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Sri Rudram (Sanskrit: श्री रुद्रम्)


Sri Rudram (Sanskrit: श्री रुद्रम्) also known as Sri Rudraprasna, Śatarudrīya, and Rudradhyaya, is a vedic hymn dedicated to Rudra (an epithet of lord Siva).  Sri Rudram is part of , the 3rd of the 4 Vedas. There are 2 primary versions or Samhitas of the Yajurveda: Shukla (white) and Krishna (black). The 1st part […]

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Rudraksh (रुद्राक्ष , rudrākṣa)


Rudraksha (also Rudraksh | Sanskrit: रुद्राक्ष) meaning—the eye of Rudra [Lord Shiva’s one of many energy segments] is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. Hence Rudraksha is the object of veneration and also the source to reach the higher self. Rudraksha is often believed to symbolize the link between the […]

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