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Tirukkodunkunram (திருக்கொடுன்குன்ரம் or ப்ரசன்ட கிரி or கடொர கிரி)

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Tirukkodunkunram (திருக்கொடுன்குன்ரம் or ப்ரசன்ட கிரி or கடொர கிரி)
Traditionally known as Prachanda Giri. Also known as Katora Giri

Primary Deity: Ugra Gireswara (உக்ர கிரெஸ்வர, கொடுன்குன்ரனதர்)
also known as Kodunkunranathar
Consorts: Kuyilamritanayaki (குயிலம்ரிடனயகி)

Travel base, Address references
Located at: Piranmalai
Near: Tirupattur
Travelbase: Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Legends and Notes
– Shiva is believed to have revealed a vision of his marriage with Parvati to Agasthya Muni here

– Piraanmalai is sad to be a block of Mount Meru, which got blown off during a fierce tussle between the serpent king Aadisesha and Vaayu Deva – the Wind God

– The hill in the form of a Shivalingam is also called Prachandagiri and Katoragiri

– Bhrama, Saraswathi, Subramanya and Nandi are believed to have worshipped Shiva here

– There are 3 shrines in this temple representing the states of Bhumi, Antariksham and Swargam

Other Information
This temple is considered to be Siva Sthalam

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