbhahanuA companion of Prahasta who came to the battle field along with Prahasta (6.57.31). He destroyed  mercilessly  monkeys (6.58.19) He was killed by Angada (6.58.23).
KKumbhakarna,Ravana and Vibhisana were born to Visravas of his wife Kaikasi. Kumbhakarna played an important role in Rama-Ravana war. Hearing that Ravana was fascinated by Sita ,reprimanded Ravana saying that Ravana abducted Sita without consulting ; hence he should face the consequences. However for the reason that it is not proper to desert younger brother in times of war , decided tofight with Rama   (6.12.0) .
KKumbheenaseeSister of Ravana (6. 8.0) and consort of Madhu .She was the daughter of Sumalina and Ketumati (7.5.38-40).She was abducted by Madhu (7.25.19). When Ravana attacked Madhu, her husband, she requested Ravana to forgive him
KKumudaName of a monkey leader.. He, along with ten crores of monkey army surrounded the east gate of Lanka (6.42.23). Seeing Rama and Lakshmana in a state of unconsciousness , he expressed profound grief. (6.46.3). He protected the monkey army skillfully (6.47.2-4) He attacked Atikaya but being wounded by the shower of arrows released by him he was incapable of facing him(6.71.39-42). He was defeated by Indrajit (6.73.59)
KKunjaraA mountain range which was situated near the Vaidyuta mountain. It was pleasing to the mind and eyes. Vishwakarma, the divine architect, built a palace for Agastya on the mountain of Kunjara. On this mountain , there was a city named Bhogavati habitated by snakes (4.41.34-36). Sugriva sent Angada there in search Sita (4.41. 38).
KKunjara12. Kunjara Name of the leader of monkeys whose daughter was Anjana and maternal grand-father of Hanuman (4.66.10).
KKuruName of a country situated in the north where Sugriva had sent Shatabal in search of Sita (4.43.11).
KKurujangalaThe messengers sent by Vasishtha to Kekaya had to go through this land (2.68.13).
KKusaA great sage of ancient India.He was as effulgent as fire.The famous sage Viswamitra was born in Kusa's dynasty. He had four sons from his wife Vaidarbhi named Kushamba, Kushanabha,Asurta rajas and Vasu. He was called the son of Prajapati(1.51.18).
KKusambaSon of Kusa and Vaidarbhi(1.32.2). He established the city of Kaushambi(1.32.5).
KKusanabhaBorn to Kusa of Vaidarbhi. Kusanabha built Mahodayapura and lived there. This royal sage had hundred daughters from his wife Ghrtachi (1.32.20). He desired  to know the reason for the sudden deformity of his daughters . After hearing  from them , he praised them for their patience and forgiveness .He gave his daughters in marriage to Brahmadatta (1.33.20-21)and by whose  mere touch their deformity disappeared. Kushanabha, being without a son, performed a Putreshti for begetting a son(1.34.1)He was blessed with a son called Gadhi .Viswamitra was the son of Gadhi..
KKusaplavathe name of the place where Diti performed penance for one thousand years..This place was situated near Vaishali(1-47-10-11)
KKusashvaSon of Sahadeva in the Royal dynasty of Vishala(1.47.15). Somada was the name of his son(1.47.16)
KKusavatiThe City built by Rama for his son Kusha
KKushadhwajaYounger brother of Janaka, who was brilliant, virile and very righteous(1.70.2). He lived in the city of Sankashya which was situated on the banks of Ikshumti.
KKutikaA river which was crossed by Bharata while returning from Kekaya (2.71.15).
KKutikoshthikaA river which was crossed by Bharata while returning from Kekaya (2.71.10).
KKutsaAn Ascetic
LLagnathe point of the elliptic which, at any time , is at the horizon or on the meridan
LLakshmanaThe son of King Dasaratha and Queen Sumitra and the favourite brother of Rama who accompanied him to the forest. He is said to be the incarnation of the Serpent Shesha , who upholds the world and and also an aspect of Vishnu
LLakshmiThe Goddess of wealth and beauty. She emerged from the Ocean of Milk at the time of it Churning . Vishnu is her Lord.
LLakshyaIs the name of a weapon the son of the prajapati Kirishashwa which was delivered to Rama by Vishwamitra (1.28.5).
LLamabaThe hill on whose peak Hanuman landed as soon as he crossed the ocean from the Mahendra hill.
LLankaThe beautiful city built by Viswakarma from where Ravana, King of Titans, ruled the kingdom.
LLankiniThe goddess who protected the city of Lanka
LLavaOne of the twin sons of Rama the other being Kusa
LLavanSon of Madhu and Kumbhinasi .He was slain by Satrughna.
LLokapalasGaurdians of four quarters
LLopamudraWife of Sage Agastya
Mmanu(1)The founder of Solar race and he was the first law-giver. The collection of his statements is known as Manu Smriti. He was the son of Vivasvata and father of Ikshvaku ( (7.79.5);
Mmaru(1)Is the name of the son of Sighraga and the father of Pasusruka (1.70.41).
Mmanu(2)Is the name of the daughter of Daksha who married Kasyapa ( She gave birth to the human beings from Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra Castes (3.14.29).
Mmaru(2)Is the name of the son of Haryashva and the father of Pratindhaka (1.71.9).
MMadaThe temporal juices of an elephant in rut
MMadanaThe god of love, also called Kama and Kandarpa
MMadhuA demon slain by Vishnu
MMadhuchandaViswamitra 's son who was cursed by his father for his refusal to accept his command.
MMadhumantaA city founded by Danda
MMagadhaIs the name of a territory .Praptijya from this place was invited by Dasartha for his horse sacrifice ceremony (1.13.26) The river Sona fowing this territory is also known as Magadha ( . Sugriva had sent vinata her in search of Sita (4.40.22).
MMagramaSugriva had sent Vinata to the villages in the territory of Koshal, Videha, Malva, Kasi etc in search of Sita
MMahadeva'Great God' Siva ..He is one of the Trinity
MMahakapalais the name of commander of the army of Dushana (3.23.34). After the death of Dushana, Mahakapala attacked Rama with a spear (3.26.17-18) and was killed by him. .
MMahakayaName of the counsellor of Prahasta who was killed by Jambavan (6.58.22)
MMahamaliOne of the commanders of Khara who attacked Rama in Janasthana (3.23.33)
MMahanadiThe name of a river in South where Angada had gone in search ofof Sita (4.41.9)
MMahapadmaOne of the four Diggajas in the eastern quarter holding the earth on its head (1.40.17-18)
MMahaparshvaOne of the Ravana's trusted ministers. He guarded the South gate of Laka (6.44.20) He was killed by Angada
MMaharomaName of a king . Son of Kirtirata and father of Swarnaroma
MMaharshiA Great Rishi. A rishi who had performed great penance is addressed by this titile.
MMaharuna. Name of a mountain . Sugriva asked Hanuman to invite the monkeys residing there to participate in the Rama-Ravana war.
MMahendra- Name of a mountain where Parasurama had retired after gifting away the earth (1.75.8) -A great hill from where Hanuman took a great leap across the ocean.(5.1.7.)
MMahodara-A general in the army of Rama and one of the trusted counsellors.He took the responsibility of East gate of Lanka .(6.60.82) Sugriva killed him. -son of Viswamitra -It also means 'pot-bellied' . A disease known as dropsy.
MMahodayaName of a city which was established by Kusanabha ,the son of Kusa(1.32.5)
MMahodaya1Mahodaya -A sage who was cursed by Viswamitra for his refusal to participate in the sacrifice of Trishanku. (1.59.20-21) -The mountain of sacred herbs visited by Hanuman for Lakshmana's recovery
MMainakaThe name of a mountain with wings. At the request of Lord of the seas, it raised its golden peak to enable Hanuman to take rest.
MMaindaOne of the chiefs of monkeys and born to Ashwini Devatas..He was a matchless warrior He fought at the east gate under the commandership of Nila.
MMakarakshaIs the name of the chief of the monsters whose house was set on fire by Hanuman (5.54.14). He was the son of Khara (6.78.2). He fought with Rama. and broken his chariot, Rama killed him with his Agneya Astra (
MMaladaRefer Karusha . In olden days when Indra was polluted after killing Vrittasura , the gods removed his dirt with the Ganga water at this place (1.24.18-23).
MMalavanaName of a territory .Sugriva had sent VInata in search of Sita.
MMalayaIs the name of a mountain on the summit of which Agastya dwelt. Sugriva with his companions came to see Rama and Lakshamana when they arrived on this mountain (4.2.14). Rishyamuka is the name of a peak of mountain (4.5.1).
MMaliSon of Sukesa and Devavati . With his penance he obtained a boon from Brahma for immortality. He was later killed by Vishnu(7.71.31-43)
MMalyavanGrand- father of Ravana .He persuaded Ravana to return Sita to Rama. (6.35.6)
MMalyavatiA river flowing through Chitrakuta. ( Rama stayed near it
MManasa_sarovaraManasa sarovaraManasa Sarovara The name of a beautiful lake situated in mount Kailasa.It was created by Brahma with his mental resolve.
MManavastraAstra employed by Rama against Maricha which took him away to a distance of hundred yojanas without killing him
MMandakarniA sage . He created Panchapsarsa lake with the power of his penance in the Dandaka forest(3.11.19)
MMandakiniIs the name of a river which flowed to the north of the mountain of Chitra Kuta (2.92.11) Rama and Lakshmana offered oblations to their father with waters from this river The ashram of Sutikshna is situated on the bank of this river (3.5.36). The monsters used to harass the sage residing on its banks (3.6.17).
MMandakini1Is the name of the river Ganga as she flows in the heavens.Its banks were inhabited by Gandharvas and the gods (
MMandaraThe name of mountain which was used by gods and asuras for churning the milk of ocean.During the course of churning , it sank to nether world and Vishnu in the form of Tortoise held it up;Sugriva asked Vinata to search for Sita on this mountain.(1.45.29-30)
MMandaviThe daughter of King Kusadwaja and consort of Bharata
MMandehaIs the name of a class of terrible monsters who resided in the Lohita sea.They hung suspended from peaks of the mountains in Garuda's abode.
MMandhataOne of the kings of Solar dynasty.He was the son of Yuvanaswa and father of Susandhi and often referred to as the 'ornament of Krita yuga'
MMandodariIs the name of a class of terrible monsters who resided in the Lohita sea.They hung suspended from peaks of the mountains in Garuda's abode.
MMangalaA monkey commander who was defeated by Prahasta , the commander of Ravana in the war fought at Kailasha mountain (6.19.11)
MManoramaThe wife of Himavan and mother of Parvati and Ganga.
MMantharaIs the name of the daughter of Virochana. She was killed by Indra when she desired to destroy the earth(1.25.20)
MManthara1Is the name of a maid servant whom Kaikeyi had brought from his father?s house.She was a short ,ugly woman with a hump on her back.She was given special previlege because of old age and her love for Kaikeyi. Hearing the coronation of Rama , she insitgated Kaikeyi to ask for the two boons which Dasaratha had granted her; the exile of Rama to the forest for fourteen years and coronation of Bharata as king
MMantraAn incantation
MMantrapalaIs the name of a minister of Bharata who came out of the city to welcome Rama on his return to Ayodhya (6.127.11).
MMarichaA demon and uncle of Ravana. He was punished by Rama when tried to interrupt the sacrifice of Viswamitra. Later he lured away Rama from his hermitage at Panchavati disguised as a golden deer , leaving Sita alone who was subsequently carried off by Ravana
MMaricha1Maricha Name of leader of one of the monkey groups .Sugriva had sent him in the western direction in search of Sita ((4.42.3-4)
MMarichiIs the name of the son of Brahma and the father of Kashyapa (1.70.19). He was a Prajapati after Sthanu (3.14.8).
MMarkandeya-Name of priest of Dasaratha. -A great devotee of Mahadeva.He was granted a boon that he would always remain to be sixteen.
MMaruttaIs the name of a king who, while performing sacrifice with gods, was challenged by Ravana to fight with him aor accept subordination . Accepting the challenge of Ravana , he was ready to fight against but was desisted by Samvarta, his spiritual preceptor.
MMataliName of charioteer of Indra. He brought the divine chariot and asked Rama to accept him as his charioteer (6.102.29). He was badly wounded by Indrajit
MMatangaIs the name of a sage whose ashram was situated six miles away from Krauncharanya in the East (3.69.8). The Matanga forest was situated on the mountain of Rishyamuka on the bank of Pampa Lake
MMatangeeDaughter of Krodhavasa and Kasyapa (3.14.22). She gave birth to elephants.
MMattaOne of the last few warriors who fought for Ravana and was killed
MMayavinSon of Dundubhi who had enemity with Vali and killed by him
MMaya_architect_Maya(architect)Maya(architect) The architect of asuras. He was the father of Mandodari He created a magical cave for the Nymph Hema his consort
MMeghanandaA name of Indrajit , son of Ravana
MMeruOne of the famous peaks of Himalayas
MMithiThe son of Nimi and the father of Janaka.(1.71.4).Mithi was born out of lifeless body of Nimi and Mithila got the name after Mithi.
