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Vada Tirupathigal (வாடா திருப்திகள்)

Vada Thirupathigal are said to be found in Northern part of our country little bit above from TamilNadu, all the Divyadesams are termed to be Vada Thirupathigal. There are 11 Divyadesams found in Vada Naadu. Among these 11 Divyadesams, the perumal is giving his seva facing his thirumugham along 8 divyadesam and towards Nord direction, […]

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Pandiya Tirupathigal (பாண்டிய திருப்திகள்)

It has eighteen sacred places, the more famous ones being Tirukkurungudi, Tirumalirumsolai and Tirukkottiyur. Pandiya Tirupathigal is one of the part in 108 divya desams, tirumalisai alvar (one of the early alvars from Tondaimandalam) visited Tirukkurungudi and Tirukkotiyur but not Tirumalirumsolai probably because the last named had not become prominent in his days. Nor did […]

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