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Viswanatha Sastri

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Viswanatha Sastri

Viswanatha Sastri (Tamil: மாயுரம் விஸ்வநாத சாஸ்திரி ) (born 1893) was a Carnatic music composer.

Early life and background
Sastri was born 1893 in Therazhundur near Mayuram. He was interested in Carnatic music from an early age and trained under Namakkal Narasimha Iyengar, Kasavadyam Venkatarama Iyengar of Devakottai, and Simizhi Sundaram Iyer. From an early age, Viswanathan had a gift for composing songs. His most remembered composition is the patriotic song ‘Jayathi Jayathi Bharata Mata’.


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