MMleecchasThey were produced from the pores of Sabala to fight the army of Viswamitra (1.55.3)
MMrigiDaughter of Kasyapa and Krodhavasa. She was the mother of deers.
MMritasanjivaniA hill by name Sanjivani where life saving herbs are found. It wa brought to battlefield to By Hanuman.    
MMudugaraA favourite weapon of Rakshasas.
MMuhurtaAccording to the context an Instant or a Moment or a period of 48 minutes.
MMuniA holy sage, a pious or learned person
MMushtikasA human race who lived on the flesh of dogs.
Nnarantaka(1)Narantaka A glorious warrior. Son of Ravana He was killed by Angada(6.58.20)
NNaravyaghraName of a class of Kiratas.Sugriva had sent Vinata to this territory in search of Sita (4.40.27)
NNarmadaA river.(4.41.8) --A gandharvi whose daughters married Sumali, Mali and Malyavan(7.5.31-32)
NNataaName of the daughter of Shuki and the mother of Vinata(3.14.20)
NNeelaSon of Agni,fire-god He was ordered by Rama to lead the monkey army in such a way fruits and roots are available in abundance(6.4.10-11) As a commander , he was controlling and guarding the monkey army from all sides. He fought with Prahasta and killed him at the east gate .
NNikumbhaOne of the sons of Kumbhakarna ,Hanuman had set his house on fire(5,54.15)He was killed by Hanuman after a glorious display of his prowess(6.77.11-25)A
NNikumbhilaA secret spot on the outskirts of Lanka where Indrajit wanted to perform a sacrifice but could not complete it .If completed it would have made it invincible.
NNimiAn ancestor of Janaka and father of Devarata in whose custody the  bow of Siva  was kept.
NNishadaA hunter. He killed the male bird of the pair of Krauncha birds
NNishkaraName of a sage who was residing on the peak of Vindhya mountain(4.60.8)Sampati was consoled by this sage and assured that by informing the whereabouts of Ravana to messengers of Rama he would get back his wings and eye-sight(6.62.1-14)
NNishukumbhaName of monster who was killed by Vishnu(7.6.35)
NNivatakavachaA race of Giants
NNabhagaSon of Yayati and the fatherof Aja (1.7.42-43)
NNagaThe serpents ,the children of Kadru.
NNagadattaAn apsarasa who was invited by sage Bharadwaja to greet the army of Bharata(2.9.178)
NNahushaThe son of Ayu who ruled the heaven in the absence of Indra after the death of Vratra (7.56.23-28)
NNahusha1Nahusha Son of Ambarisha and father of Yayati(1.70.42)
NNalaSon of Viswakarma (6.22.45),He was chief of monkeys He had built the bridge across the ocean.
NNalakubaraThe son of Viswakarma who married Rambha .(7.46.33)
NNaliniName of a river which took its course towards east while flowing out from Bindu lake.(1.43.12)
NNamuchiEnemy of gods .A demon who attacked Indra. He was killed by Vishnu
NNamuchi1Namuchi A sage who had come from south to greet Rama on his return from exile
NNandanaName of a messenger sent by Vasistha to bring Bharata after the death of Dasaratha(2.68.5)
NNandana1Nandana The gardens of Indra from where 20,000 apsarasas.had come at the invitation of Sage Bharadwaja to greet the army of Bharat(2.91.44)
NNandiThe sacred Bull and the vehicle of siva. An old enemy of Ravana.
NNandigramaA small city on the outskirts of Ayodhya from which Bharata ruled the kingdom awaiting Rama's return(2.115.10)
NNandinaRavana ridiculed him on seeing his monkey like face.He cursed him that he would be killed in the hands of a monkey.(7.16.11-14)
NNandivardhanaThe sonof Udavasu and father of Suketu(1.71.5) Son of Kasyapa and Kalaka (3.14.16)
NNarakaName of a wicked monster who lived in the town of Pragjyothisha situated on the mountain of Varah(4.42.29)
NNarantakaA Rakshasa .He was commander of Prahasta He killed many members of monkey army.(5.54.15)
NNarantaka1Narantaka A Rakshasa .He was commander of Prahasta He killed many members of monkey army.(5.54.15)
OOmkaraIla was orginally a girl who was turned into a boy,Omkara , by Vasistha through his will-power. Later when he enterd a forest cursed by Siva , he again became a beautiful woman and fell in love with Budha. Budha consulted various sages for getting Ela tranformed back to man. The most brilliant Omkara came to his ashram along with Pulastya etc (7.90.9). At the time of Rama's departure to the Supreme abode,Omkara followed him devotedly. (7.109.8).
OOshadhi_parvataOshadhi parvata Oshadhi Parvata It is mountain full of medicianal plants. Jambavan told Hanuman that in between the peaks of Rishabha and Kailash mountains is situated a mountain of Medicinal plants. Jambavanta told Hanuman to bring from this mountain such of the herbs which could give back life to the monkeys. (6.74.29-34).
PPadma(1)11.Padma Is the name of one of the treasurer of Kubera who had gone to fight Ravana (7.15.17). He took Kubera to Nandanavana when he was wounded by Ravana (7.15.35).
P1panasa11.Panasa Is the name of a leader of monkeys who came with the crores of monkeys on orders from Sugriva (4.39.21). He guarded the South wing of the monkey army (6.4.34). In the war, he based his army on the mountain named Pariyatra (6.26.40). Climbing the ramparts , he surrounded the East gate of Lanka.(6.42.24))
P1pandya11.Pandya Is the name of a place in South where Sugriva had sent Angada in search of Sita (4.41.12)
P1pishachas11.Pishachas Ghosts or evil spirits. Kausalya had invoked them to protect Rama at the time of his exile to the forest (2.25.17). Brahma granted a boon to Ravana that he shall not be killed by them (3.32.18-19). These people had been seeing whole night the war between Rama and Ravana (6.107.65).
P1pramathi11. Pramathi Is the name of a minister of Dusana who fought with Rama and killed by him(3.23.34). He was a mighty and brave warrior who was always on the fore front of the army of Dusana (
P1_prajanghaIs the name of the chief of a group of monkeys .He encouraged the monkey army while going towards southfront (6.4.37). He fought the war at the western gate jointly with Hanuman (
P1_pratishthan11. Pratishthan Is the name of a city where Urvasi met her husband Pururava (7.56.26).
P1_pundra11.Pundra Is the name of a territory in the East where Vinata was sent by Sugriva in search of Sita (4.40.22)
P2padmaIs the name of one of the eight elephants guarding one of the Cardinal points (7.31.35).
P2panasa22.Panasa is the name of a minister of Vibheeshana who, in the guise of a bird, secretly found out the strength of the army of monsters (6.3.7-19).
P2pandya(4.41.20). Sugriva had sent Angada in search of Sita to this city (4.41.19-20).
P2pramathi22. Pramathi Is the name of the chief of the group of monkeys who joined the monkey army of Rama. He resided on the mountain named Usheerabeeja situated on the bank of Ganga He crushed the chariot of Indrajit after killing his all the four horses (
P2_prajangha22. Prajangha Is the name of the chief of the monsters who had fought with Sampati (6.43.7).. Ravana had ordered him to go to battle field along with Kumbha and Nikumbha (6.75.46). Seeing Sonitaksha being defeated by Angada, he ran towards him to extend help but was killed by Angada (
P2_pundraIsthe name of a territory in the South where Angada was sent by Sugriva in search of Sita (4.41.12).
PPadmachalaIs the name of a mountain where Hanuman was sent by Sugriva to invite the monkeys residing there in the battle against war with Ravana. (4.37.41
PPadyaOfferings of water for the washing of the feet and this is done when some one arrives as a guest
PPahlavasWarriors who were produced by the Surabhi, the wish-fulfilling cow , at the command of Vasishtha . These warriors had destroyed the whole of the army Vishwamitra but in the end Vishwamitra had destroyed them (1.54.17-20).
PPakasasanaIndra , the ' punisher of a demon Paka '
PPampaIs the name of a Lake . Rishyamuka mountain is situated to its east ..On the bank of this Lake , Hanuman met Rama (1.1.58) It was extremely beautiful full of blue lotus flowers and surrounded by blooming trees
PPanchaalaIs the name of a country. The messengers of Vasishtha passed through this country a while going to Kekaya (2.68.13).
PPanchajanaIs the name of a demon who was killed by Vishnu on the mountain of Chakrava (4.42/26)
PPanchalaA country in the neighbourhood of of Kosala
PPanchapsaraIs the name of a Lake one yojana length and breadth (3.11.15 -18). Sage Mandakarni created this Lake with the power of his penance in the Dandakaranya where he lived with five Nymphs
PPanchavitiA place situated on the southern bank of the river Godavari. .Sage Agastya suggested to Rama to construct a hermitage at this place where fruits, roots and water are available in plenty (3.13.13-22). At this place Rama lived for some time with SIta and Lakshmana during their exile in the forests.
PPannagasCelestial serpents, Offspring of Kadru  Parantapa A title meaning 'Oppressor or subduer of a foe
PPapaSin, crime ,guilt
PParasuramaRama with axe,the sixth incarnation of Vishnu. He was the son of Sage Jamadagni of his wife Renuka..He killed Kartaviryarjuna and exterminated the race of Kshatriyas by going round the earth twentyone times
PPariplavaA spoon or ladle used at sacrifices.
PParivrajakaA wandering ascetic .Ravana came to the hermitage of Sita in the guise of Parivrajaka.
PPariyatra.Its peak was spread over in one hundred yojanas. Sugriva had ordered Susena to search for Sita on this mountain.. Twenty four crores of gandharvas resided on the peak of this mountain . The chief of the monkey named PANASA also resided on this mountain (6.26.40).
PParjanyaOn the orders of Brahma He begot a son in the form of monkey to help Rama (1.17.15)
PParushaIs the name of a great and valiant commander of Khara who fought with Rama (3.23.32).
PParvanThe period of the moon's change , new moon or full moon
PParvataIs the name of a sage who cursed King Nriga. (7.23.1-24)
PPasupatiLord of creaturers, a name given to Siva
PPavakaA name of Agni, God of Fire
PPavakiThe 'Son of Fire", a name of Skanda , the God of War
PPavaniIs the name of one of the seven rivers flowing from Bindu lake towards East (1.43.12). A tributary of Ganga.
PPinakaThe bow of Mahendra
PPingalaIs the name of the gate keeper of the Sun-god (7.23B,10).
PPitrigana manesPitrigana(manes)Pitrigana(Manes) The forefathers who are dead. Once upon a time , Gautama cursed Indra to without testicles. At the request of Gods ,these people grafted the testicles of a ram to Indra (1.49.9). Since that time, all the manes were accepting the rams without testicles as sacrificial animals and enjoying the fruits of the sacrifice. (1.49.10).
PPitrilokaA territory said to be situated near the Rishabha mountain in South and covered with darkness. Sugriva had asked the leaders of the groups of monkeys going to south in search of Sita to refrain from going to this territory (4.41.45-46).
PPlakshaIs the name of a minister of Sugriva who had inspired Sugriva to fulfil his words to pacify the anger of Lakshmana (
PPndarikaPundarika Is the name of a Nymph who performed dance in front of Bharata at the invitation of Bharadwaja (2.91.46)
PPrabhavaIs the name of a minister of Sugriva . He requested Sugriva to pacify the anger of Lakshmana (
PPrachetaIs the name of a Prajapati after Angira (3.14.8).
PPraghasaIs the name of a commander of Ravana. He was the son of Sumalini and Ketumati ( Sugriv killed him (6.43.25)
PPraghasa1Praghasa Is the name of a monstress who threatened Sita to eat her up for rejecting the offer of Ravana (5.24.42)
PPragjyotishaIs the name of a city which was situated on a mountain in the middle of the sea.. Sugriva had sent Sasena in search of Sita ( invincible fortress of asuras.
PPragvataIs the name of a city situated on the bank of Ganga where Bharata crossed the river Ganga. (
PPrahasaIs the name of a minster of Varuna, who inspite of being repeatedly asked by Ravana, told him that Varuna was in the world of Brahma (
PPrahastaHe was the son of Sumalini and Ketumati, father of Janmbumalin.and chief minister of Ravana..He defeated Manibhadra on Kailasha Mountain (6.19.11). He was appointed to the guard the east gate of Lanka. ( Ultimately he was killed by Nila.
PPrahladaIs the name of the son of Hiranyakashipa and devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was grand father of Bali.(7,23A.68-69)
PPrahretiIs the name of the chief of monsters living in Lanka before it was occupied by Ravana. He was very righteous and carried on his austerities in a forest after leaving Lanka. (
PPrajapati, The creator , Brahma
PPrajapatya_purushaIs the name of the divine person who emerged from the sacrificial fire carrying a bowl of divine Payasam
PPrajojyaIs the name of the chief of monkeys who was created by gods to help Rama (7.36.50).
PPralayaGreat of dissolution of the world .This is supposed to occur at the end of the Yuga
PPramatiIsthe name of a minister of Vibheeshana, who coming in the form of a bird, secretly found out the strength of the monsters army (
PPramodanaIs the name of a saint who was invited by Budha for consultation regarding getting back the potency of Ila (7.90.5).
PPramuchiis the name of a sage in south who had come to Ayodhya to greet Rama, after his arrival from the forest (7.1.3).
