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Vimjamuri Varadaraja Ayyangar (వింజమూరి వరదరాజ అయ్యంగర్)

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Vimjamuri Varadaraja Ayyangar Vimjamuri Varadaraja Ayyangar

Vimjamuri Varadaraja Ayyangaar – (July 15, 1915 – August 16, 1991) A leading disciple of Tiger Varadachariar, he was known as Vinjamuri. He was a scholar in Sanskrit and a vocalist and composer who has been awarded the Gana Kalanidhi, Gayaka Ratna, Sangeetha Jyothi, Sangeetha Ratnaakara, and Gana Vidya Visarada awards. He earned a BA and a diploma in Music.

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