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Thrikkunnapuzha Sree Dharmasastha Temple (ത്രിക്കുന്നപുഴ ശ്രീ ധര്മസസ്ഥ കോവില്‍) Thrikkunnapuzha, Alappuzha

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Thrikkunnapuzha Sree Dharmasastha Temple

Location : Thrikkunnapuzha, Alappuzha

About the Temple :

Thrikkunnapuzha Gramam (village) which extends from Pathiyankara to Pallana on both sides of the Thrikkunnapuzha river, a tributary of Bharathapuzha and the Mahakshetra (the great temple) exists at the apex centre. The archeological researches have recorded that this abode had attained its glory centuries ago. The abode of Sree Dharmasastha idol with wife and son in the temple is known extensively in Kerala, and the fact that hundreds of devotees visits the temple on pilgrimage stands as a testimony. This Dharmasastha temple is also well known as “Padinjare Pathinettampadi”.

On the Amavasy day in Karkitakam thousands of devotees from different places in Kerala arrive at this temple, to have a dip(Snanam) at the sea and submit “Balipindam” for the salvation of the predecessors. The magnificent idol of this temple has a heritage of 5000 years and an idol in this model and form is not available in any part of the world holds the Archeological researches. The ‘Panchaloha’ idol which was 21 inches height is seated in a spacious granite “Pitam”. Apart from the human idol, an idol of a woman on the right side and in between and behind the two idols, an idol of a child, having height up to the shoulder of the prominent idol, can be seen. In the north east of the campus, a roundshaped “Sreekovil” having 48 Iole per meter where a smaIl idol of Sree Suhbramanya Swamy exist with equal importance. The sub-deities are Paramasivan, Mahavishnu, Ganapathy, Yogeswaran, Durga, Yakshi, Nagaraja and Nagayakshi The patriarch of this deity goes to the Namboodiri family of Manayattillam at Vaikom Taluk. ‘Kalabhabhishekam’ is the important homage and the rate fixed for the same at present is Rs.5000/-. The other important homages are Ada, Appam, Maha Ganapathy Homam, Bhagavathy Seva, Archana, Panchamrutham, Dhara. The Utsavam, Masavishesham, Kalabhabhishekam etc. are being done at the patronage of Shri Narayanan Namboodiri of Thantri family. The yearly ten days festival (Utsavam) is held in the month Vrischigom reckoning’ Uthram’ as the Aratt day. The routine ceremonies to be held daily in this temple, as laid down in the records of the thantri family are as follows: – Ushapooja, Panthirady pooja, Kalasam Pooja at noon and evening. Nagaswaram and other Panchavadyam were played by proficient hands during Seeveli and Dheeparadhana. In addition to this, the priesthood of the temple were held by high born Brahmin and the daily routine ceremonies like Kashakam, Kalavara, Kavalkar, Sweeping, Pounding and cleaning of utensils, were done by 23 employees. The devotees who attends the ceremonies from Abhishekam to ‘Uchapooja’ with utmost devotion, can attain mental peace and salvation to the family.

The daily routine ceremonies were reduced and the portions ofthe temple were dilapidated. Taking cognizance of the deteriorating stage, the Honourable Raja of Edapally resolved to hand over the temple and the movables on the day, to akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham in the year 1972. This Sangham involved in collecting fund from the natives as well as devotees from other places. The devotees, who were confident of the procedurers of the’Committee donated to the fund profusely and the fund was utilized to renovate the temple and erect new “Dhwajam”, as well as to regulate the rituals including yearly festival. In continuation of the above ‘Devaprasnams’ were held on 14th Makaram 1155, 16th Dhanu, 1160,t5thMithunam 1170 and all renovating ‘Pariharakriyas’ except Ashtabandaka1asam, Punaprathishta, Brahmakalasam, Dravyaka1asam were carried out.

Sree Dhannasastha Temple, Thrikkunnapuzha, Alappuzha – 690515, Ph : 04792482150

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  1. Sunil pillai December 10, 2017 at 9:24 pm #

    Very beautiful place to visit I spend my childhood here as my father is from here enjoyed sea beach fishing boating and lots hope to come again to my native thanks for sweet memories to Anil and Murli pillai from Nallamadthil house who still resides there

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