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Tirukkodikka (திருக்கொடிக்க)

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Tirukkodikka (திருக்கொடிக்க)
Primary Deity: Kodikkaeswara (கொடிக்கேஸ்வர, ட்ரிகொடிஸ்வர)
also known as Trikoteeswara
Consorts: Tripura Sundari (ட்ரிபுர ஸுன்டரி)

Travel base, Address references
Located at:
Near: Kumbhakonam
Travelbase: Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

Legends and Notes
– Shiva is said to have escorted a devotee Haradatta to Kanjanur nearby, and mysteriously disappeared

– Vasishtar is said to have installled an image of Ganapati fashioned out of earth

– It is believed that the Alwars were asked by Venkata of Tirupati to worship Tripurasundari here before offering worship at Tirupati. Agasthya is said to have helped them cross the Kaveri in spate, by having them worship Karaiyetru Vinayakar. Tripurasundari Amma is then said to have blessed them with a vision of Venkatachalapati

– This Shivastalam represents one of the five Kaa or Solais, the othere being Aanaikka, Kolakka, Nellikkaa and Kurakkukka

– All of the multitudes of Gods (Koti) are said to have worshipped here at this shrine beautified by countless gardens (kavu), hence Kotikka

Other Information
This temple is considered to be Siva Sthalam
– four worships are offered each day
– Arudra Darsanam celebrated yearly
– Kartika Deepam celebrated yearly
– Navaratri celebrated yearly
– Sivaratri celebrated yearly
– Aadi Pooram celebrated yearly
– Vinayaka celebrated yearly

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