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Tiruvappaadi (திருவப்படி) Tiruvappaadi

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Tiruvappaadi (திருவப்படி)
Primary Deity: Ksheerapurinatha (க்ஸிரபுரினத, பலுகன்டிஸ்வர)
also known as Paalugandeeswara Consorts: Brihan Nayaki (ப்ரிஹன் னயகி)

Travel base, Address references
Located at: Tiruvappaadi
Near: Tirupanantaal
Travelbase: Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

– near Kumbhakonam
– 11 KMs (Exactly) from Aaduturai

Legends and Notes
– Legend has it that Chandikeswara nayanar, a great scholar at young age, is once walking in a paddy field. He notices a cow herd boy beatimg calf with anger. This point forward, chandikeswara looks after the cow herd. As a routine, everyday, h would take bath in Kaveri, and make a linga out of kaveri sands and worship it with the milk of these cows. One day encouraged by villagers, chandikeswara’s father ichha datta hides himself behind trees to notices Chandikeswara’s routine. Enraged by Chandikeswara pouring all the milk on Siva Linga, his ichha datta hits the Linga with his leg. Hurted by this insult to Shiva, Chandikeswara takes an axe and cuts his father’s legs. Pleased by this act, Shiva appears before them. He restores ichha datta and exclaims to Chandikeswara: I shall be your father henceforh. Hence the name Tiru Aapaadi

Other Information
This temple is considered to be Siva Sthalam

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