PPranshushrukaIs the name of the son of Manu and father of Ambarisha (1.70.41).
PPrasabhaIs the name of the leader of the group of monkeys who was in readiness to help Kumuda at the East gate (6.42.24).
PPrasravanaIs the name of a mountain also known as Malyavan mountain (4.28.1) .After the coronation of Sugriva, Rama and Lakshmana shifted to this mountain and spent rainy seasonof four months on this mountain since it was close to Kishkindha ( They extended their stay for one more month waiting for the return of messengers bringing the news about Sita (4.45.3).
PPrasthalaIs the name of a territory in the north where Satabal was sent by Sugriva in search of Sita (4.43.11),
PPratapanaIs the name of the chief of monsters who had fought with Nala (6.43.13).Nala plucked his eyes(
PPraushthapadaIs the name of one of the treasurers of Kubera who accompanied him to fight against Ravana (7.15.17)
PPrayagaThe confluence of the rivers Ganga and Yamuna which is considered as sacred spot.. Bharata after crossing the river Ganga went to the hermitage of Bharadwaja situated in Prayaga (
PPrithiviThe Earth..She is the queen consort of Vishnu (1.40.2).. Kaikeyi had invoked her to stand as withness at the time of Dasaratha granting a her. (2.11.14). Kausalya had invoked her to protect Rama during the period of their exile in the forest (2.25.13).
PPrithuIs the name of the son of Anaranya and the father of Trishanku (1.70.23).
PPrithugreevaIs the name of the mighty commander of Khara who fought with Rama with his entire army (3.23.32)
PPulahaIs the name of one of the prajapatis after Prachata(3.14.8).
PPulastyaOne of the six spiritual sons of Brahma. He was the fourth prjapati who had come after Ritu( 3.14.8). Visravas was his son of his wife Havirbhu .Visravas had two wives named Kaikasi and Ilabila. Kaikasi had three sons Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Vibhishana and a daughter Surpanakha.
PPulindaIs the name of a territory in the North where Satabala was sent by Sugriva in search of Sita. (4.43.11)
PPulomaA demon who belonged to the asura race born to Kasyapa of Diti.This asura fell in love with Pulomi , wife of Sage Bhrigu .He was the father of Sachi, wife of Indra.
PPunjikasthalaA celebrated Apsara who was cursed by Brihaspati to be born as monkey and when a son is born from the vitality of Siva , she were to be released from the curse . She became a monkey girl and enjoyed amorous life with a monkey boy named Kesari. Later she gave birth to Hanuman
PPunyaAccumulated benefits of righteous and meritorious deeds and actions.
PPuruIs the name of the son of Yayati and Sarmishtha ( A king of lunar dynasty. At the request of his father, he willingly accepted his father's old age in exchange for his youth ( After a thousand years, his father had taken back his old age and crowned him as the heir apparent to his kingdom
PPururavasIs the name of a king and founder of lunar race .He was the son of Budha , King of Kasi and Ila (7.56.22-26) . Ayu was his son (7.56.27).
PPurushadakasMan-eater monsters.(4.40.25-26). Sugriva had sent Vinata to their habit in search of Sita
PPushanIs the name of a god whom Kausalya had invoked to protect Rama during the period of exile (2.25.8). He was one of the Adityas .
PPushkalaIs the name of the son of Bharata (7.100.16). Rama performed his coronation ceremony (7.100.19)
PPushkalavataIs the name of a city of Gandharvas which was established by Bharata.
PPushkaraIs the name of a holy place where Vishwamitra performed penance for thousands of years.(1.61.4). At this place Shunasshepha was assured of his safety by Vishwamitra (
PPushkpakaA divine aerial chariot. Pleased with the penance of Kubera , Brahma gave it to him.Ravana after defeating Kubera took its possession by force. All the victory marches of Ravana were in this chariot. .In the Rama-Ravana battle , it came into possession of Vibhisana who gave it as gift to Rama. It was resored to the original owner by Rama. (
PPushpitakaIs the name of a mountain which was situated in the middle of the Southern sea spread over hundred yojanas where Celestial Beings dwelt.. Sugriva had sent Angada to this place to search for Sita (
PPushpotakaIs the name of the daughter of Sumalin and Ketumati (7.5.41).
PPushyaThe star under which Bharata was born
PPutrakama_or_putrshtPutrakama or putrshtPutrakama or Putrshti A sacrfice performed with a desire to get sons.for perpetuating the race.
RRadheyaIs the name of a highly delusive monster who was defeated by Vishnu (7.6.35)
RRaghavaA title belonging to those of the race of Raghu.
RRaghuOne of the famous kings of the solar race. He was the grandfather of Dasaratha
RRahuOne of the nine planets .He is said to cause the eclipse of the sun and moon by assuming a meteor's shape 
RRajagrihaIs the name of the capital of Kekaya. The messengers of Vasishtha reached there (2.70.1). After leaving this place, the valliant Bharata marched towards East (2.71.1).
RRajata_hillRajata hillRajata hill One of the small mountains in the South where the monkeys led by Angada searched for Sita.
RRakaOne of Sumali's sons
RRakshaA piece of thread fastened around the warit as a protection or to avert evil
RRakshasasTitans, demons, an evil spirit, a fiend
RRamaThe incarnation of Vishnu who appeared as eldest son of of King Dasaratha born of Kausalya.
RRambha1. Is the name of the chief of the group of monkeys .living on Vindhya, Krishnagiri, Saahya and Sudarshan mountains. He carefully arranged his army protecting Rama (6.47.2).
RRambha1One of the Apsaras in the court of Indra. She was often sent by Indra to distract the austerities of sages
RRambhasa1. The name of a weapon which was entrusted by Viswamitra to Rama.
RRambhasa1Is the name of a monster, who presented himself before Ravana equipped with weapons pledging to kill Ramaetc (6.9.1)
RRambhasa2Is the name of the chief of a group of monkeys, who was encouraging the monkey army to march ahead (6.4.37).
RRasatalaThe underworld. A hell said to be at the bottom of the sea,; it was exolored by sons of Sagara
RRashmiketuIs the name of a monsterwho was killed by Rama(6.43.28)
RRashtravardhnaOne of Rama's ministers
RRatiThe wife of Manmatha or Kama
RRavanaThe King of Lanka and son of VIsravas and grandson of Pulastya .After countless cruel deeds. he was killed by Rama
RRenukaWife of Jamadagni and the mother of Parasurama whose head was cut off by Parasurama with an axe on the order of his father (2.21.33)
RRicheekais the name of a sage who married the eldest sister of Vishvamitra (1.34.7). He lived with his wife and three sons on Bhargutunga mountain (1.61.11). King Ambareesha requested his son to offer as sacrificial animal . Richeeka refused to sell his eldest son (1.61.12-16).
RRicheeka1Vishnu gave Vaishnav arrow to sage Richeeka of Bhragu dynasty, which was again entrusted to his son Jamadagni. (1.75.22-23)
RRidhirasanaRudhirasana Is the name of a monster who came along with Khara to fight against Rama (3.23.33). He was killed by Rama(
RRikshaA famous cave protected by a demon (4.50.8) . The chief of monkeys, Hanuman and Angada were sent by Sugriva in search of Sita in the region of Vindhya (4.50.7) It was a magic city built by Maya for his daughter Hema. It looked like the residence of demon kings in nether world..
RRiksharajasA monkey who was the foster father of Bali and Sugriva . He was the king of Kishkindha .Vali and Sugriva were brought up by Ahalya at Gautama's asrama. Riksharajas ,with the permission of Indra went to the asrama and took Vali and Sugriva with him to Kishkindha. After ruling for a long time he died (7.36.36-37). He came into being from the tears of Brahma . After that he was residing on the mountain of Sumeru for some time eating roots and fruits .One day he jumped into the lake to fight with his shadow and he was transformed into a beautiful woman (7.3.7A,8-3) She gave birth to Vali from Indra and Sugriva from Sun who were attracted by her fascinating beauty. He again changed into man and presented himself before Brahma with these children (7.37.7A.31.45) Brahma appointed him as the king of the monkeys (7.37A,45-57).
RRiksharajas1Riksharajas The king of the bears and monkeys. Father of Vali and Sugriva.
RRikshavanA mountain where thousands of monkey groups resided. (1.17.31) It was situated near river Narmada where Riksharaja Dumra resided (6.27.9).
RRiksha_bilaRiksha bilaRiksha bila A magic cave where monkeys stayed for some time while searching for Sita
RRishabhaThe name of a white mountain which was situated in the middle of Kshirasagar. Sugriva asked Vinata to go there in search of Sita (4.40.42)
RRishabha1The name of a mountain range situated in the south sea. Gandharvas named Rohita protected it.Five virtuous Gandharvas brilliant like sun resided there (4.41.40-43).
RRishabha23. Rishabha is the name of king in whose period the city of Ayodhya again flourished after Srirama had left for the supreme abode (7.111.10).
RRishabha34. Rishabha is the name of a monkey chief who had replied to Angada that he could jump upto forty yojana distance in one attempt (4.65.5) .Rama ordered Rishabha ,the most outstanding of monkeys , to lead the southern command of the monkey army (6.4.16). He was one to make arrangements for the marching monkey army for war (6.4.30).He fought at the south gate protecting Angada (6.41.39-40). He went along with the other monkey chiefs to investigate regarding Indra but was stopped (6.45.1-5). He assaulted Ravana by uprooting the trees.
RRishiA saint, an ascetic , an anchorite There are four classes of Rishis Maharshi----Great Rishi Rajarshi-----Royal RIshi Brahmarshi--Sacred Rishi Devarshi-----Divine Rishi
RRishyamookaThe mountain on which Sugriva stayed. .Because of curse by Sage Matanag.Vali could not step on to that mountain and is considered safe by Sugriva..
RRishya_sringaRishya sringaRishya sringa Son of Sage Vibhandaka. Vibhandaka and Rishyasringa lived together in an asrama..Rishyasringa had never seen any human being except his father.At that time the kingdom of Anga was ruled by Romapada.Once severe drought and famine occurred in that kingdom. . His ministers advised him to fetch Rishyasringa to his country whereupon Indra would start raining . "Rishyashranga would always be busy with penance and self study while in the forest. He would not even recognise the women and was always unaware of the sensual pleasure (1.10.3) .Charmed by the prostitutes he came to the land of Anga where upon there were heavy rains. After marrying Shanta the daughter of the king of Anga, he started living in Anga (1-10.7-33). The king Romapada introduced him with Dasaratha and permitted him to go to Ayodhya. He with his wife Shanta came to Ayodhya and on being requested by the king Dasaratha, performed the horse sacrifice and Putreshti for him (1.12.2-4).
RRitviksPriests who officiate at a sacrifice.
RRohini1. The loving wife of the moon and godess of the heaven, She was never away from her husband even for a moment (2.118.11).
RRohini12.Rohini Is the name of the daughter of Surabhi who produced kines (
RRohitaIs the name of a class of Gandharvas who were residing on Rishabha mountain (4.41.42).
RRomapadaKing of Angadesh (1.9.7)..When there was draught Rishyshranga was brought to the territory of Angadesh ( Immediately after the arrival of Rishyashranga, there were heavy rains. He gave his daughter, Shanta in marriage to him.(
RRuchiIs the name of a weapon which was given to Rama by Vishwamitra (1.28.7)
RRumaWife of Sugriva whom Vali had taken.
RRumanaA monkey warrior , General in Sugriva's army  
SSagaraOne of the kings of the solar race to which Rama belongs.
SSalakantakaName of the daughter of Sandhya who was married to monster fo Vidyutkesha(7.4. 23-26)
SSalveyaName of a mountain where Sharabha , chief of one of the groups of monkeys (6.26.36)
SSampatiElder son of Aruna and Shyeni, brother of Jatayu (4.56.17-24) --Name of the chief of one of the groups of Monkeys ((4.33.10)
SSamudraOne of the four sons of Brahma, born of his mind
SSamunataName of a monster who was a minister to Prahasta. Durmukha trampled him (6.58.19-21)
SSanhradiName of a monster and son of Sumali (7.5.41)
SSanjivakaraniLife -giving herb which is said to grow on a hill by name Oshadhiparvata.
SSankasyaName of a city where Kusadhwaja, brother of Janaka lived (1.70.2-3)
SSanshrayaName of fourth Prajapati after Shesha (3.14.7)
SSanuprasthaName of a monkey who was sent by Rama in search of Indrajit (66.45.3)
SSanyodhakantakaName of an Yaksha who was defeated by Maricha (7.14.21-22)
SSaptajanaName of an ashram visited by Rama and Lakshmana (4.13.18-29)
SSapta_saptiOne of the names of Sun-God narratedby Agastya in the Aditya Hridaya (6.105.11)
SSaramaDaughter of Vibhisana who was kind-hearted towards Sita(6.34)
SSaranaOne of the Rakhasa spies sent by Ravana to ascertain the strength of Rama's army.
SSaraswatiA sacred river flowing towards West
SSarayuThe river which flows on the outskirts of Ayodhya.
