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Vinadhagu Nevvaru Cheppina (వినదగు నెవ్వరు చెప్పిన)

Composer: Baddena Bhupaludu (AD 1220-1280). He was also known as Bhadra Bhupala. C.P. Brown. He was a Chola prince and was a Vassal under the Kakatiya empress Rani Rudrama Devi during the thirteenth century. He was a pupil of Tikkana, the greatest writer in Telugu. If we assume that the Sumatee Satakam was indeed written by Baddena, it would rank as one of the earliest Satakams in TeluguMore...

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Baddena Bhupaludu

Baddena Bhupaludu


Awaiting for Contribution

Awaiting for Contribution

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వినదగు నెవ్వరు చెప్పిన
వివ్నినంతనె వేగపడక వివరింపఁదగున్
గని కల్ల నిజము దెలిసిన
మనుఁజుడెపో నీథిపరుడు మహిలో సుమతీ.

ఎవ్వరు చెప్పిననూ వినవచ్చును.వినగానే తొందరపడక నిజమో-అబద్దమో వివరించి తెలిసికొనినవాడే న్యాయము తెలిసినవాడు.

Vinadhagu nevvaru cheppina
Vivninamthane vegapadaka vivarimpaaodhagun
Gani kalla nijamu dhelisina
Manuaojudepo nithiparudu mahilo sumathi.

It is right to listen to all sides of an argument, yet only the one who can differentiate between the truth and falsity of such hearing is a righteous man.

vinadhagu nevvaru cheppina
vivninaMthane vEgapadaka vivariMpaAOdhagun
gani kalla nijamu dhelisina
manuAOjudepO nIThiparudu mahilO sumathI.

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