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Tulaseevanam (ടുലസീവനം)

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Thulaseevanam – Born in Kottayam on April 23, 1939, he is a contemporary composer originally named Ramacandran Nayar. He was the 5th son of N. Ramakrishna Pillai of Thumbunkal House Ettumannoor and Smt. L. Bharathi Amma of Mangombil House Kottayam. He became an IAS officer and married Lakshmi, the daughter of VR Pillai. He was also a Sanskrit scholar and composed several pieces for Kathakali. His compositions for Carnatic music began in 1971 and cover many deities, such as Ganesha of Pazhavangadi in Trivandrum, but focus mainly on those in Kerala, particularly in Trivandrum. He is primarily reposible for popularizing temples in Kerala. He uses the mudra tulasi and composes mainly in Sanskrit. His compositions number over 300, of which 50 are published (Thulasee Malika 1989). His works have been performed by TN Seshagopalan, Maharajapuram Santhanam, RK Srikantan, TV Sankaranarayanan, Rajkumar Bharathi, and many other popular performers. Bhaja manasa in bahudari is a popular composition.

Mudra: tulasi, vana tulasi, kanana tulasi

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