SSarpasyaName of monster who came along with Khara to fight against Rama((3.26.27)  
SSarpatapanaOne of the names of Sun-God mentioned in Adiya Hridaya.(6.105.14)  
SSarvabhaumaName of an elephant belonging to Kubera
SSashabinduis the name of a king who had enmity with Asita (
SSatyakirtiName of a weapon, son of Krishaswa .Handed over to Rama by VIswamitra (1.28.4)
SSatyanName of a weapon, son of Krishaswa .Handed over to Rama by Viswamitra (1.28.4)
SSatyavatiSister of Viswamitra, wife of Richika and the mother of Jamadagni(1.34.7)
SShabalais the name of the( Kamadhanu )cow belonging toVasishtha(1.52.20)
SShabariA female ascetic who was an ardent devotee of Rama(1.1.56).
SShailodaName of a river on the bank of which was situated the territory of Kuru(4.43.38)
SShailushaName of a Gandharava residing on the mountain of Rishabha (4.41.43). His daughter named Sarama was married to Vibhishana(4.43.38)
SShaivyaName of a king who had cut off flesh from his body to give it to hawk for protecting the life of a pigeon ((2.12.43)
SShaktiis the name of a sage who attended the assembly of Srirama after his return from exile -a weapon in the form of spear or lance and presided over by gods.
SShakunais the name of a weapon, the son of Prajapati Krishashwa, which was handed over to Rama by Vishwamitra (1.28.6).
SShalyakarshanais the name of a territory through which Bharata had passed while coming form Kekaya (2.71.3).
SShamberis the name of great monster who resided in Vaijayanta in Dandakaranya (
SShambhais the name of a demon who was killed by a monkey named Kesari (5.35.89).
SShambookais the name of a a low caste person who was performing severe penance to gain victory over the heaven . He was killed by Rama (
SShankhais the name of the presiding god of wealth (7.15.17).
SShankhachudaSrirama while bidding good bye to Sugriva, asked him to have a soft corner in heart for him (7.40.7).
SShankhanais the name of a king of Surya family, son of Kalmashapada and the father of Sudarshana (,
SShantais the name of the daughter of the king of Anga named Romapada and was married to the sage Rishyashranga (
SSharabhais the name of a monkey who was produced by Parjanya (1.17.15).
SSharabhangais the name of a Rishi whom Rama visited in the Dandaka forest (1.1.41).
SSharadandais the name of a river which was crossed by the messengers of Vasishtha while going to Kekaya (2.68.15).
SSharagulmahe was sent by Sugriva in search of Sita (4. 41.3).
SSharariSugriva had sent to South in search of Sita (4.41.3).
SSharavanais the name of forest where Kartikeya was born (
SShardulais the name of a spy of Ravana, (
SShardulyis the name of the daughter of Krodhavasha who gave birth to the sons named Vyagra (
SSharmishthais the name of the daughter of Vrishaparva and one of the wives of Yayati who gave brith to Puru (
SShatais the name of a monster whose house Hanuman had visited in search of Sita (5.6.24).
SShatabaliis the name of the chief of the group of monkeys, who had assisted Sugriva (4.39.14). Sugriva had sent him in the Northern direction in search of Sita (4.43.1) . "He always used to worship the sun god for might and victory".
SShatadruis the name of a river which was crossed by Bharata while returning from Kekaya(2.71.2).
SShatanandaThe son of Gautama and Ahalya. He was the family preceptor of Janaka.He was very much pleased on hearing the salvation of his mother Ahalya( He narrated to the king Janaka the terrible penance and gaining of the Brahmanhood of Viswamitra ( .
SShata_hradais the name of a monstress , the mother ofViradha(3.3.5)
SShata_vaktrais the name of a weapon , the son of the Prajapati Krishshwa, which was handed over to Rama by Viswamitra (1.28.5).
SShatodarais the name of the son of Prajapati Krishashva, a weapon, which was handed over to Srirama by Viswamitra (1.28.5).
SShatrughatiis the name of the son of Shatrughna, who was the king of Vidisha (
SShatrughnaThe son of Dasaratha born of Sumatra. He was the twin of Lakshmana and was always with Bharata.
SShatrughna_is the name of a monster with whom Vibhishana fought a battle (6.43.8).
SShatrunjayais the name of Rama's elephant
SSheshaThe name of third Prajapati who was after Vikrita (3.14.7)
SShighragais the name of a king belonging to Solar race , the son of Agnivarna. His son's name was Maru (
SShigruis the name of a gandharva residing on the Rishabha mountain (4.41.43)
SShiksha SHIKSHA ; is the name of a Gandhara residing on the Rishabha mountain (4.41.43).
SShilavahais the name of a river.which Bharata had crossed while returning from Kekaya (2.72.4).
SShinshupais the name of the tree . Hanuman concealed himself on a branch of this tree in Ashoka vana in Lanka (5.14.37).
SShishirais the name of a mountain on the top of which gods resided. Sugriva had sent Vinata here with one lakha monkey army in search of Sita (
SShonabhadraName of a river . Rama, Lakshmana and Viswamitra had rested on the bank of this river while going to Mithila.(1.31.20)
SShonitakshaName of monster whose house was visited by Hanuman in search of Sita.(5.6.26)
SShringaberapuraA city situated on the bank of Ganga (1.1.29)
SShuchiName of weapon .Son of the Prajapati Krishaswa . It was handed over to Rama by Viswamitra.(1.38.7)
SShukais the name of a Gandharva residing on the mountain of Rishabha (4.41.43).
SShukanbhaName of a monster . His house was visited by Hanuman in search of Sita (5.6.24)
SShuka_is the name of a monster whose house was set on fire by Hanuman (5.54.10).
SShukeeDaughter of Tamra (3. 14.17-20) Vinata ws her grand daughter (3.14.31)
SShukraIs the name of the father of Devayani, wife of Yayati (7.58.9)
SShunahshephaSon ot sage Richika(1.16.19) who had accepted to be sold to king Ambarisha and become sacrificial animal.
SShurasenaSugriva had sent Shatabali to this place in search of Sita (4.43.11)
SShurasena_Name of a region which was established by Shatrurghna (7.70.9)
SShurpanakhaThe half -sister of Ravana who is responsible for the destruction of Rakshasa clan.(1.1.46)
SShwetaChief of one of the groups of monkeys(6.26.25-26)
SShweta_Name of the king of Vidarbha and son of Sudeva (7.78.0)
SShyenagamiName of a monster who came along with Khara to fight against Rama and ultimately killed by Rama.(3.23.32)
SSiddarthaName of one of the ministers of Dasaratha who also offered to go to forest along with Rama.
SSiddhashramaName of an Ashrama where Vishnu carried intense austerities(1-29-3,26)
SSindhuName of a prosperous region ruled by Dasaratha (2.10.38)
SSinghikaName of a monstress who accosted Hanuman while crossing the sea(5.1.185,197)
TTakiritiName of the daughter of Kusadhwaja (1.77.12)given in marriage of Shatrughna.
TTaaraaWife of Vali and mother of Angada. . When Vali came out for a duel fight with Sugriva, she explained to him that it is not safe to fight with Sugriva in the light of his friendship with Rama and Lakshmana (4.15.6-30) . Val did not accept her advice (4.15.31).She was skilful  in taking decisions (4.22.13).
TTakshaA son of Bharata (7.100.16). He had gone with the army of Bharata (7.100.70)
TTakshakaName of a Naga.(serpent) Ravana had forcibly taken his wife (3.32.14; 6.7.9).
TTakshasilaName of a city in the country of Gandhara which was established by Bharata (7.101.10-15).
TTalajanghTalaJangh The king of Rajavansha who had defeated Asita (1.70.27-29)
TTamasaA river near Ganga in which the Sage Valmiki used to take bath(1.2.3-4) Its water was pure and clear (1.2.5).(2.45.32). Rama crossed this river flowing with high speed and full of whirlpools t (2.46.28).
TTamraDaughter of the Daksha and wife of Kashyapa. She gave birth to five daughters named Kraunchi, Bhasee, Shyeni, Dhratarasa and Shukee (3.14.17)
TTamraparniName of a river in the far south abounding in several crocodiles (4.41.17)
TTapanaName of one the chiefs of monsters who had fought with Gaja (6.43.9).
TTapasPenance or austerity performed with single-hearted devotion
TTaraOne of the leaders of monkey group He was the son of Bhrahaspathi(1.17.11). He went with Angada and Hanuman in search of Sita . (4.48.1). He had conducted an unsuccessful search for Sita in the Vindhya territory which was without water and trees (4.48.2-23).
TTarasaA monkey warrior
TTareyaOne of the chiefs of the group of monkeys who was crearted by gods to help Rama (7.36.49).
TTarkshyaHe produced monkey progeny to help Rama (1.17.21) The father of monkeys
TTarpanaPresenting obations to the deparated souls or gods
TTatakaA Yakshni capable of assuming any form at will and wife of Sunda and mother of demon Maricha.She possessed the strength of one thousands.(1.24/25-27). When Agastya killed Sunda , she attacked Agastya and was cursed by him to become a monster (1.25.5-12). She was killed by Rama,
TTejasLustre, Energy, or efffulgence and spiritual power
TTirthaA holy place, a place of piligrimmage , a shrine especially on the bank of a sacred river
TTorananame of a village. Bharata, while coming to Ayodhya from Kekaya, passed through this village (2.71.11)
TTrijataName of a Brahmin, of the family of Gargya ,whose body had become pale due to fasting He used to roam about with blade, pick axe and plough in search of fruits and roots (2.32.29). He was aged but his wife was youthful (2.32.30) Rama gifted hundreds of cows to him out of affection
TTrijataaIs the name of a monster . She revealed  to the monsters, who were terrifying and threatening Sita, of a horrible dream (5.27.4-6). in which Rama had destroyed Ravana along with his kith and kin.
TTrikutaHanuman sat on its peak and had a view of Lanka (5.2.1)
TTrinabinduName of a sage who was residing near Mount Meru (7.2.7-14). His daughter, unaware of the curse of Pulastya, started searching for her other female friends in his ashram.Immediately after seeing Pulastya , she became pregnant Trinabindu asked Pulastya to accept his daughter as his wife.She had son named Visrava (7.2 7-33).
TTripathagaA name given to Ganga since she flows in the heavens ,in the earth,and the lower regions.
TTripuraIs the name of three cities which were destroyed by Siva with the bow and arrows given by the gods (1.75.12).
TTrisankuHe was the son of Pruthu and Dhundhumara was his son (1.70.23-24). He wanted to to go to heaven with his physical body(1.57.10-11). Vasistha and his sons refused to perform such a sacrifice.Vishwamitra had sent him physically to heaven with the power of his penance (1.60.14-15) Gods did not accept him there with the result he started falling with his head up side down (1.60.16-18). Trishanku resided in the middle of the star zone created by Vishwamitra.
TTrishiraName of a glorious monster who had come to the battle field with Ravana with a sharp trident in his hand (6.59.19). He was the nephew of Kumbhakarna. He fought a fierce batle with Angada ,Neela and Hanuman and ultimately he was killed by Hanum,an. (6.70.33-48).
TTrishira12.Trishira is the name of a monster in off Janasthana who was killed by Rama (3.27.17-18)
TTumburuname of a chief of Gandharvas whose services were saught by Bharadwaja to greet the army of Bharata (2.91.18). He sang before Bharata (2.91.45). He had become a monster named Viradha with the curse of Kubera for his excessive attraction towards Rambha (3.4.16-19).
TTwashtaone of the Adityas who had gone to fight courageously against the monsters (7.27.36).
UUchchaishravais the name of the most superior and white horse which emerged from the churning of the the Ocean of milk. (1.45.39). It is said to be fed on ambrosia and  the foremost of steeds
UUdavasuname of the son of Janaka and the father of Nandivardhana (1.71.5).
UUdayachalais the name of a mountain in the East where Hanuman was asked by Sugreeva to invite the monkeys inhabiting there (4.37.4) (4.40.52). The highest peak of this mountain was one hundred yojanas in height The trees likeSala, Tala, Tamala and Kannera were  grown on the mountain. . Sugreeva had gone to this mountain out of fear of Valli. (4.46.15).
UUjjihanaIs the name of a city which had ample trees named Priyanka . Bharata had rested here with his horses while coming to Ayodhya (2.71.12-13).
UUlka_mukhais the name of the chief of monkeys , who was the son of Hutashana. He was permitted by Sugreeva to go to south in search of Ssita (4.41.4).
UUmaThe second daughter of Himavan . Her beauty could not be compared with any body on earth (1.35.14-16). "She devoted herself to deep penance.Himavan got his daughter Uma, married to the matchless Rudra (1.35.20-21).
UUnamattaname of the chief of monsters who was the son of Malyovan and Sundari (7.5.35-37).
UUpendraA synonym of Vishnu.Mahavishnu once took birth from  Aditi, the wife of Kasyapa.In that birth he took the name of Upendra.He was known as Vamana also (4.17.10)
UUrmilaLakshmana married , the daughter of Janaka.and the sister of Sita.When Lakshmana went to the forest with Rama and Sita, Urmila remained in Ayodhya.After the forest life,Rama and Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya. Two sons were born to Lakshmana by Urmila.
