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Thali Sree Mahadevar Temple (തളി ശ്രീ മഹാദേവര്‍ കോവില്‍) chalappuram

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Thali Sree Mahadevar Temple

Location : chalappuram,

About The Temple :

Thali Sree Mahadevar Temple at chalappuram, kozhikode town ( south-east of Palayam junction ) Sree Mahadevar and Sree Krishna have seperate shrines and flag staffs. Sub shrines for Ganapathi, goddess Bhagavathi ( Supposed to be the Thirumandham Kunnu Bhagavathi). Lord Narasimhamurthi, Lord Ayyappa and there. The temple construction is a blend of Dravidian and Vidayanagar ( Karnataka ) style with the exquisite wood carvings and paintings and the whole temple is maintained well. Main festival commences of first medam ( vishu day ) for seven days. Navarathri celebrated for nine days. Sivarathri and Ashtami rohini are also celebrated. (The historical “Revathi Pattathanam” the assembling of sanscrit scholars and illustrious men of letters. were conducted here). Udayasthamana Pooja, Dhara Thrukala Pooja, Thirumadhuram Apoom are the main offerings.

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