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Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple (శ్రీ వేణుగోపాల స్వామి దేవాలయం) Mandapalli

Sri Venugopala Swamy Location : Mandapalli About The Temple: Dhadhichi Maharshi presided in Gopala Kshetram on the banks of the Godavari. Gowthama Maharshi implored Trayambakeswara for the river Ganga to flow out from his Jhata Jhutam, in order to get rid of the sins. Gowthama Maharshi installed idol of Lord Venu Gopala Swami beside the […]

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Sri Mandeswara Swami Temple (శ్రీ మండేశ్వర స్వామి దేవాలయం) Mandapalli

Sri Mandeswara Swami Temple Location : Mandapalli About The Temple: Mandapalli is Situated 38 Km from Rajahmundry, 60 Km from Kakinada and 30 Km from Amalapuram.In the days of yore, this locality was the holy ashram of the sage Dhadhichi Maharshi. This hermit Dhadhichi has done a supreme sacrifice of donating his valuable spinal cord […]

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