UUrvasiA famous celestial damsel.Pururavas was the son of Budha born of Ila .He grew up and became king of great renown. Urvasi had heard about the fame of Pururavas and had felt tender love for him. Through breach of the conditions precedent to their marraigae , Urvasi had deserted him.
UUsheerbeeja  is the name of a mountain where a monkey group king, named Pramathi lived. (6.27.27). The king Marutta performed his sacrifice at this place .
UUtkalais the name of a country in south where Angada was sent
VVadava_mukhais the name of the great brilliance appeared in the Jaloda sea with the anger of the sage Aurva. The water with the movable and immovable beings is said to be the food for this fire named Vadvamukha. The wailing of the helpness sea inhabitants on seeing this crying with the fear of being degeneration can be heard continuously (
VVaidarbhiis the name of the princess of Vidharbha and the wife of Kusha who gave birth to four sons (1.32.2).
VVaidyutais the name of a mountain which was situated beyond Suryavan. Sugreeva had sent Hanuman etc monkeys in this territory (4.41.33).
VVaijayantais the name of the capital of the king NIMI (7.55.6).
VVaikhanasais the name of a kind of sages who appearing before Shrirama, requested him to save them from the monsters after the departure of the saint Sharabhanga to heaven ( They used to reside across the mount Mainaka (4.43.32).
VVajrais the name of a mountain situated in the ocean near the pariyatra mountain only. Sugreeva sent Sushana etc., monkeys in its territory in search of Sita (4.42.23).
VVajrahanuis the name of a monster who assured Ravana to kill the whole of the enemy army himself alone (
VVajrajvalais the name of the grand daughter of Virochana kumar, who was married to Kumbhakarna (7.12.23).
VVajrakayais the name of a monster whose house was visited by Hanuman (5.6.22).
VVajramushtiMainda had a duel with him (6.43.12). He was killed by Mainda (6.43.29). He was the son of Malyavan (7.5.36).
VVajra_danshtrais the name of a monster, whose house was visited by Hanuman (5.6.20). Hanuman set his house on fire (5.54.10). He in anger picking up a bean in his hand assured Ravana of killing Shrirama etc., ( He appeared before Ravana, duly equipped with different kinds of weapons (6.9.3). He was wounded by Shrirama (6.44.20). As per the orders of Ravana, he, duly equipped with different kinds of weapons appeared in the battle field ( He terribly massacred the monkey army 96.53.25). He terribly fought with Angada in which he was killed by Angada (6.54). Ravana sent Prahastha for battle after hearing the news of his killing (6.55.1). Vibheeshana mentioned his killing (6.89.11). Shrirama showed the place of his being killed to Sita while on journey to Ayodhya (6.123.11).
VValakhilyais the name of one kind of the sages who, appearing before Shrirama, requested him to protect them from the monsters, after the departure of the saint Sharbhanga to heaven ( Ravana watched the territories of the sea shore inhabited by these sages also (3.35.14). They wee residing across the mountain of Mainaka (4.43.32).
VValinAs shwetashwatary Shruti abducted by Madhu Kaitabha was retrived by Hayagreeva similarly with your orders I would have brought Sita back if he were to be in the waters of the sea or in the nether world. It is appropriate that Sugreeva will get the kingdom after my death. It is only improper that you have killed me unrighteous way. Saying so much he kept mum. His mouth dried up at that time and it begin paining due to the blow of the arrow ( Replying him Shrirama told him the justification of his being killed and being unable to answer and asking for appology requested Shrirama for protection of Sugreeva and Angada etc., and Shrirama assured him accordingly (4.18). His wife Tara, hearing the news of his being wounded in the battle field, insisted to come to him and started wailing after coming near him 94.19). Tara terribly wailed near him (4.20). Tara expressed that there was no better way proper than to follow her husbands foot steps (4.21.16). He expressed his heart felt statements to Sugreeva and Angada. Afterwards handing over his divine golden garland to Sugreeva he asked Sugreeva to be faithful to Shrirama. He also gave sermon to his son Angada to behave with Sugreeva respectfully. Thus with these words he breathed his last ( After his death all the cheifs of the group of monkeys started wailing and the city of Kishkindha and its gardeus, mountains and the forests became desolate ( he fought a battle with a gardhava named Golabha, continuously for fifteen years day and night and at the start of immediate sixteenth year killed him ( Seeing her husband dead Tara fell on the ground the arrow pierced in his body due to that streams of blood started flowing from all the woods of his body ( Angada touched his feet with the orders of his mother (4.23.24). Tara requested Shrirama to kill her also while wailing For him so that she may remain with him even in the heaven also ( Lakshmana asked Sugreeva to arrange his cremation ceremony. ( Sugreeva decorated the palanquin with flowers keeping the dead body into it for taking the same to the burrial ground ( He defeated Ravana after which Ravana became friend of him (7.34). His fathers name was Riksharaja (7.36.36). His father only made him the king (7.36.38). Even tough there was friendship between him and his brother Sugreeva from the childhood it self but subsequently it turned into an enmity in between them (  
VValmiki? O flower ! may you never get peace at any moment because you have killed one of the pair, the male bird which was sexually excited, for no fault of it (" "Afterwards he was concerned whether all that he had uttered should be in the form of shloka or not ? His disciple Bharadwaja said that his utterences should be given form of shlokas only. Pondering over his shloka alone he along with his disciple came to his ashram. At that moment Brahma, the creator of the world, appearing there, knowing his mental status, asked him to compose in shlokas, the complete life sketch of Shrirama, Brahma told that he was having knowledge of the complete account of Shrirama, secret or open , and the character of Lakshmana, Sita and that of the monsters secret or open and none of the narrations by him shall be untrue. Afterwards Brahma disappeared , giving him blessings for him and his Ramayana of the perennial popularity. After the departure of Brahma he composed Ramayana, the epic, on the character of Shrirama in thousands of Shlokas and rich with charming padas which is full of the similarity , sweetness in the stanzas and height in the meanings (" He again tried to interview himself the whole of the life scatch of Shrirrama after hearing the same from the mouth of Narada, filled with Righteousness, earning and sexual results, secret or open (1.3.1). He portrayed the story of Rama in short, previewing the whole of the Ramayana , the epic (1.3)." He composed poetry of Ramayana, based on the whole life scatch of Shrirama, in very beautiful stanzas and full of meanings and comprising of twenty four thousands shlokas, five hundred contoes and seven chapters. Afterwards he taught the recitation of this poetry to Kusha and Lava (" The wonderful poetry of Ramayana compossed by the sage Valmiki became the touch stone for the subsequent poets (1.4.26). Shrirama etc., after gaining entry into his ashram gave their introduction after paying salutations to him ( ( Shrirama ordered Lakshmana to leave Sita near his ashram situated on the banks of the river Tamasha ( The sons of the saint conveyed to him the message of the wailing Sita ( He came on the spot where Sita was sitting, on hearing the message from the sons of saint ( Recongnising the sorrowful Sita he told her that he has come to know the whole of her story. Afterwards he asked Sita to reside in his ashram only (" Sita paid her salutations in his feet and then obeyed his orders ( He asked the wives of the saints of the ashram to look after her giving her introduction to them ( Shatrughna reached his ashram while going on the way to kill Lavanasura where he extended hospitality to him. After wards he narrated the story of Kalmashapada to Shatrughna (7.65)." The sons of the saints informed him with the news of delivery at mid night (7.66.2). "In a happy mood he entered the labour room and taking a handful of grass and removing grass by grass he gave instructions for the protection from the interference of ghosts etc., After wards he named the elder and the younger soars of Sita as Kusha and Lava respectively ( When Shatrughna in the twelvth year after the killing of Lavanasura, came to his ashram while returning to Ayodhya ( He thanked Shatrughna for killing Lavanasura, narrating him various stories ( When the wonder struck soldiers on hearing the songs based on the life scatch of Shrirama desired to know about this and asked Shatrughna to ask him about this but Shatrughna did not accept this proposal ( Shatrughna took leave from him ( "He also attended the horse sacrifice ceremony of Shrirama. After wards he asked two of his disciples to recite the poetry of Ramayana roaming here and there and told that even if Shrirama wanted to hear the same they can recite but giving their introduction as the disciples of Valmiki (7.93)". On being asked by Shrirama both the sons of the saint told that the composer of the poetry is the place of the sacrifice ( Shrirama sent message to him that in case the character of Sita was chaste then he should come with her and prove her purity in the public ( The messengers of Shrirama gave him this news then he accepted the same ( Hearing his reply Shrirama was pleased (7.95.12). He along with Sita came in the assembly of Shrirama ( Coming among the public crowd he with full confidence proved the purity of the character of Sita (
VVamadevais the name of a sage who was the respected priest of the king Dasharatha (1.7.4). Dasharatha had consultations with him to perform the horse sacrifice for begetting a son (1.8.6). Dasharatha told that he should be invited (1.12.5). Dasharatha asked his permission to go to Mithila (1.68.14). He too marched for Mithila along with Dasharatha (1.69.4). Dasharatha asked him to make arrangements for the corronation ceremony of Shrirama (2.3.3) He advised vasishtha to appointed another king by appearing at the assembly the next day morning after the death of the king Dasharatha (2.67.3). He came back to Ayodhya along with Vasishtha etc from the ashram of Shrirama (2.113.2). He supported Vasishtha in performing the corronation ceremony of Shrirama (6.128.61). Hearing the wailing of the brahmin at the royal gate, Shrirama invited him (7.74.2). He, along with Vasishtha came to Shrirama and he was extended hospitality with honour by Shrirama ( Shrirama consulted him regarding the performance of the ceremony of horse sacrifice (
VVamana(1.29.3). The gods inspired Vishnu to come in the form of Vamana and go to the sacrifice of Bali (1.29.9). Vishwamitra had devotion for him 91.29.22).
VVamana_is the name of a fairy who danced very near to Bharata in his hospitality by the orders of the saints Bhardwaja (2.91.46).
VVangais the name of a prosperous country which was ruled by Dasharatha. Dasharatha told to deliver to Kekayee the goods produced there (
VVanhiis the name of the chief of the group of monkeys who had come to Sugreeva along with his army (4.39.38).
VVaradais the name of a river in south in whose territory Sugreeva sent Hanuman etc., monkeys in search of Sita (4.41.9).
VVaranasiis the name of the city of the king of kashi. It was equipped with beautiful parapet walls and charming gates (7.38.17). After enjoying the hospitality from Shrirama the king of Kashi marched towards his this city (7.38.19).
VVarunais the name of a weapon the son of Krishashva, the Prajapati, which was surrendered to Shrirama by Vishwamitra (1.28.9).
VVaruna_the monkey, named Sushena, was produced by him (1.17.15).1.4). Sumantra praising Shrirama said that let Varuna, fired etc., may give you victory. (2.15.21). Kausalya invoked them to help Shrirama while exile in the forest (2.25.13). The saint Bharadwaja invited them to extend hospitality with respect to Bharata (2.91.13). Shrirama visited their place in the ashram of Agastya (3.12.19). His residence was situated on the western mountain (4.42.43). Sampatec was aware of his worlds. (4.58.13). Hanuman worshipped him for his victory (5.13.66). When Sita was disregarded by Shrirama , then he too coming along with other gods convinced him (6.117.2). He took the form of a swan in the sacrificial ceremony of Maruta with the fear of Ravana (7.18.5). He gave boon to the swans ( Ravana visited his house by entering into his residential area (7.23.25). Ravana, wounding his chiefs of the army, asked them to convey to him the message of the battle ( His sons fought with Ravana but were defeated by him ( "After defeating his sons, Ravana sent message to him to come for battle, through his ministers but the ministers told that he had gone to the world of Brahma to hear the music at that time. Ravana took himself victorious over him after hearing the statements of the ministers ( once upon a time the Mitra gods also used to reside with him (7.56.12). "Seeing the fairy, named Urvashee, he proposed told that at time the Mitra god had chosen her in marriage. Hearing that he passionately said that he will be satisfied discharging his semon in a pot by the side of her. After getting the acceptance from Urvashee he discharged his semon in the pot ( Two Brhamans took birth form the pot filled with his semon (
VVaruna_pashis the name of pasha (a chain) of varuna which was handed over to Shrirama by Vishwamitra (1.27.8).
VVaruniis the name of the broud goddess of the daughter of varuna named Suraa which had appeared from the churning of the sea (1.45.36) the sons of Aditi accepted this flowless beautiful woman, due that using sura, these people were known as sur , the monsters (
VVaruthais the name of a village, Bharata had passed through that while returning from Kekaya (2.71.11).
VVaruthiis the name of a river which was seen by Hanuman while going to deliver the message of Shrirama to Bharata (6.125.26).
VVashatkarwhen Budha was having consultations along with other sages for bring back the manhood to Illa, then he was also present there (7.90.9). He too followed Shrirama while his proceeding to the supreme abode (7.109.8).
