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Gokarna (ಗೊಕರ್ನ)

Gokarna (ಗೊಕರ್ನ) Primary Deity: Mahabaleswara (ಮಹಬಲೆಸ್ವರ) Consorts: Gokarna Nayaki (ಗೊಕರ್ನ ನಯಕಿ) Travel base, Address references Located at: Gokarna Near: Travelbase: Gokarna, Karnataka, India – 170 KMs (Approx.) from Mangalore Legends and Notes – Vinayakar (Dwibhuja Vinayakar shrine) is said to have tricked the demon Ravana into leaving behind a Shivalingam here in a legend similar […]

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