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Archive | Kshetrayya (క్షేత్రయ్య)

Kshetrayya (1600-1680)
Kshetrayya a famous composer and poet of 17th century wrote many padams in Telugu with Sringara Rasa as main theme expressing his intense devotion to the Lord Muvva Gopala of his native village Muvva (which also means dancing bell) in Andhra Pradesh.This is known as Madhura Bhakti wherein a devotee identifies himself/herself as the beloved partner of the Lord and the padams are the outpourings of intense love with Lord Krishna.

Kshetrayya ‘s Padams have a great impact on the dance forms of South India.In the past Devadasis (dancers in the service of God) used to sing and perform these songs in temples but now a days Padams have become an integral part of Classical Dance Performances on stage especially to show the artist’s talent in Abhinaya.

Mudra (identity) Muvva Gopala