VVasishthaafter being incorporeal sought refuse to Brahma, where he was asked by Brahma to enter into the Brilliance discharged by Varuna ( He was manifested from the pot filled with the semons of Mitra and Varuna and he was selected for the post of the priest by the king Ikshwaku immediately after his manifestation ( When the king Mitrasha performed the horse sacrifice ceremony, then he was protecting the performance by his power of his penance (7.65.18). At the completion of the ceremony (yajya). One monster in the guise of Vasishtha appeared before the king with the intention of having pre-enmity and he demanded non ? vegetarian food ( ?When the queen served the non ? vegetarian food before him then he got annoyed and asked king that his food also shall be non ? vegetarian only. When the king wanted to give curse to him wrath then his wife (queen) prevented him and explained that some body else had demanded the non ? vegetarian food in his disguise at that moment, knowing every thing he gave a boon to the king ( Shrirama invited him after hearing the wailing of a brahmin at the royal gate (7.74.2). He appeared before Shrirama taking eight brahmins like vamadev etc., with him and Shrirama extended hospitality to them ( Shrirama consulted him regarding the horse sacrifice ceremony ( When Lakshmana was found guilty of violation of rules for appearing before Shrirama having conversation with the god of death, then he advised Shrirama was very much worried ( He duly performed all the religious rituals appropriate for the time of Shrirama proceeding on final journey (7.109.3).
VVasuis the name of the son of Kusha and Vaidarbhee (1.32.2). He had established the city of "GIRIBRAJA" (1.32.6). His capital named Giribraja surrounded by the fire mountains became popular with the name of Vasumatee (1.32.7). The river Sona which because popular as Magadhi was related him (1.32.9).
VVasudais the name of a gandarva girl who was the wife of Malee 97.5.42). she gave birth to four monsters (7.5.44).
VVasukiis the name of a snake who used to reside in the city of Bhogavati. Sugreeva sent Hanuman etc., monkeys in his territory in search of Sit (4.41.38).
VVasumateeis the name of the capital of vasu (1.32.6).
VVasu_Shrirama narrated his place at the ashram of Agastya (3.12.19). His number has been told as eight (3.14.14). Durdhar was his son (6.30.,34). Savitra was the name of the Eighth vasu who had killed Sumalee ( He too came out to fight the battle with monsters (7.28.27). Ravana could not face him in the battle (7.29.31). Sita invoked him also at the time of the oath taking in the assembly of Shrirama for proving her purity (7.97.8).
VVasu__is the name of the son of the king NRIGA . After performing his corronation the king entered the ditch to under go the curse given by brahmins (
VVasvaukasarais the name of the city of Kuvera (Alka) (2.94.26).
VVatapiShrirama narrated to Lakshmana the story of the killing of Vatapi and Ilvala by Agastya ( Shrirama narrated his killing by Agastya (
VVayavyais the name of a weapon which was given to Shrirama by Vishwamitra (1.27.10).
VVayuHe asked the hundred daughters of Kushanabha to become his wives ( The daughters of Kushanabha houshingly neglecting rejected his proposal ( Being enraged he made their limbs bend by entering into their bodies and they became hench women ( The daughters of Kushanabha after becoming hench women explained to their father the evil designs of Vayu for committing rape ( He removed the hench women hood of those gives at the time of their marriage with Brahmadathas ( The gods asked Agni to hold the brilliance of Shiva with his help (1.36.18). The seven parts made by Indra in the womb of Dite out of them the third became popular with the divine name of vayu ( Kausalya invoked him to protect Shrirama during the exile on the forest (2.25.13). Shrirama visited his place in the ashram of Agastya (3.12.18) . Shrirama asked him also the whereabouts of Sita (3.63.27). Mainaka mountain told that in olden days when Indra wanted to cut his wings with his thunder bold then the vayu god suddenly threw him in the sea (5.1.126). It did not blow violently in Ashoka Vatika due to the fear of Ravana 95.13.63). Hanuman praised him for his success (5.13.65). Hanuman told himself to be the legitimate son of him while introducing to Ravana (5.51.15). Sita also invoked him for proving her purity at the time of the fire ordeal (6.116.28). When Hanuman was wounded with the blow of the thunderbolt of Indra then he stopped his flow in an angry mood. The gods sought support from Brahma due to being distressed with the stoppage of the blow of the wind. Brahma told that he was angry due to his son being attacked with thunderbolt. Afterwards starting him to be the means of happiness and the source of the world Brahma, along with other gods came to him. At that moment seeing him with his son in his lap, all the gods along with Brahma felt kindness towards him ( The gods gave boons to Hanuman, brining him to life and taking Hanuman he came to the house of Anjana (
VVayubhakshais the name of one kind of sages, who, after the departure of the saint Sharabhanga to heaven, requested Shrirama to protect them from the monsters by appearing before Shrirama (
VVedashrutiis the name of a river, crossing which Shrirama marched towards the south direction inhabited by Agastya (2.49.9).
VVedavatiIn olden days she had cursed Ravana for raping her (6.60.10). "Once Ravana, coming to the Himalayan forest saw an ascetic girl. On being asked by Ravana she said that she was the daughter of Kushadhwaja the son of Brihaspati and her name was Vedavati. It was the desire of my father that Vishnu alone should be his son in law. Being annoyed on that the king of the demons named Shambhu, lailed my father while sleeping . At time I had entered the fire of the pire along with my father from that moment I had pledged that the ambition which my father had for Vishnu, I shall fulfil the same. For the same pledge I am performing penance. Narayana along in my husband. I have recognised you because I know every thing of the three worlds with the effect of the penance (" When Ravana proposed to her to become his wife, giving allurements, then she refused the same ( When, with the intention of committing rape he caught hold her hairs then she cutting her hairs with her hands cursed him that she will take rebirth to kill her ( After wards she had entered the fire (7.17.34). "In the next birth she had appeared from a lotus flower. At that Ravana again brought her in his home but he threw her away in the sea when his ministers advised that she will be the cause for his death ( The Vedavatee, coming as the daughter of the king Janaka, became the wife of Shrirama the incarnation of Vishnu (7.17.35). She had before hand killed Ravana the enemy of Shrirama (7.17.36). Thus she will be taking births in different ages for killing Ravana (7.17.37). "First she came as Vedavati in Satyuga then as Sita in Tretayuga for killing of Ravana (called Sita because of appearing from Ploughing ) ( After her entering the fire, Ravana again started wandering on the earth (7.18.1).
VVeerabahuis the name of the chief of monkeys. Lakshmana saw his house while watching the beauty of the city of Kishkindha (4.33.10).
VVegadarshiis the name of a monkey who was appointed to defend the hind part of the monkey army (6.4.21). He was appointed to defend the centre part of the army (6.24.18). He was lying in the battle field wounded (6.74.10) . He attacked Kumbha ? Kumar in wrath (6.76.62). He brought the water of all the four oceans and five hundred rivers (
VVibhagadakais the name of a sage, the son of kashyapa (1.9.3). His son Rishyashranga a thorough scholar of vedas (1.9.11). Rishyashranaga gave his introduction as his father (1.10.14).
VVibheeshanaShrirama consecreated him on the throne of Lanka (1.1.85). Valmiki had previewed his friendship with Shrirama and his disclosing the way of Ravana being killed by Shrirama (1.3.35). Shurpanakha, while introduction herself to Shrirama, called him as her brother (3.17.23). Hanuman went to his house also (5.6.18). Sita told Hanuman that inspite of his persuasion Ravana did not accept to retrun her to Shrirama (5.37.9). His daughter?s name was Kalaa (5.37.11). He requested Ravana to punish Hanuman with any other punishment explaining that killing of envoy was against the policy (5.52). Ravana accepted his request ( Hanuman did not set his house on fire while burning the whole of Lanka (5.54.16). He requested Ravana to return Sita stating the invincibility of Shrirama ( He insisted Ravana to return Sita showing the fear of the bad omens, going into his palace but Ravana sent him from there by not accepting his statement (6.10). he bowd his head in the feet of Ravana in the assembly (6.11.28). He advised to return Sita stating Shrirama to be invincible (6.14). When Indrajit ridiculed him in the assembly then he submitted his appropriate view point in the assembly of Ravana, scolding him (6.15). Ravana showd disrespect to him, but he too went away form there chiding him (6.16) He appeared in the shelter of Shrirama ( Seeing him there Sugreeva had consultations with other monkeys regarding him (6.17.5). He staying in the sky gave his introduction and told that when Ravana had disregarded his good advice of returning Sita back then only he had come under the shelter of Shrirama ( Hearing his statement, Sugreeva expressed doubt about him explaining to Shrirama ( Hearing the statement of Sugreeva, other monkeys were consulted by Shrirama in his regard (6.17.32). Angada advised to test him ( Similarly other monkeys also expressed doubt about him ( Shrirama met him stating the importance of protecting the seeker of shelter and his duty to do son (6.18). He sought refuse in the feet of Shrirama after coming down from the sky and explained the might of Ravana on being asked to do so. Hearing his statement Shrirama pledging to kill Ravana, assured him to consecrete him on the throne of Lanka ( When Hanuman and Sugreeva asked him regarding crossing of the sea then he advised that Shrirama should go under the shelter of the sea ( Sugreeva conveyed his this opinion to Shrirama ( Shrirama accepted his this opinion (6.19.36). He informed Shrirama with the fact that he has recognised Shuka and Sarana while inspecting the army of Shrirama in the guise of Monkeys ( Shrirama told the spys of Ravana that he shall show them the whole of the army (6.25.19). Shuka gave his introduction to Ravana ( (6.20.42). (6.29.1). He saw the spy of Ravana ( He explained to Shrirama the defence management of Lanka done by Ravana ( Shrirama posted him on the front int hemiddle of the city (6.37.32). Shrirama explaining to him the postings of the commanders of the army (6.37.36). Shrirama pledged to consecrate him on the throne (6.41.7). He posted one crore of monkeys on each gate of Lanka with the permission of Shrirama (6.41.43). (6.41.68). He too stood near Shrirama duly equipped with weapons (6.42.30). he fought a duet with a monster named Shatraghna (6.43.8). He also came at the place where Shrirama and Lakshmana were lying fainted and was very much pained seeing them ( He saw Indrajit with the effect of illusion ( Seeing Shrirama and Lakshmana pierced with arrows when Sugreeva was very much concerned then he consoled him ( he consoled the fleeing monkey army (6.46.45). Shrirama wailing for the fainted Lakshmana, expressed that he could not make Vibheeshana as the king of the monsters (6.49.23). Seeing him weilding the club in his hand when the monkeys took him as Indrajit and started running then Jambavan consoled the monkeys ( He started wailing on seeing the bodies of Shrirama and Lakshmana pierced with arrows ( Sugreeva consoled him (6.50.20). He gave introduction of Prahasta to Shrirama ( He introduced Kumbhakarna to Shrirama ( (6.68.23). when Shrirama and Lakshmana were fainted then he consoled the monkeys ( He started strolling in the battle field with a torch in his hand (6.74.7). He saw the monkeys lying wounded in the battle field (6.74.11). Reaching near the wounded Jambavan he asked his well being ( (6.74.68) Explaining the secret of the illusion of Indrajit he assured Shrirama of Sita being alive and requested him to sent Lakshmana along with the army to the temple of Nikumbhila (6.84). Shrirama ordered Lakshmana to go for killing of Indrajit at his request ( In the intrest of Lakshmana he advised to attack him before the completion of the sacrifice, accordingly Lakshmana showered arrows on him ( he had a heated conversation with Indrajit (6.87). (4.88.1). He advised Lakshmana to hurry up in killing Indrajit ( He fought battle with the monsters and encouraged the chiefs of the groups of monkeys ( He also welcomed Lakshmana on killing Indrajit (6.90.91). Lakshmana taking support from him came to Shrirama for giving information of the killing of Indrajit (6.91.3). Lakshmana praised his bravery to Shrirama (6.91.15). Sushena treated him due to that he became healthy ( ( He befelled the horses of Ravana with his club (6.100.17). Ravana shot a burning missile to kill him (6.100.19). Lakshmana defended him while fighting battle against Ravana ( When he started wailing at the killing of Ravana then Shrirama consoled him and ordered him to arrange for the cremation of his dead body (6.109). Mandodari told that his statement was full of justification and purposeful (6.111.76). Shrirama ordered him to console the ladies and arrange for the cremation ceremony of the dead body of Ravana. He expressed a little hesitation at that moment to know the intention of Shrirama. But when Shrirama ordered for the cremation of the dead body of Ravana explaining the enmity ceased with the death and discussed the bravery of Ravana, then he duly performed the cremation ceremony ( "Shrirama ordered Lakshmana to get his coronation done accordingly Lakshmana got his coronation performed. Seeing him consecreted on the throne Shrirama etc all were very happy ( Getting his kingdom he consoled the subject and then came to Shrirama (6.112.17). He presented auspicious things to Shrirama and Lakshmana which they accepted ( Shrirama ordered Hanuman to start to get the news of wellbing of Sita, taking permission from him (6.112.22). Hanuman told Sita that with his help Shrirama etc had killed Ravana (6.113.8). Shrirama ordered him to bring Sita, which he obeyed and brought Sita to Shrirama ( Hearing the orders of Shrirama, he immediately started with drawing other people from there (6.114.20). Shrirama prohibited him for that (6.114.25). He came to Shrirama behind Sita (6.114.34). Shrirama, disregarding Sita, asked her to stay willingly with Vibeeshana also (6.115.23). Early in the morning, when he produced body cosactics and the garments and ornaments for Shrirama?s water bath then Shrirama rejecting ordered him to make arrangements for returning to Ayodhya, At that moment, he requested Shrirama to stay some more days at Lanka and accept his hospitality but when Shrirama did not agree to stay any more there he ordered pushpaka viman (plane) for his journey ( He extended special hospitality to the monkeys and after that he himself got ready to go to Ayodhya along with Shrirama in the pushpaka viman ( Shrirama, while returning to Ayodhya showed Sita the place where he first met him ( These people were pleased to see the city of Ayodhya (6.123.55). Bharata thanked him for keeping Shrirama (6.127.44). Tears rolled down from his eyes seeing the touching scene when Bharata handed over whole of the kingdom to v (6.127.54). He took bath at Ayodhya (6.128.14). He started waving a flapper on Shrirama ( He returned to Lanka after attending the coronation ceremony of Shrirama (6.128.90). Anal, Anil, Hara and Sampati were his four monster ministers (7.5.44). Kaikasee gave birth to him (7.9.34). He was righteous from his childhood itself (7.9.38). He was always righteous. He performed penance for fine thousand years standing on one leg. After wards he adorned the sun for another fine thousand years keeping his hands and head upwards ( Brahma asked him to ask for boon, being pleased with his penance ( He asked only one boon that inspite of the greatest of the calmity his mind should be engaged in righteousness only ( Brahma ordained him with mortality also , while giving him boon as desired ( Sarma, the daughter of the king of Gandhrvas the sage Shailusha, was his wife (7.12.24). The enyoy which was sent by Kuvera to desert Ravana from tyranny fist met him only and he took him to Ravana ( When Ravana made the abducted ladies get down from the pushpaka viman then he preached him treating this act of him as the crime of abducting others wives. He told that where he is abducting other wives, there alone his sister Kumbheenesi had been abducted by Madhu. When he explaiend about the Kumbheenasi then he started for Madhupuri to attack Madhu. At that time he had been leading a righteous life by staying at Lanka itself ( He took leave from Shrirama (7.40.28) Shrirama invited him also in the ceremony of his horse sacrifice (7.91.11). He was the incharge of the hospitality towards the saints at the horse sacrifice ceremony of Shrirama ( Shrirama while blessing him, told that as long as the public of this world would hold life, the moon and the sun shall remain , he shall remain in this world. Afterwards Shrirama asked him to continue to worship Vishnu. He accepted the orders of Shrirama (
VVibudhais the name of the son of Devameeda and the father of Maheedhara (1.71.10).
