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Śrīmad bhagavad gītā | Moksha–Sanyasa yoga ~ Sarga 18 of 18


Complete Recital: Introduction: In chapter eighteen Lord Krsishna sums up the conclusion of the previous chapters and describes the attainment of salvation by the paths of karma in chapters one through six and in jnana yoga section which are chapters thirteen through eighteen. The Lord explains that while doing so one must offer without reservation […]

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Śrīmad bhagavad gītā | Karma yoga ~ Sarga 3 of 18


Introduction: Chapter three establishes the fact by various points of view that the performance of prescribed duties is obligatory for everyone. Here Lord Krishna categorically and comprehensively explains how it is the duty of each and every member of society to carry out their functions and responsibilities in their respective stage of life according to […]

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