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Thenur Athazhampetta Bhagavathy Temple (തെനുര്‍ അതഴംപെട്ട ഭഗവതി കോവില്‍) Thenur desam, Palakkad

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Thenur Athazhampetta Bhagavathy Temple

Location : Thenur desam, Palakkad

About The Temple :

This famous temple is located in Palakkad district at Thenur desam. The presiding diety is Devi Bhadrakali, facing in the east. Other sub dieties are nagaraja, Naga yakshi etc. The temple festival is in the monthof Meena on Atham star. The ‘Prathishta Day’ is celebrating in the month of ‘Meda’ on Atham star. Special poojas are performed for the removal of obstruction and delay in marriages and also blessed with children. Navarathri pooja and Mandala pooja are the other divine specialities.

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