VVidehais the name of a territory where Vinata was sent by Sugreeva is search of Sita (4.40.22).
VVideyadharis the name of one kind of half the gods ( Shrirama showed the charming sporting places and the beautiful clothings kept on the branches of the trees of their women folk while showing Sita the beauty of Chitra Kuta (2.94.12). When Hanuman climbed the Mahendra mountain for crossing the sea then it started breaking with his weight at that time these people thought that the ghosts were breaking that (5.1.22)." These people started seeing that mountain standing the space (5.1.27).
VVidhataShrirama visited his place in the ashram of Agastya (3.12.18).
VVidhutais the name of a weapon, the son of Prajapati Krishashva, which was handed over to Shrirama by Vishwamitra (1.28.8).
VVidyuddanshtrais the name of a chief of the monkeys , who was wounded by Indrajit (6.73.58).
VVidyudrupais the name of a monster whose house was visited by Hanuman (5.6.23).
VVidyujjivhais the name of a monster, whose house was visited by Hanuman ( His house was set on fire by Hanuman (5.54.13). Ravana entered Pramadavan along with him (6.31.6). Ravana ordered him to show Sita the illusory cut off head of Shrirama and woo her, hearing that he expressed his illusion ( Ravana called him and ordered him to show Sita the cut off head of Shrirama, obeying him he kept the cut off head of Shrirama near Sita ( Vibheeshna mentioned his killing (6.89.13). Shrirama showed Sita the place of his being killed while returning to Ayodhya on the way (6.123.13).
VVidyujjivha_is the name of monsters, the son of Kalka, whom Ravana had given his sister, Shurpanakha in marriage (7.12.2).
VVidyunmaleeis the name of a chief of the monkeys whose house was visited by Lakshmana (4.33.10). Hanuman went to his house (5.6.19). Sushena fought with him (6.43.14). Sushena while fighting a terrible battle with him killed him in the end (
VVidyutkeshais the name of a monster, who was the son of Heti and Bhaya (7.4.17). Who was glorious and brilliant like sun (7.4.18). He married Salakatankata and produced a son, named Sukesha from her ( His son became popular with the name of Sukesha (7.4.32).
VVighanais the name of a monster, whose house was visited by Hanuman (5.6.23).
VVihagamais the name of a monster who had come with Khara to fight against Shrirama (3.23.32). He attacked Shrirama along with Khara (3.26.26). He was killed by Shrirama (
VVijayais the name of one of the ministers of Dasharatha (1.7.3). He also started from Ayodhya mounting on an elephant to receive Shrirama (6.127.10). He started councilling with other ministers for the rising of Shrirama and the prosperity of the city (6.128.24) He helped vasishtha in performing of the coronation ceremony of Shrirama (6.128.61).
VVijaya_is the name of an envoy who was sent by Vasishtha to bring Bharata to Ayodhya after the death of Dasharatha (2.68.5). He reached Rajagriha (2.70.1). He was welcomed by the king of Kekaya after that he handed over the message of Vasishtha and the gifts to Bharatha ( After replying to Bharata?s querries, he asked him to start immediately for Ayodhya (
VVijaya__is the name of a comedian who used to follow Shrirama for his recreation (7.43.2).
VVikatais the name of a monster whose killing was mentioned by Vibheeshana (6.89.12). Shrirama , while returning to Ayodhya , showed Sita the place where he was killed by Angada (6.123.8). He was the son of Sumali (7.5.40).
VVikataais the name of a monstress who threatened Sita to become the wife of Ravana (5.23.15).
VVikritis the name of the second praja pati who was there after Kardama (3.14.7).
VVikukshiis the name of the glorious son of Kukshi and king of Surya family. He produced the arrows of the great glory (
VVimalis the name of a weapon , the son of the Prajapati Krishashwa, which was handed over to Shrirama by Vishwamitra (1.28.6).
VVimukhais the name of a sage in the South, who was present to received Shrirama at the time returning to Ayodhya (7.1.3).
VVinatais the name of the chief of the group of monkeys, who was huge like mountain, thundering like the clouds, strong and ruller of the monkeys. He appeared in the service of Sugreeva with monkeys having shining like the moon and the sun. Sugreeva sent him in the east direction along with the one lakh army of monkeys in search of Sita ( He marched towards east direction in search of Sita (4.45.5 (
VVinataaKausalya said that in olden days, what the auspicious ceremony was performed by Vinataa for her son Garuda having an ambition to bring nectar, the same auspicious occasions may be got by Shrirama (2.25.33).
VVinata_is the name of a village where Bharata crossed the river Gomati while returning from Kekaya (2.71.16).
VVindhyaSugreeva ordered to invite the inhabitants monkeys of this place also (4.37.2). Ten thousands millions of monkeys from this place, who were red in colour and looking horrible, brave and having terrible forms came to Sugreeva (4.37.24). Hanuman etc., monkeys searched Sita in its caves (4.50.1 (4.52.31). The monkeys sitting on the mountain by the side of it, were very much worried for having not succeeded even after the lapse of the period of search of Sita (4.53.3). Sampati fell on this mountain due to his wings being burnt (4.60.16).
VVinidrais the name of a weapon , the son of Prajapati Krishashva, which was handed over to Shrirama by Vishwamitra (1.28.6).
VVipashais the name of a river. The messengers of vasishtha had passed through this river bank while going to Kekaya (2.68.19).
VViradhaNow I have recongnised you that you are Shrirama and your brother Lakshmana and your wife Sita with you. I am the Gandharva named Tumburu. One day I could not attend the assembly of Kuver in time due to being charmed by the fairy name Rambha then Kuver cursed me to become monster and also further explained that I shall again reach the heaven when Shrirama shall kill me. Hence today I am released from that horrible curse with your kind mercy ( After wards he told Shrirama to met the saint Sharbhanga explaining his address and leaving his body he proceeded to heaven ( he was burried in the ditch by v and Lakshmana ( Shrirama showed Sita the place where he had killed Viradha, while returning to Ayodhya (6.123.49).
VVirochanaHis daughter named Manthra wanted to destroy the whole world, hence Indra killed her (1.25.20). His son's name was Bata who after defeating all the gods, including Indra and Maruta's took their kingdom under his rule (
VViruchais the name of a weapon the son of Prajapati Krishashwa, which was handed over to Shrirama by Vishwamitra (1.28.7).
VVirupakshais the name of an elephant of the direction holding the earth which was seen by the sons of sagar while digging the earth ( At the time it turns his head side wise, for rest being tired there occurs the tremor (1.40.15). After going arround this huge elephant the sons of sagar marched ahead digging the nether world (1.40.16).
VVirupaksha_is the name of a monster whose house was visited by Hanuman (5.6.19). Ravana ordered him to catch Hanuman (5.46.2). He went to fight Hanuman (5.46.15). he attacked Hanuman ( He was killed by Hanuman (5.46.30). He appeared before Ravana duly equipped with various kinds of weapons (6.9.3). Lakshmana fought a battle with him (6.43.10). Lakshmana killed him (6.43.26). (7.1.32). He was the son of Malyavan (7.5.36). when Ravana obtained the boon from Brahma then he along with Mareecha etc also came up from nether world (7.11.2). He also went with Ravana to fight the battle against the gods (7.27.29).
VVirupaksha__is the name of a monster who was permitted by Ravana to fight the battle ( Being ordered by Ravana, he mounted on a charriot (6.95.39). He fought a terrible war with Sugreeva but in the end he was killed by Sugreeva but in the end he was killed by Sugreeva ( Hearing the news of his killing Ravana got angry (6.97.2).
VVishakhais the name of a son of the agni, the follower of Sthanu (shiva). (1.22.9).
VVishalis the name of the son of Ikshvaku who was born from the womb of Alambusha (1.47.11). His son was Hemachandra (1.47.12).
VVishalaais the name of a city situated on the bank of Ganga, which was looking like heaven with its glorious beauty. Rama and Lakshmana asked Vishwamitra its old history while proceeding towards it ( Vishwamitra narrated the old history of it ( It was established by Vishal the son of Ikshvaku (1.47.12) . Almost all the kings of the royal family of this city were long lived, saintly, gallant and most righteous (1.47.18).
VVishalyaReference: (6.50.30).
VVishal_is the name of a monster whose house was set on fire by Hanuman (5.54.14).
VVishnuHe too came at the place of sacrifice of Dasharatha, mounting on
VVishravayou have come to me at such a difficult time hance you shall give birth to cruel sons. Hearing his such words when Kaikasi asked for best sons then he said that her youngest son shall be the best son ( " When his son Kuver (Vaishravana) gave him the message of Ravana then he advised him to go to mount Kailash leaving Lanka ( Ravana declared himself his son while introducing himself to Mayasura (7.12.15). Ravana got the curse of being cruel from him which was known to Mayasura also (7.12.20).
VVishvachiis the name of a fairy, who was invited by the saint Bharadwaja to extend hospitality with respect to Bharata (2.91.17).
VVishvakarmaHe gave birth to a monkey named Nala (1.17.12) . His most horrible weapon was handed over to Shrirama by Vishwamitra (1.27.19). Bharadwaja the saint invited him for welcoming Bharata (2.91.12). The army of Bharata watched his skill of construction ( The Vinatanandan, beautiful , adorned with various gems and clear like the mount Kailasha and a palaical place was situated near the island of Shalmali (7.70.38). He had built a thousands wheel on the mountain of chakravan (4.42.25). He had built the city of Lanka (5.2.20). He had built the pushpaka viman ( Huge houses were glorifying in Ashokavatika, built by him (5.14.34). Nala was his son ( When Malyavan etc., monsters asked him to build houses for them he asked all of them to go to Lanka built by him in South sea (
VVishvedeyais the name of a class of the gods who used to worship the sun god after coming on the mount of Meru (4.42.39). Sita had also invoked them to prove her purity in the assembly of Shrirama at the time of oath taking ceremony (7.97.8).
