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Velukkudi Krishnan (வெலுக்குடி க்ரிஷ்னன்)

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Velukkudi Krishnan, sometimes rendered Sri U. Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan Swami or Velukkudi Sri U. Ve. Krishnan Swami, is a Hindu religious figure. An exponent of Vaishnavism, Krishnan delivers lectures in person, distributes them on compact disc and MP3, and broadcasts them on TV channels including Podhigai TV. He operates the Kinchitkaram Trust, which translates, publishes, and distributes religious materials, conducts classes, and locates and maintains temples and other religious and historic sites.

Krishnan’s father, Velukkudi Varadachariar, was also noted as a Vedic scholar. Krishnan was given both a religious and a secular education, after which he went to work as a chartered accountant. After his father’s death in 1991, the 28-year-old Krishnan began delivering lectures. Finding that his accounting career conflicted with his religious life, he left his job in 1996 to devote himself full-time to religious work.

Krishnan speaks Sanskrit, Tamil, and English, and lectures and distributes recordings in both of the latter languages. He has lectured in a number of foreign countries, including the United States, Canada, the UK, Singapore, UAE Bahrain, and Oman. He lives in the temple city of Srirangam in Tamil Nadu.

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