VVishwamitraVishvamitra (Sanskrit: ??????????? vi?v?-mitra "friend of the world"; Kannada: ???????????; Malayalam: ????????????; Telugu: ???????????; Tamil: ??????????????? Visv?mittira?; Thai: Swamit; Burmese: Bodaw; Javanese: Wiswamitra, Malay:Nila Purba) is one of the most venerated rishis or sages of ancient times in India. He is also credited as the author of most of Mandala 3 of the Rigveda, including the Gayatri Mantra. The Puranas mention that only 24 rishis since antiquity have understood the whole meaning of, and thus wielded the whole power of, the Gayatri Mantra. Vishvamitra is supposed to be the first and Yajnavalkya the last. Valmiki had previewed all those bravery which Shrirama and Lakshmana had shown by going with Viswamitra, various plays and strange incidences which happened (1.3.11). One day, when the king Dasharatha was thinking about the marriage of his sons then he came there to him ( He was the ascetic of the follower of the difficult fasts and was shinning with his own brilliance (1.18.44). After eqnuiring the welbeing, Dasharatha asked him the purpose of his arrival ( Mentioning the two names Subahu and Mareech the monsters, he asked Shrirama from Dasharatha for the killing of them ( His words were piercing in his heart ( First Dasharatha refused to give him his son, due to that he became very angry ( Immediately after his wrath the earth started trembling and there was a great terror in the minds of the gods (1.21.4). Vasishtha asked Dasharatha to send Shrirama with him praising him in different ways to Dasharatha ( Dasharatha felt nice to send Shrirama with Vishwamitra after hearing the statement of Vasishtha (1.21.22). " Dasharatha send Shrirama with him after recitation of auspicious words. Shrirama learnt the science of Bala and Atibala from him on the way with the practice of which there is no trouble of Hunger and thirst ( Shrirama stayed at the bank of Sarayu with his love and affection, serving him appropriately for gurus ( "He gave introduction of a ashram situated at the junction of Ganga and Sarayu to Shrirama and Lakshmana and the inmate saints of that ashram sensing his arrival in the ashram with their farsightedness and offered arghya, Padya and the other material for the hospitality. Vishwamitra stayed in that ashram happily narrating the charming stories for the recreation of Shrirama and Lakshmana (1.23)." "On being asked by Shrirama and Lakshmana the reason of the tumultuous sound being created in the water of Ganga he explained the reason for that and giving introduction of Malad, Karusha and Tataka forest permitted Shrirama to kill Tataka (1.24)." on being asked by Shrirama he explained the reference of the birth, marriage and the curse of Tataka and inspired him for the killing of Tataka (1.25). Dasharatha preached Shrirama to obey his orders hence Shrirama got ready to kill Tataka with the orders of this sage the expounder of the vedanta philosophy ( He wished for the victory and welfare of Shrirama and Lakshmana after chiding Tataka with his roaring (1.26.14). He, the son of Gandhi, permitted Shrirama to kill Tataka before sunset because the monsters become in vincible during the Sandhya period ( Being pleased with the killing of Tataka, the gods Indra etc., praising him asked to hand over the weapons to Shrirama ( He spent night in the forest of Tataka along with Shrirama ( He gave to Shrirama the Trishul, Brahmashtra, Varunapasha etc., divine weapons (1.27). He explained the technique of killing of the weapons to Shrirama and gave instructions of the various other weapons . Shrirama asked him regarding one ashram and the place of sacrifice (1.28)." He narrated the old account of Siddhashram and after reaching his ashram along with Shrirama and lakshmana was adorned by them (1.29). Shrirama protected his sacrifice and destroyed the monsters (1.30). "He proceeded to Mithila along with Shrirama and Lakshmana. On the way in the evening every body retired on the bank of Shona bhadra (1.31)." He narrated about the four sons of Kusha, the son of Brahma to Shrirama; he expressed that the territory of the banks of of Shonabhadra was the land of vasus; and spoke about the reference of the hundred daughters of Kushanabha becoming hunch with the curse of the vayu god (1.32). He, after narrating the history of his family, asked every body to go to sleep since it was mid night (1.34). ?he reached the bank of Ganga after crossing the river Shona bhadra . There while staying at night on being asked by Shrirama, he narrated the story of the origin of Ganga (1.35). " "He narrated the account of Uma the youngest daughter of the mountain king himavan, freeing of Uma and Shiva from the sexual enjoyment by the gods and the gods and the earth being cursed by Uma (1.36)." He narrated the origin etc of the king Sagar to Shrirama (1.38). On being asked by Shrirama, he narrated the account of Indra abducting the horse sacrifice of the king Sagar, the whole of the earth being dug the sons of sagar and the gods narrating all this to Brahma (1.39). " He narrated the account of the future destruction of the sons of sagar, Brahma pacifying the gods, the sons of sagar reaching Kapil, while digging the earth and being put to ashes with his anger (1.40). " He narrated to Shrirama the bringing of horse sacrifice from the nether world by Anshuman with the orders of sagar and stating the news of the death of his uncles (1.41). He narrated to Shrirama the story of the penance Anshuman and Bhagiratha, and Brahma advising Bhagiratha, giving him the desired boon , to try to pesuade Lord Shankara to hold Ganga (1.42). He apprised v with the incidences of Lord Shankara holding Ganga on his head and leaving in the Vindu lake and Ganga releasing the ancestors of Bhagiratha dividing herself in seven steams (1.43). He narrated to Shrirama the story of Brahma ordering Bhagiratha to offer libation to his ancestors and going back to his city and the episode of the dissent of Ganga (1.44). He narrated to Shrirama the story of the churning of the sea by the gods and demons, drinking of poison by Rudra, salvation of Mandrachal from the nether world and using it for churning, coming out of the Dhanavantari, Fairies, Varuni, Uchchaishrava, Kaustubha and the nectar and the annihilation of the demons in the war between the gods and the demons (1.45). The king Sumati himself came to receive him near Vishala (1.45.20). He introduced Shrirama and Lakshmana tohim (1.48.7). On being asked by Shrirama he narrated the story of the the curse of Ahalya ( He narrated to Shrirama the story of Indra becoming testicles less and his restoration ( He reached the sacrificial place of the king Mithila along with Shrirama and Lakshmana (1.50.1). The king Janaka offered libation with respect to him (1.50.7). the requested him to occupy the seat along with the other great saints (1.50.10). Janaka told him to go and see the gods arrived in the ceremony ( On being asked by the king Janaka, he, introducing Shrirama and Lakshmana narrated their residing in siddhashram, killing of the monsters , seeing Vishala, and salvation of Ahalya ( the sage vasishtha, welcoming him ordered Kamadhenu to produce things necessary required there (1.52). After having excellent feast along with the army Vishwamitra asked his Kamadhenu which was refused by Vasishtha (1.53). he tried to take away the Kamadhenu by force ( He almost destroyed the army produced by Kamadhenu ( Seeing the destruction of his army and the annihilation of his hundred sons, he was very much pained and went away to Himalayas after handing over his kingdom to his only son saved ( when the lord Mahadeva, being pleased with his penance asked him to ask for a boon then he asked from Mahadeva, various kinds of weapons ( After wards he started using various kinds of weapons on the ashram of Vasistha due to which the ashram became uninhabited ( He used various kinds of weapons on Vasishtha such as Manava, Mohana, Gandharva, Swapan, Jrisbhana, Madana, Santapan, Vilapan, Shoshan, Vidharana , Sudurjaya Vajarastra, Brahmapash, Kalapash, Varumapash, Shushkardra Ashani, Dandashtra, Paishachastro, Kronchashtra, Dharmachakra, Kalachakra, Vishnu Chakra, Vayavyastra, Manthanastra, Hayashira, Shaktidwaya, Kankal, Musal, Vaidyadharashtra, Kalastra, Trishulastra, Kapalastra, Kankanastra, Brahmastra etc but when all those were fought and extinguished by Vasishtha with Brahmadanda then he performed penance for obtaining the Brahmanhood (1.56). He performed terrible penance in south and produced four children there, after being defeated by Vasishtha ( Brahma treated him the prince sage (1.57.5). When Brahma disappeared after calling him the prince sage then he again started performing penance ( He accepted to perform the sacrifice of Trishanku ( Assuring to complete the sacrifice of Trishanku he invited the sages and saints and those who did not accept the invitation were destroyed (1.59). He sent Trishanku to heaven with the body (in physical form) but he being throne down by Indra from the heaven, he decided to create a new heaven but was desisted from this work by the gods (1.60). He performed penance going to Pushkar teertha ( The king Ambarisha after purchasing the middle son (Shumashesha) of Richeeka , for the sacrificial horse, came near his ashram and started resting there ( 1.62.1). Shunashesha requested him for his help and being impressed with him he successfully tried to protect Shunashesha and after wards performed terrible penance for one thousand years (1.62). He obtained the title of the saint hood and great sage hood by penance but being disturbed by Menaka he again performed penance on the mountain of Himavan for obtaining the title of Brhama sage (1.63). He once again started penance after cursing the terrible penance. The king Janaka praised him and returned to his palace obtaining permission from him (1.65). " The king Janaka after welcoming him along with Shrirama and Lakshmana explained about the bow kept with him and expressed his determination to marry Sita to Shrirama on Shrirama stringing the bow (1.66). The king Janaka made the divine bow to be brought in the assembly hall. After Shrirama broke the bow, he ordered Janaka to send ministers to call for the king Dasharatha ( He selected the daughters of Kushadhwaja for Bharata and Shatrughna, which was agreed by Janaka ( The saint Vasishtha with his help built on altar in the middle of the marriage hall (1.73.18). He went away to themountain in north with the permission of Janaka and Dasharatha , after thecompletion of the marriage ceremony of Shrirama etc. all the four brothers ( . Mareecha narrated his experiences to Ravana, while Shrirama guarding the ashram ( "Tara told Lakshmana that Vishwamitra had treated the period of ten years as one day being charmed and attached by fairy named Ghratachee. When the excellent and most brilliant Vishwamitra, the knower of time , being charmed with sexual pleasures could not keep in mind the time factors how it was possible for a common man" He also was present along with other seven sages to receive Shrirama at the time of returning to Ayodhya (7.1. 50).
VVivasvanis the name of the son of Kashyapa and the father of Vaivasvata manu ( is the name of the fifteenth prajapati (3.14.9).
VVrishabhahe was sent in south direction in search of Sita (4.41.3).
VVrishaparvanis the name of the father of Sharmishtha (7.58.8).
VVritrais the name a monster, after whose killing the king of gods, Indra had become guilty (1.24.18). Kausalya said that whatever auspiciousness Indra, the all gods adorned got the same may be available to Shrirama (2.25.32). Sugreeva told Shrirama that as Indra became guilty of the sin of killing of Vritrasura similarly he has become guilty of the sin by getting his brother, Valin being killed (4.24.13). "Lakshmana told the story of Indra and Vritrasura to Shrirama explaining the importance of the horse sacrifice. He told that in olden days the Vritrasura started troubling the worlds. The earth used to produce food grains without ploughing and sowing with the fear of Vritra. After some time when Vritra started performing penance then Indra along with all gods going to Vishnu, requested him to save from Vritra ( "On being asked by Shrirama replied Lakshmana; Vishnu had asked Indra to kill Vritra after entering on of his element in Indra and one in his thunderbolt. Being equipped with the brilliance of Vishnu, the gods Indra etc., killed Vritra with the thunderbolt at the place of his penance. After wards Indra entered the dark territory with the feeling of guilt of killing vritra for no facult of him (
VVrittimanis the name of a weapon the son of the Prajapati , Krishashwa which was handed over by Vishwamitra to Shriram (1.28.7).
YYaduSon of Yayati and Devayani .On seeing the partiality shown by his father towards his step brother (7.58.10-14) he decided to commit suicide.Cursed by his father ,he went to Kraunchavan.
YYajanapasuAn animal for sacrifice, a sacrificial victim
YYaja_sutraYaja sutraYaja sutra One of the commanders of the army of Khara who was killed by Ravana(3.23.32)
YYaja_sutra1Yaja sutra1Yaja sutra One of the chiefs of the monsters whose house was set on fire by Hanuman (5.54.15)
YYajnaA sarifice or sacrificial rite
YYajnakopaA Titan warrior slain by Rama
YYajnasalaA sacrificial hall
YYakshaName of a class of semi-gods who are attendants of Kubera , the God of wealth.They are employed as guardians of his riches and his gardens..At the command of Brahma , they gave birth to monkey progeny from the wombs of Yakshinis
YYamaThe God of Death.The god who is the lord of the southern quarter
YYamakinkara  A messenger of god of death
YYamalaAn asura, enemy of gods. He was killed by Vishnu
YYamunA the name of mountain which is the source of river Yamuna. Sugriva had sent Vinata to its territory.
YYavakritaA sage who had come from the east to greet Rama after his return from exile.
YYavanasKamadhenu produced Yavanas to destroy the army of Viswamitra.(1.54.20-22)
YYava_dwipaYava dwipaYava dwipa An island searched by Vinata for Sita
YYayati  A king of lunar race. Son of Nahusha (1.70.42) He got his old age exchanged for the youth of his son Puru
YYogiA contemplative saint
YYojanaA measure of distance of equal to eight to nine miles
YYuddhonmattaA Titan warrior.One of the last warriors to die in the army of Ravana before the final encounter between Rama and Ravana.
YYudhajit  The prince of Kekaya and maternal uncle of Bharata .
YYugaA world cycle.There are four yugas Krita, Treta, Dwapara and Kali each Yuga consisting with thousands of years of duration.
YYupakshaIs the name of a cmmander of the army of Ravana. He fought with Angada along with Prajanga and Shonitaksha(6.76.14-15).He was killed by Maindha( 6.76.28-33)
YYupastambhaA stake or sacrificial post to which the sacrificial victim is tied. This sacrificial pillar is made of wood adorned with carved figures.
YYuvanashvaSon of Dundhumara and father of Mandhata (1.70.24)
YYuvarajaAn heir-appparent, a prince-royal, crown prince .

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